You, Me and the Apocalypse- End of the World and my Brain Cells

So the end of the world is nigh, as a comet is about to strike the Earth and bring in a new dark age, sounds like quite a bummer if you ask me.  Nonetheless we join a group of people who for some reason or another, have managed to find themselves in a bunker under the mighty Slough, famous for its dullness and the Office, a show which showed the true mundaneness of life, hence the natural setting of Slough.  So how did this jolly group of gents and ladies get here, well the show is kind enough to show us their journey, would have been a bit odd if they hadn’t though…

There are spoilers throughout this review, so if you don’t wish to discover the ending then I wouldn’t read on.

I say there are spoilers, but in truth the show spoils itself right from the get go, as they continually start with the same scene of Jamie watching Sky News (which for some reason was still running despite the impending doom, Rupert Murdoch really is a tough mistress) before turning round to look at other survivors in the bunker.  This is truly one of the laziest techniques used in TV, most of the time it creates a false tension, however in this case it means that any of the tension which is created throughout is meaningless because you know who is going to be there at the end, so who cares if Rhonda is arrested again or Ariel kidnaps Frankie again?  You don’t because you know in the end they will be there, totally destroying any tension that could have been created.

yma jamie

Whilst I’m on it I may as well talk about the big twist at the end, that Ariel had switched places with Jamie and it was him narrating the entire time!  Yeah…really…?  I know they probably wanted to try and do something which was different, but the ending made no sense at all whatsoever, in a show where the plot holes were as gaping as the Thames.  So I am supposed to suspend my belief to believe that it was possible that Ariel managed to get to the bunker after having been knocked out, only to then knock Jamie out, switch clothes, then know that he was supposed to be helping Rajesh, only for Rajesh never to have a look in his mirror and see what was going on or that there now appeared to be a naked man lying on the ground.  I mean what was he doing, just chilling in the van without a care in the world?

yma naked jamie

The thing is that this isn’t the worst part of the ending; the worst part is that I’m supposed to believe that Ariel has been thinking in his head the entire time as if he was Jamie.  Flat out ridiculous.  I also have to wonder why the voices in Frankie’s head didn’t tell her that this was not Jamie, or do they just do this when it’s convenient to fill the plot holes?

yma bank

There is no real point in going away from the mess that was the writing of You, Me and the Apocalypse, and I may as well continue on the stupidity of the whole Frankie thing.  So she’s hearing voices in her head, fair enough that happens, but she’s hearing voices in her head which actually lead her to things as if she is some sort of link to God…stupid.  They also did a thing where Celine was visited by a higher power, but it actually made sense in a sort of she was pissed out of her brains at 3pm in Slough sort of way, we’ve all been there.  So unless Frankie is secretly sniffing glue off camera and just happens to be guessing right, it was dumb.

yma god

Speaking of God, what was up with all the Jesus shit which was forced upon us towards the end?  It’s as if they started off with a plan, which involved religion but kind of in a mocking way, only to forget and go full Bible belt.  The whole Jamie is the son of God thing was fine, because his birth mum had obviously taken a few too many pills back in her heyday, however when he manages to split the Thames when the bridge is broken…I mean really?  Why even bother with this bit at all, all it does is make the show seem ridiculous.

yma thames

All of that put together and then I still haven’t managed to get to the fact that there was a plane crash where absolutely everyone survived without a scratch.  Yes, a plane was shot out of the air by a meteorite and everyone managed to make it out without any problems whatsoever…It oddly enough isn’t the most unbelievable thing which happened in this show, which really says everything about it.

yma plane group

Speaking of odd things in You, Me and the Apocalypse, what was up with the way they killed Jude off?  Who was it?  Neither was ever actually explained, and the death in general was totally out of left field.  You could feel it coming, because you knew that he probably wasn’t going to be in the bunker, however it just sort of happened.  Obviously someone killed him, but why?  You are left to assume that it’s the Vatican which hangs him to make it look like a suicide, however why would they when he had made his intentions clear that he wouldn’t tell anyone?  It’s as if Rob Lowe was only signed for one season and they had to write him out somehow, which is sad because he was the best character and had good chemistry with Celine, overall it seemed very odd.

yma rob lowe

This far in and not a single compliment about the show, and honestly that’s how it should be.  Possibly the biggest sin of You, Me and the Apocalypse is that they had a really strong cast and a reasonable idea, and still managed to shit the bed.  The thing being that you can’t criticise the acting, you also can’t criticise the likability of the characters and the first few episodes are actually pretty good, it just fucks it all up as the show goes along and you have to stretch your belief so far because the story is flat out implausible, I mean even Stretch Armstrong had his limits.

yma dave bum

Ultimately the show is meant to be a comedy, and if it’s funny you could probably give it a pass for unbelievability, but it was just sort of meh.  You, Me and the Apocalypse could have its moments and Dave and Leanne generally delivered, but overall it was ok at best.  Like many comedies it could have its moments, but for me it really wasn’t enough.

You, Me & The Apocalypse
You, Me & The Apocalypse

I’ve seen talk of a second season, and I can’t help but think it doesn’t make any sense.  It should really be a one off and tell the story they had to tell and leave it at that, but money talks I guess.  They shall be left in an uncomfortable position because it isn’t realistic to think that Ariel can pretend to be Jamie for any real length of time without someone finding out, although I would like to see what unrealistic hoops they would be jumping through to make Jamie survive, miracles and whatnot.

yma rob lowe 2

Should You, Me and the Apocalypse come back for a second season?  I couldn’t really give a fuck to be honest.  The show had good potential, a good cast and even started well, but the way it ended up running, in particular the finale and then all the stupid Jesus shit, really dragged it down.  The final twist makes it really difficult to have a next season, but then who cares about plot holes and whoever is in that box, I’m sure they’ll make up some stupid shit, like Jamie rolling the immovable van away as if it was some sort of silly boulder, cause sons of God can do shit like that…meh…

So what did you think of You, Me and the Apocalypse?  Were you wondering if the apocalypse would actually begin and save you from terrible plot holes and religious messages?  Or do you believe that someone could part a river if they really put their mind to it or were the spawn of that God guy who may or may not have created the universe, and may or may not actually exist?  Well leave a comment and whatever and something.

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