It’s Yersel! TNA British Boot Camp 2 Review

TNA British Boot Camp 2 or as it should be more aptly known ‘The Grado Show’ tries to find he next TNA star (phrase used very loosely) from the lovely isles of Britannia.  Judges Samoa Joe, Al Snow and Gail Kim put on their stoniest faces as the best of the British indie scene attempted to be given the chance to make it in the USA.

I don’t watch TNA, I did once upon a time but I stopped because I don’t give two shits about guys like Hulk Hogan.  So why the fuck would I bother watching what is essentially a reality show which is meant to compliment TNA?  Well to put it simply I watched the first episode because it was set in Glasgow and I stayed for Grado.

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Let’s be perfectly honest this show would’ve been shit without Grado, from first episode to second last he was the star and there is a reason why he is going to be the star of the big TNA show in Glasgow.  I love how Grado who has cut his teeth as a wrestler has begun to make a name for himself on the Scottish comedy scene (I can think of two shows I’ve seen him in) and we all know it wasn’t his wrestling abilities which got him to that stage.

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You have to give it to TNA; the Al Snow Grado rivalry carried the show, especially in those early episodes.  I have to say I find it ironic that one of Al Snow’s biggest problems with Grado was that he was a joke character…this is the same guy that ran about with a manikin head for his whole career and had the crowd chant ‘we want head’ at him…  I know it’s all for show but it doesn’t make sense.  I can understand why Al Snow would get upset at him for missing the start of try-outs because he went to a buffet (which is hilarious) but I digress.


I find it incredible that Grado has been such a success outside of Scotland because his style of comedy and the manner in which he speaks is so very much West of Scotland that I didn’t think it would have transferred as well as it clearly has.

tna british boot camp

The final six consisted of Dave Mastiff, Rampage Brown, Mark Andrews, Kay Lee Ray, Noam Dar and Grado (the final two are from the same place where I am which makes the interest even higher) and some of the best stuff in the show was when they were on the road together.  The show played it off as if they had never wrestled together but the British indie scene isn’t that big so we all know that clearly isn’t the case.

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I could go on and on about who should’ve what and where and when and how and whatnot and other words but I shant and will skip to the top three.  How Dave Mastiff didn’t make the top three I do not know, in fact how he didn’t win the show I haven’t got a fucking clue.  The guy was for me easily the most impressive full package, and he had an incredible look and physicality for a big man, really should have won.  I would have put Kay Lee Ray as my number two but I get the feeling she didn’t have the look they were looking for (skanky) to win.  I couldn’t believe that Mark Andrews won, simply because he had limited charisma (similar to Rampage Brown), don’t get me wrong the guy could go (had a great match at the British show), and will look better on the posters than a Grado (who was never winning) or a Mastiff but for me he didn’t have the overall skills of some of the others in the competition.

Overall I thought the show was pretty good, does it make me want to watch TNA?  Nope, not at all, which I guess means that it missed on its overall purpose (for instance I’m not going to start watching River City just cause Grado’s in it).  A major positive out of a show like this, is that it looks like there is some serious talent coming out of the British wrestling scene, and hopefully this will see a greater interest in wrestling and hence greater ticket sales for these guys.

So what did you feel about TNA British Boot Camp 2?  Was Mark Andrews the right winner?  Do you think that Grado is going to wreck Al Snow at the SSE?  Did you think that Samoa Joe is one cool ass mother fucker?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts, it’s free ya know!  Plus why not take some time to join the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter pages, because why the fuck not?

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