Why the Big Bang Theory Sucks


  1. The show doesn’t make sense.  I mean there are four geeks and not one of them is fat.  Where’s the fat guy? I know plenty of geeks and nerds yet whenever you get a group of them together there is always at least 1 fat guy, or at least a podgy guy in there.  Yet you look at BBT and it’s like, skinny, skinny, normal, normal, and then you go slightly out with their direct friends and they’re all skinny again.  Where’s the fat guy?  I mean minimum 50% of geeks/nerds are overweight.
  2. What respectable geeks/nerds would be seen dead playing a Nintendo Wii, but not only that buying all the accessories as well?  Seriously, come on.
  3. There is no way that the hot chick across from them would ever go out with the Leonard guy.  Now before you go out and start with “but John Galecki and Kaley Couco dated in real life”, yea well in real life Galecki isn’t the same person as his character and also is like 13 years older than Couco, who probably has daddy issues.  Also she in real life/the show is too good looking for him, and in the show she is meant to be shallow yet she goes out with a guy that looks disgusting and is a dick.
  4. Why is she always having dinner with these guys and hanging out with them?  Does she not have any of her own friends?  Hot chicks always have friends, but she’d rather hang out with a bunch of losers that she has nothing in common with.
  5. Where are the jokes?
  6. Is it funny when people say big words that you don’t understand the meaning of?  The answer is no, it’s annoying.  Someone should tell the BBT writers.
  7. Why is the main guy Leonard so dislikeable?  The way the show is designed is to make people think that Sheldon is the pain of the group, but actually it’s the Leonard guy.  He’s, mean and sarcastic and overall just not likeable, a terrible person.
  8. Why is the Amy character even in the show?  She is essentially just Sheldon with lady bits, but somehow less funny, especially cause Sheldon isn’t particularly funny in the first place.
  9. The BBT is a stereotype of geeks/nerds by people who are not geeks/nerds.  I mean just cause you’re a geek/nerd doesn’t mean you’re a genius.  It also doesn’t mean that you automatically love comic books, action figures, computer games, are awkward in social situations, don’t know any girls, hate sports, love Star Trek, and so on.
  10. I have never known a group of geeks to be so successful with the ladies.  I’m not saying we should have four virgins, what I am saying is that for four guys that are meant to be huge geeks shouldn’t be so successful with the ladies.
  11. The video for the theme song shows a brief history of time/evolution, which if you watch you would think history barely started before the creation of the USA and the theme song sucks.
  12. Laugh track……ugh.
  13. They colour coordinate too well for geeks.
  14. Why can’t the Raj guy talk to girls?  Cause that happens in real life…..
  15. Does anything ever happen in this show?  It seems you could miss an episode and not realise it cause in the next episode they’re still sitting at the couch eating Chinese food.


So leave a comment if you undoubtedly want to agree with the points that I have made.  If you somehow think the Big Bang Theory is a good show and can also read (unlikely) then feel free to disagree and leave a comment also.  All comments are appreciated and you can like bm23reviews on Facebook and follow bm23reviews on Twitter.

45 thoughts on “Why the Big Bang Theory Sucks”

  1. I agree with some of the points, not all, especially with 12 and 15. I don’t need a laugh track to tell me if a joke or situation was funny, I’ll decide that myself. I think some of the best comedies didn’t need that awful sound of fake laughter (the office, parks and recreation, community, etc). Just like friends or himym, or so many “sitcoms” out there, nothing happens. At least Seinfeld had the good sense to do a show about nothing, and look how that turnout..

    1. I think whenever you watch a comedy now, and it has a laugh track, it really takes away respectability. It’s almost as if they are scared that the show isn’t good enough so they feel that by putting a laugh track on it (and pretending that the laughter is just the studio audience) people will be fooled into thinking it is better than it actually is. People are intelligent enough to tell if something is funny or not.

      The funny thing about Seinfeld was that although it was a show about nothing, if you missed an episode you might not get a joke that was told in a later episode because it was a clever clock back to something that happened previously. I think the best example of that is in the episode where George becomes a hand model, and he is asked if he can contain from pleasuring himself too much, and he retorts that it isn’t a problem because he won a contest once. It’s a great and subtle clock back that is funnier if you’ve been watching the show because they never announced who won the contest. This isn’t the case with TBBT, where nothing even subtle happens from season to season or episode to episode.

      The other thing that Seinfeld got right and TBBT got wrong was that the character’s in Seinfeld are shallow and petty, and they know they are and don’t really change too much. Whereas TBBT is obsessed with trying to do character development (which it is doing poorly), and it just comes off as forced. For instance they are trying to make Sheldon more normal, even though it is his irregularities that make people think he is a good character. You could say the exact same as what they did with Wolowitz, yet they don’t fix Leonard even though he sucks? Odd isn’t it.

  2. I agree with pretty much everything, except for 3 and 4. Strange at it may sound, I’ve seen hot chicks with the nerdiest guys out there. But then again, these hot chicks grew up with games and comic fanatic family members. So there probably are some exceptions. But I agree, Penny in the show seemed to have no background of the like whatsoever and it’s a bit of an absurd relationship.

    1. I don’t doubt that it happens, more that it’s unlikely that it would happen in this situation. More so it isn’t like this is a one off, she went out with the comic book guy as well. That’s the thing, going out consistently with these sort of guys is totally out of the character they have written. The other one is a guy like Leonard is way to successful with the ladies, in fact they all are. The writers clearly don’t understand how to work relationships.

      1. Somebody(and I mean a whole lot of somebody’s) don’t agree with any(and I do mean any) of the things y’all speak of the show is number one in the whole Damn universe for God sake.UNIVERSE!!!!

      2. Somebody(and I mean a whole lot of somebody’s) don’t agree with any(and I do mean any) of the things y’all speak of the show is number one in the whole Damn universe for God sake.UNIVERSE!!!! Also number one in your country as well as mine!!

  3. This is the worst blog post I’ve read in month, I pretty much have to disagree with all of your points. Seems to be a matter of taste, You basically listed everything TBBT does or stands for and wrote “sucks” behind it (even the theme song, which is just great!). If you don’t like it, don’t watch it?

    1. Even if you like the show, you surely can’t disagree with all of the points. I think they are all true, but then again I wrote this so I’m hardly going to disagree with them. I don’t watch the show, because anytime I catch the odd episode I realise once again why this post was written.

      1. You’re saying atleast 50% of geeks are overweight and girls wouldn’t hang out with them, yet criticise their usage of geek-topics (awkward in social situations, don’t know girls, computer games, star trek, hate sports) – this just doesn’t fit, and it’s just *one* example.

        1. I did say that at least 50% of geeks are fat, but I didn’t say that girls wouldn’t hang out with them, I said that that girl wouldn’t hang out with them, it is different. Plus are you honestly telling me that a high number of geeks aren’t on the hefty side? If you were to watch TBBT you would think not, it is a fair point.

          The geek topics thing is also true, because they are stereotypes of what people think geeks are into. The difference between saying that there should be at least 1 fat guy and that they are using supposed geek stereotypes is that one is an observation which can be made by anyone visually, whereas the other can only be made if you understand the culture. What makes it worse is that even once you go outwith the main characters all the geeks are still thin, it doesn’t make sense.

          By the way it isn’t that I think that it shouldn’t follow any geek stereotypes, what I am saying is that they follow every single geek stereotype. In reality they aren’t all going to like the exact same things. The other thing is the sports side of it, where in the show sports are the worst thing ever, but in real life you will find many geeks who are very into sports, especially the statistical side of things.

      2. Just for the sake of it (and I’m currenly bored):

        01. Being racist? I know a lot of geeks (games, programmers, artists, you name it) and scientist (physics, microbiologists) – sure, there’re some with a stronger bone structure – but it’s hardly 50% overweight…
        02. Respectable Gamers own a large variety of consoles and equipment for those – there’s nothing wrong with the Wii (in fact, Zelda:Twilight Princess, Mario Strikers, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves were great on the Wii, just to name some!)
        03. It’s not like that happened over night… she went out with other guys before.
        04. Sure, you don’t have to hang out with your neighbours all time time – point taken. But it’s not like they’re bad hosts or not entertaining so why not (every now and then)?
        05. You probably didn’t get quite a few 🙁
        06. See above. Also: Part of Geek-iness, if you’re talking about “your” topic (the topic you’ve got your Master of Geeks in) you too would use words only those that know the topic understand.
        07. How is he dislikeable? He’s the one that acts as the connection between the geeks and the “normal people”?
        08. Matter of taste imho, you don’t have to find every character funny.
        09. You keep using the word “geek” – I don’t think it means what you think.
        10. Let’s see:
        – Amy: Sheldon doesn’t really care about her femaleness, sucks for her.
        – Bernadette: She’s a scientist herself, but I guess attractive (albeit short) blondes that use a little make-up aren’t allowed to? Why shouldn’t a scientist fall in love with a geek/engineer? Howard’s come a long way since meeting her too.
        – Penny: Well, Penny & Leonard are their own story, but it’s told across two whole seasons how that came to be. Sure, it’s not the most likely thing to happen – on the other hand: There’d be little reason to put a TV show about stuff that happens on every corner wouldn’t it?
        11. Matter of taste much? I find it great, and regarding the “story” in the trailer: Great news, there isn’t much history before the “creation” of USA: The theme really shows it all: Universe, Planets, Cells, Dinosaurs, Humans (Stonehenge, Egypts, Greeks, Roman Empire… that’s all pre-murica) – There’s actually a rather accurate time-bar embedded!
        12. It’s a sitcom, what do you expect?
        13. a) Scientists aren’t allowed to dress appropriately for work? b) In the very picture you linked in the post: Sheldon’s wearing checkered brownish trousers paired a blue gaming t-shirt and a colored shirt below that, while rajesh is wearing a purple shirt + brown trousers paired with a blue-black jacket (indoors, mind you)
        14. He can, since quite some time (although he couldn’t when this was first posted, so point taken) – Mind you: There are all sorts of social phobia though (social anxiety disorder for example)!
        15. Quite a lot happens? Howard got married and moved out, meanwhile Leonard was dating Rajesh’ sister, the crew went on a expedition to the north pole, Howard was in space, I could go on quite a while with this…

        1. 1. First off racist? You clearly don’t understand what the word means. 50% could be considered an exaggeration (I’ve not taken a poll), but if anything the way that TBBT write for the characters interests and their behaviour is actually more offensive.

          2. Your point on gamers is only fair enough if you refer it to Nintendo gamers, because there is no doubt that Nintendo lovers would buy anything Nintendo. I’m not saying these guys wouldn’t be Nintendo lovers, but rather the fact that they seem to own all the shittiest games available. I can recall an episode where they have some fishing game and they have the rod equipment as well, which is very unrealistic. Plus they also always play the games the way that Nintendo intended (full body motion) rather than sitting down and playing them like a real person would (after about 2 weeks of having the console). Plus did you ever see them playing the respectable Nintendo games? I think not.

          3. Yes but realistically in wouldn’t happen. Who cares how many guys she went out with. Also she wouldn’t keep going back to him when he treats her worse than the jocks. She could do easily better than him and in real life would.

          4. They have nothing in common, and if you watch the show why do you never see her friends? Surely she has other people to hang out with. That’s the issue.

          5. Your comment in regards to 5 is funnier than the show. TBBT think a joke is saying a big word, saying a catchphrase or making some geek reference. That is not a joke, it is lazy writing.

          6. Why you think I don’t understand what they are referencing is beyond me, because I very much do. It is the way that they use big words as if they are jokes, which they aren’t, it is just lazy writing. For instance they will talk to blondie and use some big science word she doesn’t understand, she’ll sit there looking stupid and then pick one of four will make her look stupider by being a dick about it because she doesn’t understand. That is not a joke, yet they repeat the formula constantly.

          7. He is very dislikable, see what I said in 3, and then add on to that the fact he clearly thinks he’s better than his friends. He isn’t likable at all, he is sleazy and slimey and overall just a knob.

          8. I find none of the characters funny (part of the problem), she’s just the worst of a bad bunch, which is quite an achievement.

          9. I do understand what a geek is, as I also know what a nerd is. If anything TBBT guys are more nerds than geeks, but in reality they are portraying both, as nerds are very intelligent people and geeks are people who have an intense interest in a recreational subject (as in not usually to do with their job). I’ve said it once and will say it again, it is stupid to think that ever geek has the same interests and that they would all be the biggest stereotypes of what a geek has.

          10. It isn’t just the fact that three of four of the characters are currently in relationships, but rather the fact that (especially Leonard) they are way to successful with the ladies overall. It’s unrealistic, that four at best average looking guys would constantly get usually good looking girls (obviously Amy excluded, cause she looks like a foot). People tend to date people who have similar looks to themselves, but not in TBBT apparently. You have to wonder what an ordinary looking guy would go out with in this show.

          11. You’re clearly American, because your comment about pre-USA says something about your school system.

          12. It’s a problem with every comedy that needs a laugh track. It means that the producers think the audience isn’t intelligent enough to decide what is and isn’t funny. That is why after almost every line there is a laugh track. Nowadays it is the sign of a bad comedy, with an unintelligent viewing audience.

          13. They do dress to well for what they are supposed to be, but there you go.

          14. I agree that there are lots of phobias, but this was so stupid. They then make it worse that as soon as he has a sip of alcohol he can talk to women. Makes it even worse.

          15. I understand what you are saying, but when you look at this from a TV standpoint you could miss about three episodes in the middle of a season and you wouldn’t realise it because by the next episode you watch nothing has actually changed. It’s like they hit a reset button at the start of every episode, there is no consequences or continuity. This is one of the biggest sins of TBBT because it is the sign of very lazy writing and a poor TV show.

          Hope you enjoyed that.

  4. Not going to dive into everything again, since it’s not *that* much of an interesting conversation (let’s agree to disagree here), though I’d like to address atleast a few points:

    1. Saying (quote) “I mean there are four geeks and not one of them is fat. Where’s the fat guy?” is generally considered racist. You don’t have to mention a persons skin color, where he’s born or what religion he believes in to be racist. Comments against a certain group of people are considered racist even if it has nothing to do with a certain “race”.

    2. I don’t know where you live (there’s a huge difference in gaming society around the globe) but where I live, Nintendo consoles aren’t exclusively used by “the Nintendo crowd”.
    Most people I know have a PC and 1-2 consoles, sure they don’t all have a Wii, but most of the problems don’t lie with the console but rather the games that are offered. Big AAA Titles tend
    to be released on PC + XBox and/or PlayStation (mainly due to portability, but not solely – there are ofcourse quite some hardware differences between Xbox/PS and the Wii).

    In regards to them always showing off the “shitty games”: I think it’s a balancing act which game you’re showing off. As I said: There’s huge differences in societies and even across different audiences of the same society (take the following age brackets for example: 20-30y, 30-40y and 40-50y – there are wildly different interests in those groups).
    Showing off Call of Duty/GTA/Halo on an Xbox? Some of the 20-30y (possibly younger though) crowd would probably cheer.
    Showing off some Mario/Zelda game? Those of us that have enjoyed the old games (GameBoy etc.) would probably cheer, though we’re mostly 30+ too at this point.

    I could go into different genres too: FPS, RTS, Sports / Racing, RPG – All different target audiences, and in a TV show you really don’t want to wake the impression you’re “favoring certain people” – So you chose some generally boring / cheap stuff.

    I remember there being some World of Warcraft episode(s?) – they took a huge risk with those (opening themselves to mass-hatred of those playing it when crossing a certain edge of funniness) and I think they really just wanted to jump on the “everyone plays WoW”-bandwagon at that time.

    4. She’s from Omaha/Nebraska while TBBT plays in Pasadena/California (she moved there in S01E01) – those are 1.500 miles apart. Surely the majority of her friends are in Nebraska?

    11. I’m European (German to be exact) – You might want to go deeper into how “my comment about pre-USA says something about my school system”. As I said: There’s a rather accurate timebar at the bottom of the intro.

    1. I agree that we should agree to disagree, because otherwise this should go on for ever. However…..

      1. Again you can’t be racist against geeks, much like you can’t be racist to women (or men) you are sexist. I’m not going to pretend that I know the word or if there even is one, but racist is not it and by claiming it to be racism dilutes what true racism is. I could accept that you could claim it is discrimination (although I would disagree) but even then I myself am a geek so it is one of those things where can you really discriminate against your own kind?

      2. I really don’t have a problem with them playing Wii if they were open about being Nintendo diehards (the only group who would play large amounts of Wii) , which isn’t the case. The other side of it is that I wouldn’t have a problem with them playing a Zelda or a Mario game (I know they played Mario Kart) but it isn’t those games they are playing. It’s Wii sport 10 months after it came out (which nobody was doing) or some shity fishing game, that a real gamer wouldn’t have been seen dead playing.

      I also remember the WoW scene you refer to (not sure if there was more than one), and fair enough they play WoW, I have no problem with that. However the amount of inaccuracies in regards to the game were embarrassing and further points to the non-geeks writing about geeks thing.

      4. I know that she is from Nebraska (they always seem to make jokes about it even though Sheldon is from Texas, which is just as hillbilly) but she would still have made friends outside of her apartment floor. Whether that be from work or from her acting stuff, she would still have friends. If you move away from home to live elsewhere, do you not make new friends but still also have friends back home? You do.

      11. First off I’m surprised that you are German because usually you can tell people are a non-English (first language) speaker. Your English is obviously pretty damn good. I had assumed you were American based on the comment, so obviously that is wrong. However I don’t see how you can then think that this is an accurate depiction of human history. Abraham Lincoln’s impact on world history is minuscule on the grand scheme of things but if you listen to American’s they will tell you about how important he was, but he was only important to American history (not world history) as many nations had abolished slavery long before he led America to do the same. This is the issue with the intro, because it depicts important events in history but there is too strong a biasness towards American history for it to be anywhere near accurate.

  5. 1. Mighty stereotyping you got there man(also the second phrase you are looking for really is “being discriminating against” – which isn’t the case of your comment though)..
    Also your estimation of overweight geeks kind of sucks. I believe it was supposed to be slightly exaggerating, but seriously – in one sentence you write “1 guy out of a random group” and then end the paragraph with “at least 50% of all geeks”?

    2. See point 9.
    Also – “respectable geeks”?!

    3.Yes, there is. Sorry for being so abrupt here, but it can’t be said other way. While people usually tend to date similar people with little variation between them it is fairly possible for someone to go out of their preferred group after some sort of emotional breakdown and just stick with a nice guy/a guy who seem nice.
    That is exactly what could have happened with Penny. At the moment when she and Leonard got together, she was a failing aspiring actress with little income from a job she didn’t like to do and at the same time realised thanks to the meeting with the geek group across the hall, that all or at least most of the guys she used to date didn’t care at all about her dreams,personality and feelings and wanted her just for sex.

    4.See point 3.

    5. For me the jokes are still there.

    6.Personally I find jokes which use more complex and uncommon language to be funny or at least not disrupting in any way. Considering that I am watching a show about a group of physicists/engineers I actually expect them to use those words commonly.
    Moreover while English not being my first language I believe I have not heard a word in this show
    which I wouldn’t understand and despite only having low form of university education I find the occurring jokes about mathematics or physics to be easily comprehensible.

    7. I find him to be helping, optimistic,well-behaved and having a good sense of humour.
    He may be sarcastic or simply annoyed by Sheldon doings from time to time, but that would be probably go the same for most of people.

    8.Somewhat agree on this one. The introduction of the character seemed kind of random and rushed with no real reason behind it in my opinion.

    9. Yes I fully agree but I fail to understand what you mean by this post.
    The show never claimed all the geeks are like that.
    It is just a semi-accurate portrayal of bunch of elite mathematicians/physicists/engineers who are considered geek by the society – and judging from my personal experience it is fairly well-depicted.

    10. “So successful”? Are we talking about the same group?
    Sheldon doesn’t seem to have romantic interest in women at all(despite his recent quasi-romantic relationship with Amy).
    Leonard dated a few girls in several years.
    Howard is extremely socially awkward and only managed to date and then marry one girl who is also a top-notch scientist with rather annoying voice and many quirks a common guy would have troubles dealing with.
    And lastly Raj who wasn’t even able to talk with women for most of the series.

    11. http://haraldkraft.de/thebigbangtheory – this link goes to a fansite showingevery frame from the intro. About 18 out of 109 photos are directly related to the USA.
    Your claim is totally false.

    12. As someone in the comments said, they claim that they shoot in front of a live audience.
    I couldn’t care less if it is true or not because for me neither variant would be enhancing the viewing.
    Sadly a simple removal of the laughter via some program wouldn’t be sufficient considering the actors usually wait until the laugh settles before continuing which would create strange/awkward moments of silence.

    13. All of my what?!

    14. That is an exaggerated shyness which is sadly common in the real life of not only geeks/nerds and I am surprised that it surprises you considering that you “don’t know any geek group so successful with the women” as you claim in 10th point.
    Also – see “selective mutism” and revel in discovering the facts about if you want.

    15. What are you trying to say?
    If I were to play the “geek card” – nothing EVER happens in a life of geek. You sit at home, play games, google random stuff, read comics, go to conventions, build airships with your other geek friends…
    All of that and much more is depicted in the series. I honestly don’t know what you expect to see..

    1. 1. Obviously it’s an exaggeration, because it isn’t like I can check a poll or something. However it is still a fair point, where is the fat guy?

      2. Respectable geeks, there is such a thing as crazy as it sounds.

      3. I don’t have a problem with what you’re saying here, but Leonard is a dick, and treats her at times like she’s beneath him. The only difference between him and her previous boyfriends is he’s a nerd. I’m not saying that she wouldn’t maybe give him a couple of dates, but she certainly wouldn’t keep running back to him.

      4. Again I don’t have a problem with her occasionally hanging about with these guys every so often, but rather that she seems to have no other friends. That is highly unlikely, and what makes it worse is that when the other female characters are introduced she naturally just hangs out with them for some reason.

      5. Really…..?

      6. I’m not saying I misunderstand the words they are saying, but rather a joke in TBBT is Sheldon or Leonard saying a big word that blondie doesn’t understand, whilst she stands with a blank look on her face. It’s not a well structured joke, it’s a very lazy attempt at a joke.

      7. Really…? The guy’s a dick, who treats his so called friends like he is better than them. He then also treats what is supposed to be the women of his dreams like she is beneath him and just a piece of meat. Sounds like a nice guy……

      9. I’m not saying that there won’t be geeks who are exactly like these guys, but rather that all the geeks in the show like the exact same things, which isn’t at all realistic, but is rather a stereotype.

      10. Have you seen the women that Leonard dates? They are all well out of his league. Sheldon also could be very successful if it weren’t for the fact that he wasn’t interested.

      11. I liked your link, however feel that 18 is being a bit on the low side and feel that somewhere in the 36 sort of range. So around 33% depict American based history, even at your 18 it is 16.5% which is still too high for a country that has only been in existence for a few hundred years.

      12. You are right on both accounts. Laugh tracks don’t improve viewing but can’t be removed.

      13. Say what…?

      14. I don’t have a problem with them being overly shy, I also don’t have a problem with them struggling to talk to girls. What I do have a problem with is that he can’t talk to any girls, but if he has one sip (a tiny little sip) of alcohol suddenly he can? That is ridiculous.

      15. It isn’t that they don’t do anything themselves, but rather there is no story progression. I said to another person that you could miss three episodes and not realise it because nothing really changes, there is no story progression. There are no consequences for their actions because by the next episode the writers have hit the reset button. That’s the issue.

  6. First you complain that there is no ‘fat-geek’ (stereotyping) , then you say that geeks should not be stereotyped. It also seems that you don’t get the jokes and the ‘big words’ are lost on you. Maybe you are better off watching slapstick humor. The show does suck a bit now but I think this blog post (full of your confused contradicting statements) sucks even more.

    P.S : I find it sad that you take the pains to reply to each comment and write lengthy explanations to defend your point of view. I feel bad about you 🙁

    1. You’ve put me in an awkward position with your ps bit, but oh well I’m going to reply anyway, cause why not?

      I find it odd that you complain about me replying to people (even though it is my blog and why wouldn’t I reply to people who take their time out to comment?) and then you clearly ignore things that I have already further explained. So here I go again, is saying there should be at least one fat guy stereotyping? I guess it could be argued that it is, but I would be asking the same question about a group of geeks if none of them liked Star Wars, because at least one person in a group likes Star Wars! I never said that they shouldn’t stereotype geeks, but that they have used every single geek stereotype for each of the four characters…so…you should do a better job with your reading.

      I don’t get the jokes? There are no jokes! A joke isn’t one character says a big word to what is a stupider character and they sit with a confused look on their face whilst the other character is like ‘omg you didn’t know that word?’ You recognise this formula? I thought you might, because it happens several times in every BBT episode. Your comment on how maybe I should watch slapstick, is odd when TBBT is about as smart as slapstick, which in case you didn’t know isn’t very smart at all.

      I hope you enjoyed my own personal big long reply to you, I know how you love it when I write these (I could tell from your tone).

      P.S. I feel bad about you doesn’t obviously mean what you think it does. Though I’d let you know in my long answer to you because I’m such a nice guy that loves to reply to his readers!

  7. Wow, i’ll try stick to small words so you “get it”, but what a pointless read seeing as this is a pure haters rant .
    It’s not a perfect show but my god it’s simple, don’t watch it if things like “They colour coordinate too well for geeks” bothers you.
    So either you watched a lot of TBBT seasons to help you make all these points, that being at 24 episodes per season or you’ve based this rant on a few episodes, either way then this reveals you as just a hater, especially if something like gamers using wii’s bothers is a big issue.
    So if the show sucks that much why stick with it so long, and if your judging it on a couple of episodes thats a bit sad that you’ve gone out your way this much, especially as you seem to be someone who generally dislikes everything seeing as you point out intelligent people who play video games and hangout watching films etc are “losers” or unlikable and that there is always a fat person in the group, wow, how stereotypical is that! Also it seems very clear you have never met any real human beings, to say NO good looking girl would talk or hang out with “geeks”….this is base on what exactly?

    How the hell can you complain about them using big words, they are scientists who work in the big, confusing world of science after all. Have you maybe considered this show is simply not aimed at you, with its strong, reoccurring references to film, video game, comic book and science based cultures?

    So in conclusion to this nonsense you just generally seem hopeless and just a complete moaner, sure, the show has flaws, but its not as bad as you rant about it, either you like the humour style or you don’t therefore watch it or don’t watch it, after all its only a TV show, so get over yourself and maybe a life and go write something worth while thats not just full of pointless and baseless raging!

    1. Don’t worry mate, you can use as many big words as you want, I have a dictionary just in case.

      I agree that it isn’t a perfect show and yes it is very simple as well, and not in a good way.

      Do I hate them using Wii’s? Yea because they play the games that a real gamer wouldn’t touch. I’m not sure that I said intelligent people who play computer games and watch tv/films are losers, because I am or do all of those things…saying that I am a loser…so take from that what you will.

      There is always a fat person in the group. Fact.

      I have met real human beings (on day release), and I don’t think I ever said the next bit…let me check…nope you made that bit up.

      Ok…how can I explain this to you when you seem to have misinterpreted most of what has went prior…saying big words and then watching the apparently stupider character look confused because ‘gee golly gosh jimmy, that was one o’ they big works that people from the cities use!’ is not a joke, it is lazy and makes the characters which do this look like pricks because they do it knowing that these characters won’t understand them. Doing this is what people who are arseholes do and also isn’t in anyway funny.

      Is this show aimed at me? Probably not, because the show is aimed at the 18-49 female demographic and I fall into the other side of that demographic, which is called…em…the male thingy. Also saying something that is cultural and using that as a replacement for an actual joke isn’t funny either.

      I don’t know if I seem hopeless (I have a job, and my own blog!) and am I a moaner? Hm…it is a good question…but I guess I’m not the person to decide that…let me ask someone………..they said generally no, but I can have my moments, hope that helps.

      The show is as bad as I rant about, when taken into context (viewing figures/quality) it is one of the worst (if not the worst) comedy on TV. I don’t know if I need to get over myself (because I clearly think I’m awesome), I have a life (not a very interesting one mind you) and I have written about 80 pieces over two blogs so feel free to enjoy them to the degree of enjoyment you get from going on the internet and leaving silly comments under the veil of being some sort of troll hunter.

      Peace and love and butterflies and fairies!

  8. Wow…. look, Im a girl, Im from Brazil, outgoing, into surfing and a free spirit… So pretty much nothing in common with what the show is about, and i still LOVE it! Its not perfect, no, but man, you come across as super bitchy about a show that u claim not to like (but know an awful lot about…)! I think they hit a nerve but i don’t get why? BBT to me is just a lighthearted view of how some “geeks” can be. How can you be so picky?! Who cares?! Pretty sure they’re not all the same, don’t like the same games or watch the same stuff. Pretty sure some are fat, some are skinny, not evenly distributed by group (yes thats what you made it sound like), PRETTY SURE some date hot girls (just cos you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen) and some are hopeless too! I don’t usually comment on these things, but my point is: dude… let it be! I don’t get how someone can go out of their way to make such ridiculous points about something they claim to not even care about! Sounds like sour grapes and i’m not saying it for any other reason than making u aware of how silly this is! Go for a walk, to a coffee shop, park, whatever! You never know, a hot chick might stumble into your life a la Penny …. 😉
    All the best!

    1. Thanks for the lovely big long reply. I’m not going to tackle all the points because if you read the other comments you will see that I have done it over and over again and to be honest there are only so many times you can basically the same thing. So on that note I will say that basically it bothers me when a low quality poorly made show (like this one) is not only commercially successful but even worse when it is critically successful, despite the fact that it isn’t a good show. That bothers me, I really want to like the show, but can’t because it is so shit.

      I’m not saying that you are unintelligent for liking the show, but it isn’t a show for intelligent people. Everything about it is simple and poorly constructed. It isn’t just this show that bothers me with these characteristics because there are lots of shows which use the exact same old tired formula that the Big Bang Theory does. Shows like this hold back the development of other quality TV shows, which in turn will naturally increase the intelligence of the audience and further lead to more intelligent TV shows being produced. The problem is that comedy shows which are intelligent aren’t watched as highly as low brow comedy shows, so why take the risk on doing something different and out there?

      Anyway enough of the rambling (for which I’m sure I could go on for hours with) and let me just say that I appreciate your well constructed and eloquent comment and trust me when I say that in Scotland you don’t go for a walk in the winter unless you want to get really wet and really cold, this ain’t no Brazil.

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  10. When I first watched the show I was bloody disgusted. Mostly about the over-abundance of laugh tracks, but also about the shallow jokes, the general silliness and the stereotypical depiction of “geek-culture”.

    But my brother liked it and watched it often, so I was never really able to forget about it. Then, one day, I had absolutely nothing to do, and nothing of the stuff I usually do when I have absolutely nothing to do felt particularly attractive, so I gave it a second shot.

    And it literally changed my life!

    No, just kidding, but what happened was that it grew on me. It is now, and I am serious, one of my favorite shows.

    I think it borders on futile to discuss the merits of a comedy act – some people love Jerry Lewis, others cannot stand him, who can say who is “right”? – but just this one thing: When you do like something, you forgive the flaws (or see them as not important). When you don’t like something, you start to see flaws everywhere (and maybe blow them out of proportion).

    So when I read your review just now, all I could think of is that you just don’t get it. You just don’t *understand* the show. And you nitpick. And you are narrow-minded in your This-is-how-it-should-be-and-if-it-isn’t-it’s-bad attitude.

    But who can say who is right? I once were where you were when you wrote that piece. Have I moved on? No, all that changed is that today I like the show.

    1. Don’t get me wrong, everything in life is subjective, in particular things like stand up comedy and music. Trust me I do understand the show, that’s the problem. I’ve given it chances to impress me but it has never achieved anything other than disappointment. Is it wrong to call out a shows flaws and say how it could be better? I don’t think so. I think a lot of your points are very true. By no means is this the worst show on TV, but there is nothing worse than seeing a show which potentially could be excellent not fulfil that potential, but hey there you go, that’s just my opinion.

  11. The reason this show sucks is the same reason HIMYM sucks,the characters are predictable. Not just in how they behave(that can be said about most shows) but down to the very words they will use. Now that’s not unlike most (shitty) sitcoms today but I’m sick of people telling me these two are different,they’re not.Have u ever seen Life’s Too Short?

    1. I think you make a good point, who really wants to watch a show where every episode is almost identical to the last? Predictability is the trait of a bad tv show, and both HIMYM and TBBT suffer very poorly from that.

      I have seen Life’s Too Short, I was disappointed. It wasn’t that it was awful but I expected better because of the talent involved.

  12. I thought u might like it because I saw u had Curb as your number one comedy and they’re kind of in the same vein+ you said your a Rickey and Steve fan. A show that I like that’s kind of in the cheesy sitcom mold is Still Standing. It’s pretty much like every other sitcom but for some reason I like it(not usually a sitcom fan). Maybe it’s because Robert Barathean is the dad on the show. Can’t wait for GOT!

    1. I think that they got the tone of the show wrong, lots of others have tried to do something similar and failed to get it right. I think the best example of this kind of celebrity reality show mock up is when 30 Rock did their Queen of Jordan episodes.

      Personally I’ve never seen Still Standing, I’m not sure it showed in the UK, but Mark Addy’s awesome so it can’t be that bad. GoT is the best show currently on TV, so yeah I can’t wait either.

    1. I thought it was a solid start, they probably spread themselves too thin by trying to squeeze as many characters into the episode as they could, but you can understand that at least. I’ve read the books, so I know what’s coming and needless to say I’m looking forward to the rest.

  13. yeah I’ve read the books too. I just read some of the new sample chapters. U think they are gonna do Jofferys wedding this next episode? by the way I enjoy your reviews, I assume your in the UK?

    1. I think it very much looks like Joffrey’s wedding in the next episode, based on some of the media coverage I’ve seen prior to the episode.

      Thanks, and yes I’m from the UK, Scotland to be more specific. Loved the Wire, some of the dialogue in the show was unbelievably good. People often say that Game of Thrones is like the Sopranos in middle earth, but I think a more apt comparison would be the Wire.

  14. I agree with the wire – GOT comparison. People who are not just the sums of their character but their environment too. Or how environment influences character but doesn’t have to define it. Have u seen any good movies lately?

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