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After being thoroughly punted from the White House last season Selina Meyer has got a lot of free time on her hands. The show about being the Vice President of the USA is now a show about a former President of the USA, it’s been a quick few years.

There will be spoilers for season 6 of Veep in this review.

The last few seasons of Veep have each held their own identity, which has allowed them to stick out from their counterparts. Season 6 of Veep did exactly that once again as for the first time in the shows history, Selina was out of office. It allowed for the writers to write about Presidentially things which Presidents tend to do once they are removed from office, whether it be building a library, going on diplomatic tours, “writing” a book or repositioning yourself within the party.

It was an interesting season of Veep because the cast was incredibly fragmented throughout. Dan was off doing TV, Amy was helping her fiancée run for Governor and Jonah was out on his own being a kick ass Representative. It broke up some of the dynamic of the show, which usually plays off the chemistry between the cast beautifully. As the season progressed the characters came closer together before ultimately setting up the next season with the reveal of the crew getting back together (sans Mike…poor Mike) for Selina to run again, which in the long run is the right decision.

Speaking of right decisions, whoever thought it would be a good idea for Jonah to run and win a seat for the House is a genius. Jonah has always been one of the best characters in the show, by giving him some power it took him to an all new level of brilliance. Jonah being the leader of his own group of nutty Representatives made perfect sense, as he shut down the government, somehow got a new girlfriend, became Jewish, lost it all and then ended up running for Presidential nomination, amazing.

Everything about Jonah this season was absolutely perfect, even down to the little things like pretending he still had cancer or him getting back together with Richard and being annoyed that he left him to go work for Selina, it’s perfect Jonah. The idea of him being the Outsider’s Insider is just a fantastic nod to the current state of US politics, in fact if there is anyone who embodies US politics better than Jonah Ryan I’m not quite sure who they are.

Veep has such a great cast that you could make a special mention about most of the characters and their story arcs. Simple things such as Ben not being able to make a job at Uber work out, Dan using his political moves at his new job to make his way to the top, Andrew’s sleaziness or Gary generally being Gary are all touches of clever writing and using character traits very well.

Speaking of Gary I did love the episode where they go to Alabama for his birthday and you get that insight into why Gary turned out like Gary. So many shows would have had the big revelation that his dad was gay, a clever show tells the audience but keeps the characters (in this case Gary) in the dark (or denial). It’s the difference between a show which is in your face and a show which is subtle and it’s what makes Veep one of the best comedies currently on TV.

The conclusion of season 6 has set up the next season pretty well, Selina running for President…again! More importantly Jonah will be running for the nomination as well! The primaries are probably the only area of American politics which Veep hasn’t really tackled, so it feels only right that this is where they are going next. I also think that one of the best seasons was the year where Selina is running for re-election because American politics is at its absolute best when campaigning is involved.

There is talk that next season will be the last season of Veep and in many ways it makes sense. There are two likely outcomes, either Selina wins and the writers start to go over old ground or somehow Jonah wins and the world ends. Either Selina or Jonah winning the Presidency would be a fitting end to the series and I think it would be the right move to end it there, although I have said that on numerous occasions with Veep and have then been proven wrong.

We are living in unusual times, where a celebrity can win the Presidency running a campaign of idiocy, it has made doing political comedies very difficult because regardless of how ridiculous you get the real stuff always seems to be topping it. In many ways I think Jonah winning would be the perfect end to the show and would show how stupid American politics can be and nothing quite says stupid like Jonah Ryan.

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So what did you think of Veep season 5?  Do you hate day light saving? Maybe you just liked the design of her library? Or are you just stoked at the idea of a Jonah Ryan Presidency!?!? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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