Veep Season 4- POTUS in the House

Veep a show which looks in to the crazy world of American politics as it follows the…Veep…of the USA Selina Meyer and he team as they bundle their way through the media, foreign politics and many others.

Season 3 of Veep ended with the revelation that Selina Meyer would be the next President of the United States of America, so season 4 was going to see big changes forthcoming, but how did it go?

Simply put, it went pretty damn well!  I loved the change of pace which Veep has seen in season 4.  The switch from being the Vice President and having little to no power, to Selina having shit tons of power but being just as incompetent was fantastic.  The great thing about Veep season 4 is that by changing Selina’s role in government it has allowed them to introduce a whole new level of scenarios for her to find herself in, and the show greatly benefits from that.

veep4 potus

It isn’t just Selina who benefited from the change of role, basically every character had their role slightly tweaked (or in the case of Dan a large shift), Jonah worked under a different Veep and had fun with Patton Oswalt, Mike was the new Press Secretary and then we also had the introduction of new characters like the charismatic Tom James and the fantastic addition of Richard, who is possibly my new favourite character.

veep4 jonah richard

The election campaign string of episodes were fantastic, again another great change of pace to what we are used to in the show.  The final episode was very gripping and one of the best comedy episodes I have seen in a long time.  The ending to that episode was also pretty apt and fit in to the style of the show, just when you think you know where they’re going; they end up doing something that nobody had even thought of.

veep4 finale

Veep is a funny show and it has a great cast, where each actor puts in a great performance.  It’s great to see that the show hasn’t fallen into the comedy show trope of giving all the funny lines to certain characters, instead laying them out so that each character gets a fair shot.  The writing in Veep is fantastic and it is probably the best written comedy on TV today, not a shock when it is brought to you by the creators of The Thick of It.

HBO's VEEP 2014  Season 4 Characters: Tony Hale-  Gary Reid Scott-  Dan Matt Walsh-  Mike Timothy C. Simons- Jonah Sufe Bradshaw-  Sue John Judy-  Secret Service Man

My biggest gripe about Veep season 4 is that the show is still called Veep, it bothers me.  Shouldn’t the show now be called POTUS?  Selina is no longer the Vice President, yet the show is still named after her being so, it seems off.  It would have been nice to see them adjust the name of the show and take that risk of losing a bit of recognisability, after all we are talking about one of the smartest shows on TV, you would think that they would want continue along those lines.  I know it’s petty but the shows name no longer makes sense.

veep4 potus2

I think that Veep is one of the best comedies currently on TV, more or less every episode delivers, the dialogue is sharp and the characters are well developed.  Even though Veep is in its fourth season it still feels as fresh as ever and that there are many different areas which it can still delve in to for future seasons.  It’s what I would describe as a quality comedy.

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So what did you think of season 4 of Veep?  Are you wondering how you get a bag man like Gary?  Maybe you want to know how Mike gets his moustache so nice?  Or are you too wondering what Jonah’s testicles feel like?  Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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