Uncle Series 2- Still a Show for Fat Lazy People

Drunken waster in his thirties hangs about with a teenage male doesn’t scream good TV but Uncle is the little comedy who could.  The first season (review here) showed bags of potential but got caught up in typical TV tropes and fell away hopelessly in the second half of the series, however it was good enough or a second series.  How did it work out?  Read on and I’ll tell you what I thought

I do like Uncle, and the good news is that the second series was an improvement on the first one.  They seem to have ironed out the majority of the corniness which the first series suffered from, don’t get me wrong it still pops up every now and again like a bad haemorrhoid, but not nearly to the extent where I was wondering whether I should change the channel or not.

uncle shoplift

Andy is still Andy with all the lady problems in the world, despite being a fat loser who could be easily mistaken for a homeless version of Silent Bob.  Errol is chatting up girls on social media and the likes, but does other relatable things to people over the age of 16 like go to a school party, which naturally ends in all kinds of shenanigans.  The nice thing about this season is that we got more time with some of the recurring characters, like Sam, Ben and Bruce (who I want to be friends with).  There was also an odd episode in the series where Andy and Errol go to visit his dying uncle, not bad odd, rather classic odd.

Programme Name: Uncle - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 5) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Uncle Frank (KEITH ALLEN), Errol (ELLIOT SPELLER-GILLOTT), Andy (NICK HELM) - (C) Baby Cow - Photographer: Chris Brock

The good thing about Uncle is that I imagine it relates to all sorts of age groups; kids will relate to Errol, young people will relate to Andy, Sam relates to mothers and dads…well they probably want to be Andy, sitting about in his pants all day, eating Doritos, writing music and playing video games with no responsibility in the world.

uncle blues brothers

Add this to the fact that the characters are all likable and that the show is pretty funny and we have a winning formula!  Well we would have a winning formula if it wasn’t for the stupid fucking songs that they break away to in the middle of the episodes!  So often I found myself sitting thinking ‘wow, this is going really well’ and then I started to see the tell-tale signs and found myself going into pre-eye roll, only for the song to break out sending my eyes into overdrive.  It is one of the major problems which I had with the first series, musical comedy is the lowest form of comedy, and it is incredibly lazy.  Instead of making actual jokes all they end up doing is rhyming words together, it may at times be clever but more often than not it is three minutes of an episode wasted.

Anyway overall I think Uncle is a good show which has improved in its first season which still falls into bad TV tropes and ridiculously awful imaginary song routines.  Hopefully it will get a third series because it really does deserve it and the dynamic between Andy and Errol is one of the best currently in British comedy.

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