Trollied S4- Please Cancel This

If you’ve ever been in a supermarket to buy your wares you will have noticed that peoples work there and that’s how stuff gets put out for you to purchase.  For four years now Trollied has looked beyond the pineapples and ugly uniforms and taken us to the heart of the shop itself…the frozen isle?  No the staff silly!

Trollied is essentially a character based comedy, because very little actually happens.  With that logic in mind it requires the show to have strong characters, which when it started it certainly did, however as the series has progressed it has slowly lost those major characters who made the show promoting minor characters  to larger roles and also replacing them with piss poor excuses for shop workers.

mark addy

The sad thing about Trollied is that it should have ended after either Julie (assistant manager lady) or Kieran (butcher guy) left, and to be more frank the show pretty much stopped being any good after Mark Addy (Andy the butcher) left.  When you look at the cast for the start of series 4 you realise that of the five main characters when Trollied began only one was remaining (Gavin the store manager guy).

We saw six new characters introduced at the start of series 4, and with such a large upheavel you really need to hit with just about every one of them, in reality they hit with at best one.  I’ll start on a positive note, I felt that Daniel (assistant manager) was a reasonable addition to the show, he wasn’t there to be funny he was the straight man and he worked well.  That’s where the positives end I’m afraid and oh god are there shit loads of negatives.

trollied new cast

Stephen Tompkinson has been in many different shows and on the face of it seemed like a good addition to the show but in reality he was atrocious.  Margaret was at a loose end because Andy and Kieran were no longer in the show so they stuck her at the pharmacy because why the fuck not, needless to say it didn’t work.  Miriam Margolyes (Colin’s nan) is a funny woman and has been excellent in a number of different shows, when I saw that she had been signed up for Trollied I was intrigued, however turns out I was let down again as her character added nothing to the show and also wasn’t funny, which in many ways is inexcusable.  Charlie (the Irishy lady) didn’t make any sense either because the character was just too stupid to be realistic, it was then made even more annoying that they forced her into a relationship with Daniel which was so blatant I felt like I had been hit multiple times with a shovel.  Again I’ve seen the actress in other shows and I’d say that she’s better than this.

I’ve made a new paragraph for this part because I want it to be highlighted.  Can you see the pattern?  I have talked about three different actors who have been good in numerous different shows but are really bad in this.  It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the writing is really bad for this show.  It used to have a certain charm to it and had a strong cast to cover any faults with the writing, but the show has lost most of its best characters and even though they’ve tried to replace them with other people it just hasn’t worked.  The show is failing because it has a mix of poor acting and poor writing, the formula for disaster.

that cunt jack carroll

I’d like to take a special section of this post to question why the fuck Jack Carroll (the disabled guy) is put in any TV show.  Not only can he not act, he is also a shit comedian and a total arsehole.  I mean why the fuck is this guy getting work?  He is awful.  His routine is essentially ‘hahaha I’m disabled!’ and the response people give is ‘awww he’s fighting prejudice’, when in fact he’s doing the opposite.  He adds nothing to the show other than to make me roll my eyes and tut a lot, which is annoying because then my eyes hurt cause they’re rolling so much and then I’m even more annoyed.  I read about a lot of people calling him a great comedian and I can’t help but think to myself that if that’s a great comedian then obviously I don’t understand life whatsoever.  I don’t dislike him because he is disabled (that would be stupid and ignorant), I dislike him because his brand of comedy is lazy (Jack Whitehall does the same thing but with posh jokes) and I dislike seeing untalented people garnering success.  Just in case you are wondering you can come out from behind the sofa because the rant is now over.

Anyway I generally find that the sign that a show has went to long is when bit part characters begin to be inserted into the show as main characters and Trollied has done exactly that with Colin, Lisa, Sue, Linda and Neville all being forced into the main cast when in reality they aren’t strong enough characters to justify that place.

This has been a very negative review and you know what it should be a very negative review because this was once a show worth watching and it has become a piss stain on the carpet.  It really is a poor excuse for a comedy now and with barely any of the original main cast left it makes it even worse.  Plainly put Trollied needs to be cancelled and the sooner it happens the better.

So how bad did you think Trollied series 4 was?  Are you pining for the days of Mark Addy and Kieran at the butchers having jovial chat?  Then leave a comment and let everyone know your thoughts.  Don’t forget that to get more of this moany content you can join the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter pages because why the fuck not?

25 thoughts on “Trollied S4- Please Cancel This”

    1. They are original characters but they have been forced into a bigger role than they initially had (they were bit parts) and the characters aren’t strong enough to carry those roles. Only really Margaret and Gavin are left who could be considered part of the main cast from a story line standpoint.

  1. What a pile of shit your review is. Once the new characters bedded in after the first (admittedly crap) episode the rest of the series was really funny. Stephen Tomkinson was brilliant in it. Get a life.

      1. The show is great.ok the od characters is crap a bit like your shitty review. You are a miserable sod.trollied is great so take your review and shove it mate.

  2. Spot on review… couldn’t agree more. I was a massive fan of Trollied and Ive watched it go downhill faster than a polished elephant on greased ice.

    I mourn the old episodes…
    Andy and Kieron were excellent and the fights with the bakers made the episodes. Kieron’s love for Katie, Julie’s obsession with Gavin… there’s none of that now… and as for Sarah Parish – I used to be a big fan but seriously WTF is going on with that character???

    1. When Andy and Kieron left it really hurt the show. There aren’t many shows which can lose their two best characters and not drop in quality.

  3. I think the show actually went to shit one or two episodes into season 3, I think the major appeal for Trollied is for people who work or have worked in a shop before and in those cases you put yourself into the place of Kieran and Katie because those are the most relatable and normal characters and everyone you work with you can then go “Ohhhh Gavin reminds me of so and so” but then while it was funny you also had an interest in Kieran and Andy’s interactions, the interesting love story going on with Kieran and Katie but then when that actually started to make progress and they kissed for the first time Kieran just vanished for no reason at all, Andy decided to leave and then after that all the interest just seemed to vanish from the show.

    1. I agree that it was around the third series that the show really lost anything it had had.

      It has since then got progressively worse and the 4th series is the embodiment of a show on its last legs which has run out of ideas.

  4. It’s true. Although I continue to watch Trollied with my missus when it comes on, I now tend to tut and sigh one too many times and wonder why I do. I pine for the joy of series 1 and 2 and know that the pining will be futile – the show is now a shining example of attempting the age old trick of spraying Pledge onto some faeces in the hope that it becomes shiny and less obviously turd-like. It’s what happens when you have Sky execs in offices who bend over in front of a mirror to look at their anuses and mistakenly identify them as the pointy things half way down their arms.
    When you get brilliant Sky comedies like Spy (with Darren Boyd and Robert Lindsay) cancelled, and the gentle but superbly written The Cafe also cancelled…it makes you wonder what sort of mirthless fuckwits run the comedy production assylum.

  5. When this first started series 1,2, it was good funny would never miss I started to watch the last series but gave up after a few episodes so I thought I would give the latest series a go but it is just awful and I’m struggling to put myself through watching it and after a couple of episodes I have given up makes me cringe watching some of the characters now and the storylines too many good characters big characters have gone. And the ones brought in really?? I have now deleted the rest of the series of the planner is a shame this was once good British comedy now a pile of well you no what I mean.

  6. I have to agree with all the negative comments about the new characters in the show……..I really loved the series but now it’s just a turn-off.

  7. We have just started seeing the series on subscription TV in Australia. Watched seasons one and two and loved it. Season three was sad with the leaving of Kieran then Andy but then the whole thing turned to crap with that Richard France character. After a few episodes I couldn’t watch any more and jumped to episode 13 just so I could see Mr France get the boot! The Christmas special was good however. Season 4 was my new hope, but after three episodes I can’t watch it any more. Hoping season 5 may have dropped a few characters out and brought some others back. Did Leyton just leave or was I in such a dissapointed mind when watching season 4 I missed something. I did fall asleep during one of the episodes preferring to watch the back of my eyelids than the screen!

  8. I literally want to slap you in the face! Especially what you said about Jack Carroll! He’s amazing, even been in big school with the legends David Walliams and Catherine Tate! If he couldn’t act, why the #### would he get a place with them?! In my opinion Trollied has got better by every series! You are so negative! Not only that but you dis respect the disabled and REAL comedians! Don’t watch the show if its shit end of.

    1. Ultimately you are entitled to your opinion but I think you’re being very generous to the show if you think it’s got better with every series.

      I’m not sure how I disrespected the disabled (good job grouping them all into one nice big pile), I said Jack Carroll is a bad comedian and actor, he doesn’t represent every disabled person in the world.

      I don’t watch the show anymore because in my opinion the quality of the show went down the pan after the first couple of series, but enjoy the shit show!

  9. I’m amazed Trollied is still going. In the first two series, I thought it had potential to go down as a major hit that would carry weight for a long time, but as you rightfully say, the hasty departure of several key characters and them being replaced by some quite frankly ridiculous ones ruined it.

    1. It’s a shame because it was a comedy I enjoyed but like so many others it seems to be beaten to death by an old mouldy stick

  10. Couldn’t agree more with your review. I stumbled across it as I googled ‘season 4 trollied terrible’ because I’m getting increasingly annoyed with every episode. Series 1-2 fantastic, 3 watchable and 4 is unbearable. The new characters are woeful. What a shame!

    1. I did exactly the same as you. I’ve been watching on Stan and loved the first few seasons. Slowly the redeemable characters left and now it’s just a shit show. Everyone is now lazy and rude, whereas previously the decent workers offset the shite ones. Rose is the worst of all, I even looked up how many episodes she was in to see if she fucked off quickly but not quick enough as she’s there the whole of season 4. I’m not even gonna bother watching the rest of it

  11. It’s now virtually unwatchable. Certainly not in the slightest bit amusing. Once you’ve seen one episode you’ve seen them all. At least they’ve had the good sense to put it out of its misery

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