Togetherness Season 2- Rich White People Problems

The second season of HBO’s not so hit show Togetherness, about four people from LA who don’t seem to have proper jobs and work in the entertainment industry! 

There shall be spoilers in this review, so beware.

Togetherness season 1 left us on the cliff-hanger of Michelle having sex with David whilst away on a trip, so naturally season 2 had to deal with this major issue straight away, and it obliged.  The problem is that after Michelle revealed that she had done the dirty, in a really good scene, it never was able to recollect that moment.

togetherness david

A few things really bother me about how they handled this situation, firstly that David was totally dropped from the show despite the fact that he was a major player in the school project, something which made absolutely no sense and happened because they wanted to introduce a different character and no longer knew what to do with David.  Secondly the way Michelle acted after seeing Brett making out with his Uber friend and finally the way that Brett then apologised to Michelle for being a dweeb as the season finished, when it was her that fucked the relationship up.

togetherness uber chick

I found it really hard to like Michelle this season, and not only because she cheated on Brett with David.  They made the character unlikeable which is a shame because she was the opposite in the last season.  Her story arc about the school and the mean blonde lady was beyond ridiculous, the getting sand, the pushing her into the pool and the finale being the cherry on the terribly baked cake.  The sad thing for the show is that this was also the series finale because the show got cancelled.

togetherness alex tina

The final scenes were some of the most predictable and vomit inducing things I’ve seen on television in a long time, it was the same old pish that you see regularly on poor ass shows, not shows which are on HBO and you expect some quality writing from.  I mean we have Brett and Michelle reconciling for some reason and then worse than that we have Alex and Tina finally getting it on, in the relationship that isn’t at all realistic but happened anyway.

togetherness blonde chick

The finale was a total mess, from the mad dash to the hospital because Sophie is in the emergency room (why didn’t they just ask someone from the school what had happened?  Instead it was like fuck reason, get in the car!  Also where was the person who took her there, did they drop her off and just fuck off?  I guess five year olds are more capable than ever nowadays), to the terrible Dune stuff.  I know it’s California but did these people take a hit of acid before they went into the room, because that is the only way that I would ever think that this is a good way to educate children.  Of course they won the vote!  Screw you blonde lady who also had a terrible idea about French and stuff.

togetherness dune

Speaking of Dune…oh my god…  This is some of the most self-involved Hollywood shit that I have seen on TV in a long time.  It’s flat out ridiculous.  I really struggle to understand what went through the writer’s heads when they thought this up.  It’s as if the Duplass brothers had actually made Dune when they were younger and thought it would be cool to do it on a TV show, instead it was fucking stupid.

togetherness brett alex

Togetherness is one of those shows which thinks it is deep and clever but in reality is neither.  They do episodes like the one where they go to Detroit or the collect sand episode and they think it is really intelligent out there writing, but it’s just shit and unrealistic.  I can stretch my beliefs to certain extents; however don’t the people who were helping them with the sand have kids?  Surely they’re at home wondering where their dinner is…

togetherness sophie

I wanted to like Togetherness, I really did, it’s got great acting and the main cast (Michelle apart) are likeable characters, it could be funny and Alex in particular is a great character, however it is the epitome of Hollywood not being able to see outside of Hollywood.  Don’t get me wrong, you write what you know, and they don’t know anything outside of their little Hollywood bubble, so it makes sense that this is what they come up with, it is just so unrelatable.  They might as well have called Togetherness ‘rich white people problems’ because it is probably a more apt title.

togetherness sandy

Speaking of such things, do any of these people work?  We see at the start of the season that Alex is acting; however he seems to be the only one with a proper job.  Brett was ubering on the side but Tina (who they gave a terrible story arc to) and Michelle seemed to live a life of leisure, whilst also being able to maintain a pretty nice house, must have got a great deal on their mortgage.

togetherness shit

I have to say that I really struggled with this season of Togetherness, it was really disappointing.  Last season was above average and was a show which had potential, but season 2 really lost its way and was very mediocre.  It had its moment but the bad was more than the good for me, I’m not at all surprised that it was cancelled, because it really wasn’t that great.  Stuck in a Hollywood bubble and frightened to take any real risks, using the same old TV tropes which have been seen a thousand times, it won’t be missed.

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So what did you think of Togetherness?  Am I overly harsh on the show?  Did you enjoy the ending which you could see coming a mile away?  Are you sad to see it cancelled?  Then leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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