Todd Margaret Season 3- But Why?

It’s been a couple of years since the Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret came to an end with Todd doing as the title proclaims.  Yet after the cataclysmic ending we have somehow happened upon a third season of Todd and his questionable decision making.

There will be spoilers for Todd Margaret season 3 in this post.

I can’t help but wonder why a third season of Todd Margaret was even made, the story had wrapped up in season 2 with Todd starting a nuclear war, so surely there wasn’t any story left to tell.  The other issue is that was there really any demand for more of Todd Margaret?  When I watched the show originally I thought it was an average piece of comedy with a strong comedy cast, nothing special.  I certainly wasn’t sitting at home hoping for another incarnation.

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Season 3 takes us on an alternate timeline as a goateed and haired Todd Margaret, who seems to be much more competent than the original incarnation of the character.  Unlike the original two seasons, things seemed to be going great for this Todd, before he ultimately begins to self-sabotage because of a dream which he has had.

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This is where the whole thing gets messy, we essentially get an identical story to what we got in Todd Margaret’s original two seasons, which is fine if the original two season had been the type of show which you rewatched on multiple occasions, however as I said earlier Todd Margaret was at best an average comedy.

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There are multiple call backs to the previous seasons, which are hard to remember because it really isn’t that memorable a comedy.  I am all for clever nods to previous seasons in a show, however season 3 of Todd Margaret was almost entirely ‘hey remember this thing which happened in the other seasons!!!’  Season 3 of Todd Margaret must be one of the most lazily written TV seasons I have seen.  It’s as if they think making remember when jokes and rehashing old scripts is an acceptable level of new content to justify a new season.

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The cast is pretty fantastic, I really like David Chase, Will Arnett is underused generally, Jack McBrayer is always loveable, Blake Harrison is versatile and Sharon Horgan always delivers.  The problem sadly isn’t the cast, it is the writing.  The show itself isn’t particularly funny, occasionally it hits but tends to fall into the someone misunderstands something someone says ending in hilarious consequences (thunder muscle drop), American doesn’t understand British things (anything to do with Todd) or the weird Sherlock shit which seemed totally out of place.  Sadly a great cast can’t save what is a poorly written mess.

Season 3 Episode 4:  Photo Credit: Colin Hutton/IFC

Possibly the worst thing about season 3 of Todd Margaret was the ending itself, it made absolutely no sense.  So it was all a dream…  Ok I could take that, however that means that Todd about half way through season 1 dreamt what was going to happen to him the rest of the way and still went along making the mistakes.  What makes it even worse is that dream Todd seemed to know what was going to happen in real Todd’s life before it had actually happened, which makes no sense as it had never actually happened and we are now stuck in a time loop.  Is this actually the third Todd?  IS it the original Todd?  Does any of it actually matter?  My guess would be no.

todd margaret ending

That is the thing about Todd Margaret season 3, it was a totally unnecessary addition to the series, an addition which I can’t imagine that many people were actually wanting and then it was all topped off with a weak storyline which made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I can’t help but wonder why David Chase thought this was a good idea, because it was a terrible one.

So what did you think of Todd Margaret season 3?  Did you want to see more Todd?  Do you think David Chase was making a quick cash grab because nobody serious will give him a series?  Or were you glad to see Todd reborn as the Catalyst?  Leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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