The Walking Dead Season 7 Part 2- Jumping the Walker

The Walking Dead is one episode short of hitting the big 100, however it doesn’t really feel like that as it feels like I’ve been watching the same episode on repeat for at least half of those.

There will be spoilers for the Walking Dead season 7 in this post.

There are so many problems with season 7 of the Walking Dead but none is bigger than how unfocused the plot is. The entire season could have been squeezed into four episodes with relative ease, yet it was a sixteen episode season. It’s as if the executives at AMC made the decision to squeeze as many episodes out of the show as they can, regardless of whether or not the writers are capable of producing the content.

This naturally leads to episodes where nothing happens, where the same thing happens or have no actual point to the overall storyline. It’s hard to sit and watch a show which seems incapable of learning from its mistakes but is rather more concerned with how much money it can squeeze out of the series before it discards its remains.

I probably wouldn’t mind so much if the Walking Dead knew it was trashy TV but it is one of the most pretentious television shows you’ll ever see. The Walking Dead is the type of show which thinks its super artsy, deep and well written, when in reality it’s an incredibly poorly written show, as shallow as shallow can be and looks like it was filmed by some kid on their first day of owning a camera.

The writing is absolutely shocking, not only from a plot perspective but also from a dialogue one. The dialogue is so cringey, characters saying things in ways which sound so unnatural that it totally takes you out of the moment. I don’t think it is necessarily the actors who are at fault because you can’t make Michelin quality when someone hands you a can of dog food.

You could maybe forgive terrible dialogue if the plot stood up, after all a large chunk of the Walking Dead is about the action, however the plot has so many holes it’s genuinely embarrassing. Characters constantly make out of character decisions so that it fits into the shoehorned plot, the walkers are used as a plot device where they go from being the most dangerous thing on earth to nothings depending on what the plot requires and they do this thing where a character who nobody cares about is going to be killed off so they give them an episode where they do something heroic only to perish soon after.

Sasha did exactly that in the final episode of the season, the problem is that nobody cares about Sasha, she’s a nothing character. You can’t poorly write a character for so many seasons and expect the audience to care when you need to use them as a plot device or you realise that the acting bill needs to be cut. That relationship is built over time as the character and the viewer go on a journey, the Walking Dead writers clearly don’t know how to build that relationship so use cheap tricks in an attempt to build it on the fly.

I don’t know if the writers of the Walking Dead have been kept in a little bubble in which they think they’re doing a great job or if AMC are trying to make as much money as possible so are hiring piss poor writing staff, but the quality of the show has dropped to levels which are pathetically poor.

The final episode of the season saw Rick and the gang recruit some trash people (…ugh) to go against Negan, only for the good ol’ double cross to happen. Despite that double cross and the fact that Rick’s folk were basically fucked, they somehow ended up with the upper hand as the cavalry arrived just in the nick of time to save the day. You do have to wonder how Negan’s people were so overwhelmed by one single walker, how the supposedly superior fighting force were blown out of the water by the Kingdom and how the tiger knew the difference between who the good and the bad guys were, maybe it’s one of those things you should just ignore inconsistencies and laugh maniacally.

It’s hard to pick positives out of this season, but I do think the establishment of the Kingdom has been done well.  They’ve taken two of the best characters from the main cast and stuck them in that story line and it shows.  Eugene is still one of the best things about the show and adding him to the Saviours finally gives the character something to do.  Negan could be the ultimate boss, however the writing which has surrounded him has been very poor that they are wasting what could have been something very interesting.

They have set up the next season to be an all out war between Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom going up against the Saviours and the trash people. What we should get is all out war where every episode is a struggle with tons of major characters genuinely suffering loss, in reality what we will get is a hot first episode followed by six episodes of filler, another hot episode followed by seven episodes of filler and then the season finale.  You could watch those four episodes and not struggle to follow the season as a whole, that isn’t how it should be.

I would gladly be proved wrong but the last number of seasons of the Walking Dead have flattered to deceive, promising things but only delivering on a rare occasion. As may be evident by this review, I thought that this season was one of if not the worst they’ve ever done. For me they have went too far to the extent that they have become an embarrassing caricature of what the show once was. It was never quality television but it was an enjoyable watch, sadly it isn’t even that now, instead it has become a chore and not one I think I can really be bothered with any more.

So what did you think of the Walking Dead season 7 part 2? Do you think the show has jumped the walker? Were you glad to see Tara, the character that nobody cares about, get more screen time? Or are you just wondering how you get a tiger who attacks your enemies but otherwise is super chill the rest of the time? Leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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