The Walking Dead Season 7 Part 1- Filling the Wrong Holes

After leaving us with a massive cliff-hanger at the end of season 6, the Walking Dead returned with its latest incarnation of inevitable hope and disappointment.  So, the big question going into this season is who got got?!?!?  Well…

There will be spoilers for the first half of season 7 of the Walking Dead, so I wouldn’t recommend reading on if you don’t want to know what happens.

The cliff hanger which season 6 finished on was one of the worst I think I have ever seen on television.  Instead of leaving you wanting more, it managed to piss off the audience and fully suck the Walking Dead into a parody of itself.  In a show which makes a lot of unusual and sometimes downright terrible writing decisions, this stood out as one of the worst and in the end although the subsequent scenes delivered, it still left a bad taste in the mouth.

Well…it turns out Glenn and Abraham were the two who didn’t quite make it out of their meeting with Negan.  I must say that I was impressed with the fake out they pulled, making you think that they had bottled the killing of Glenn, only to pull the double whammy and have both Abraham and Glenn go down.  The actual killing scenes were brutal and were well done.  It brought a shock factor to the whole thing which the Walking Dead has been sadly missing for a while.

The sad thing for this season of the Walking Dead is that the first episode was very much the peak, and what followed was pretty mediocre.  The problem being that they left you on this explosive episode and instead of progressing the story, decided it would be better to jump around for a few episodes with standalone episodes.

The Kingdom was introduced this season and although it was pretty ridiculous, it was different and could have had potential, especially with a character like Ezekiel, yet he appeared in only one episode, going down as that crazy guy with a tiger and no character development.

Further curious decisions included an episode at the Hilltop, which included teen angst and a pregnant woman driving a tractor, Daryl being tortured and an episode where Rick sucks Negan’s dick…again…  Yet nothing quite matched the standalone episode where we spent an entire episode with Tara…that character who nobody cares about.

In my opinion the cast of the Walking Dead is generally too big and too few of the characters are well developed for people to care about.  Tara despite having being involved in the show since season 4 isn’t a character who brings forward any sort of emotion.  So why should I care if she might die to the nice group of ladies who were only wanting to help?  This episode contained everything which is bad about the Walking Dead, poor dialogue, silly decision making and the typical fake out death for Heath, another character nobody cares about.  That whole story was a total mess and pretty much summed up the first half of season 7.

The final episode of the half season was much better as the show finally received some actual direction.  For the first time since the first episode it felt like the story was going somewhere, rather than a bunch of filler.  So, we now know that the gang are going to get their own back on Negan, fantastic!  Except for the fact that as soon as Negan killed Glenn and Abraham the audience didn’t actually need a reason to us to hate him anymore, but they decided to give us six more episodes of why he’s a super meany.  Mystery causes uncertainty and uncertainty causes tension, maybe the Walking Dead should learn that less is more.

Negan pops a couple of Alexandrians for the fun of it (as you do), sadly Spencer was a dick, had long overstayed his welcome and was trying to stab Rick in the back and the other one was the fat chick who ran the supplies…who was called…, yes, those two well-loved characters who nobody ever cared about.  It’s one of the biggest problems the Walking Dead has had over the years, they don’t know how to make people care about the characters they introduce, so when they kill them off it doesn’t have the impact it should.  I also must question why Negan didn’t take that sweet ass pool table (before he got blood on it obviously), it’s the apocalypse and you aren’t taking a pristine pool table!?!?

The sad state of the Walking Dead is that I could have watched the first episode, skipped the next six and then watched the last one and still have very little problem following what was actually happening.  If only the Walking Dead stopped making so many filler episodes and started filling their plot holes the show would be a lot better.

They have set up the second half of season seven fairly well, you know that there is going to be an alliance against Negan’s crew and it is likely to be bloody.  The problem being that unless they kill off one of the characters who people are attached to, it won’t have much impact.  You know ultimately Rick and the gang are going to win, but surely, they must pay a price to do so.

I feel like the Walking Dead used to be an above average show which could occasionally become very good but often had low points in the middle of seasons, to this season being a below average show with not enough highs to compensate for the lows.  Add this to the show losing a lot of goodwill with the Glenn dumpster fake out from last season and the ending of season 6 and you have what could well be the beginning of the downfall for the Walking Dead.

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So what did you think of the first half of season 7 of the Walking Dead?  Are you super upset about Glenn getting his head squished?  Are you wondering if Eugene will be biting any more dicks?  Or do you just wish it was your head that got bashed in by Negan?  Well leave a comment and let us know!

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