The Musketeers Series 2

After a solid first series The Musketeers came back for its sequel, however there was a massive Peter Capaldi shaped hole to fill after he was named as the new Doctor.  So how did the Musketeers cope with this big blow?

They actually did pretty well and it is a great credit to the cast and the writers that they were able to lose such a massive figure and actually improve the show.  It is a shame that the show lost Cardinal Richelieu, especially when he was written off in an off screen manner, the character deserved more.  Capaldi’s presence was missed, due to him being so powerful in the role as the main antagonist; it would have been great to have seen him scheming for another series.

musketeers s2 richelieu

Saying that Marc Warren’s introduction as Comte de Rochefort was more than welcome.  It is difficult to fill Capaldi’s boots; however Warren did a fine job.  Rochefort was an engaging and troubled antagonist, who brought an edge of unpredictability which Richelieu never quite had.  Rochefort had that mad man edge and his descent into madness as the series went on was very well done.

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This series of the Musketeers felt darker and less silly than the first series, which is a good thing because all too often shows such as the Musketeers get caught in being too family friendly, something which is very difficult for a show which has multiple battles and killings in each episode.

musketeers s2 dartagnan

The Musketeers does suffer from the typical trope of a problem arising at the start of the episode, only for the Musketeers to show up and solve it within the episode.  There is an overarching story going on in the series which came to a conclusion in the final two episodes, however too often the Musketeers swan in and save the day, somehow overcoming unsurmountable odds.  To do this once or twice in a series is fine; however pretty much every episode follows this exact same formula and it can become very repetitive.

musketeers s2 musketeers

The Musketeers themselves are all very likeable, Porthos and Aramis are the standouts in the group in my opinion, but both d’Artagnan and Athos put in strong showings.  The supporting cast is also strong, Milady de Winter is a strong secondary antagonist, Captain Treville is good as the leader of the Musketeers and the go between of the group and the King and Louis is outstanding as the spoiled royal buffoon, it is generally a very solid cast.

musketeers s2 louis milady

The Musketeers is a solid show, if not spectacular.  You know what you will get, you know it will be decent and occasionally great, the show has definitely improved.  It would be great if the Musketeers was made for a more adult audience, however it is good for what it is.  I wouldn’t really recommend it to someone but I do enjoy watching it, it’s one of those.

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So what did you think of the Musketeers series 2?  Did you miss Cardinal Richelieu?  Are you wondering how Aramis gets his facial hair so nice?  Or do you just want to know where you can get a Louis XIII wig?  Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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