The Moaning of Life Series 2- Something Not Quite Right

Karl Pilkington is one of the funniest guys on TV, and his globetrotting exploits have been having audiences chuckle for a number of years now.  The thing is, when you head into your fifth series of what is essentially a travel show, you are going to begin to run out of content.

Sometimes when you come in super hyped for something, when it then doesn’t live up to your expectations you look on it worse than it actually was.  I’m not sure if I’m being overly harsh of The Moaning of Life, or if I was just let down with my lofty expectations, but it wasn’t on the same level as the first series.

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When I wrote about the first series (which you can read here), I talked about how although the show overall was very good, parts of episodes could drag if the situation he was in wasn’t that funny or interesting.  I felt that the second series had more of these moments and it made the series feel pretty stale.

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Don’t get me wrong, despite being disappointed with the show overall, it was still fairly funny and certainly had its moments.  The thing about Karl Pilkington is that his funniness comes from his reactions to things and the straightforward and blunt way which he responds to them, and the show contained a number of absolute gems throughout.  Karl himself is also very likable and seems like a genuine guy.

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Three of the biggest issues with the show were that some of it seemed too set up and didn’t feel natural (which is how the show should feel), some of the people they visited with were just too ridiculous, to the extent where you wondered if they had just put out an ‘anyone with an unusual habit or lifestyle’ message to the internet and seen what came back (in contrast he previously did things which average people could relate to, but in an extreme nature) and finally that Karl seemed too willing to go along with the stunts (on the face of it this seems fine, but for the show to reach true potential they need to rattle Karl and he was too willing to join in this time).

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As I have already said, it is pretty hard to do a travel show where you go around the world visiting the weird and wonderful for five series, so it isn’t a shock it feels a bit stale.  This isn’t too dissimilar to how An Idiot Abroad series 3 also felt stale, so they shook up the format and made The Moaning of Life.  Sadly unless they mix up the formula it feels to me like the Moaning of Life’s shelf life has already expired.

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I think that Karl Pilkington still has loads to give and is still one of the funniest men currently on television; I’d just like to see him do something a bit different.  The thing is that if they announced a new Karl Pilkington show starting tomorrow, I would definitely tune in without hesitation, which in itself says a lot.

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Yes the Moaning of Life series 2 wasn’t up to the high standards which Karl Pilkington has set himself in his previous exploits, however it was still a solid if not spectacular piece of television, and despite being quite critical of the show, it is still a hell of a lot funnier than a lot of the other garbage which is currently being churned out on British TV.

karl pilkington nakes
Come to think of it, I saw a lot of Karl’s arse in this series…

So what did you think of the Moaning of Life series 2?  Was I too harsh?  Is Karl still a god?  Or are you just wondering if you should nip down the shop for a packet of Monster Munch?  Leave a comment and share those beautiful thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “The Moaning of Life Series 2- Something Not Quite Right”

  1. The great thing about Karl Pilkington is that, despite the latest offering being stale, there is still loads of old stuff that I really enjoy. Although have the entire Meaning of Life 2 somewhere in a folder, I am just too busy to watch it all. I am not too busy for his old stuff. I am much more interested in him being in China, India, Russia or Thailand than visiting some oddball in Vegas. I do believe if he returns to different cultures, rather than different people, I would be interested again. The world is a huge place and there are many other places to see and visit. Why not trek with Bushmen for a month? Or hunt withe the Pygmies? He could skin seals with the Inuit or eat balut or Hakarlin the Philippines or Finland. For me, as a traveller, certainly much more interesting, but perhaps I am in the minority…

    1. Na bro, I’m with you on that. He needs to stop spending so much time with people who are considered odd in their own culture and do stuff which is considered odd by an outside cultural but is totally the norm for the local one. I think that’s when Pilkington is at his best.

  2. It’s missing the Ricky and Steve dynamic. Although it’s still great to see Karl. His reactions the situations they put him in were priceless and their reaction to him was the sign of true friends making fun of each other.

    1. Yea, I would love to see a show like this where all three go about and do stuff together, however I doubt it would ever happen due to Gervais and Merchant being too busy or not arsed.

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