Still Game Series 7- Aboot Time

It had been nine long years since Craiglang ventured onto the telly and it has been more than sadly missed. Jack, Victor and all the old yins came roaring back as if they had never been gone, pretty sure I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

For those outside Scotland it’s hard to explain what an institution Still Game is, it’s been a part of Scottish television since the nineties in some way or another. It’s a show which encaptures Scottish life so beautifully, both in a comedic sense but also in regards to the characters, who although each being unique are instantly recognisable as every person in Scotland knows an Isa or a Boaby or a Winston or pretty much any of the characters in the show.

There is always that risk of a show taking a nine year hiatus and no longer being the quality which it once was. This can be a mix of the writers running out of ideas or even nostalgia for the old days over powering what the new series produced. Thankfully series 7 of Still Game was back to the old form which the show had shown in previous years.

From dealing with parking tickets to what it’s like to live in an old folks home, Still Game tackled all the big issues challenging pensioners in Scotland today. Mix this together with some quality banter and a few jaikies and you’ve got yourself another fantastic series of Still Game.

If you’ve never watched Still Game then I couldn’t recommend it more highly, if you have seen Still Game then you know what a great show it is and how series 7 is a long awaited, welcome and quality addition to the show. I am looking forward to more series from the duo and a couple of Hogmany specials as well.

Still Game came eighth in my top 20 comedies of all time, why not check out what snuck in above it?

So what did you think of Still Game series 7? Are you glad to see the show back? Are you curious what sort of moisturiser everyone has been using? Or are you just wondering where Boaby goes to get his hair done? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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