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So you’re making a film noir parody containing Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig and Michael Kenneth Williams?  On the face of things this already sounds amazing, then you find out that people like Michael Sheen and Chris Parnell are showing up, dam how could it go wrong?  Well…

The thing about the Spoils Before Dying is that it set expectations up for being really good ad fell flat on its face because it just wasn’t that good.  At times it is hard to make a really good parody show, because the expectation is that it will be a joke a minute.  This can of course be avoided by making a compelling storyline; however TPBD sort of failed on both.

spoils will ferrell

As I said the cast was top notch and the performances were all generally really good (Haley Joel Osment’s English accent was terrible but I’m assuming that was deliberate).  MK Williams is a really good actor and worked really well in the comedy lead, and the others all played their roles in expectant fashion.  The only person I would say I was slightly disappointed in (other than Emily Rajtowski, who can’t really act, although maybe that was the point) was Will Ferrell who was just sort of meh.

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One of the biggest problems about The Spoils Before Dying for me is that they relied way to heavily on random comedy, one of the laziest forms of comedy available.  Another issue I had with the comedy they were spouting, is that the writing was sometimes terrible, now you can explain this away by saying ‘well it’s a parody of how bad film noirs could be,’ and that would be fair enough, however you expect more, just because you’re writing a parody doesn’t mean it should be lazy.  At times the show tried too hard and at others it didn’t try hard enough, it really was a weird mix which they never quite hit on the right note.

spoils will ferrell 2

The plot was pretty bad as well and generally didn’t make sense, which I’m hoping is them referencing the old movies; however it doesn’t really translate well.  The comedy in the series is in line with the plot, because they were both random, felt lazy and didn’t really make sense.

spoils omar

That’s the thing with The Spoils Before Dying, it really wasn’t a particularly well written show but it was carried by good performances and a quality cast.  Sometimes parody type shows can be much better on second viewing because there are little nuggets hidden away which you might only recognise once you watch it again, however it was enough of a chore to watch it once that it hasn’t enticed me to watch it twice.

So what did you think of The Spoils Before Dying?  Good, bad, jazzalicious?  Leave a comment and share those opinions of yours.

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