Scot Squad Series 4- Sign Language Aficionados

Scot Squad comes back for its fourth rendition, as the little show who could, continues to chug out performances from the smiley and loveable cast.

Just because you make it to your fourth series does not automatically mean that you have a good quality show, it doesn’t even mean you have an average show. In fact many terrible shows keep getting renewed, seemingly without end. You may be wondering why any of this relates to Scot Squad…and it doesn’t really, as Scot Squad has been a consistently great comedy over its four series.

I feel every time I write about Scot Squad, I sort of write the same thing. It tends to go something like; a great cast, with great chemistry with each other, funny and it perfectly captures the tone of documentary style cop shows.

At the heart of it Scot Squad is essentially a sketch show, yet usually by the fourth series of a sketch show the joke has worn thin. I would put this down to catchphrases wearing thin or the same old scenarios getting old. Scot Squad’s style means that it never actually falls under either of these categories. This means that Scot Squad doesn’t follow a tired formula which often kills off many sketch shows. If someone is looking to make a new sketch show, then they need to take a look at Scot Squad, this is the style which they should be basing themselves on.

Naturally in shows like this there is very little story progression, however this series bucked the trend with one special character…Ken Beattie is now officially a member of the force! It’s a great moment for little Ken, who after years of trying finally got accepted as a full policeman. It also gives the show a chance to try out different things with the character, who you just want to pinch those chubby cheeks.

Scot Squad generally has struggled to add characters to the initial cast, however this series they did a much better job when they added Squire & McGill and gave Archie Pepper a much expanded role. It will always help the show the more good characters they can add which delve into different areas of the police. Ultimately people will always prefer the classic characters, but it is good to spread your market just in case.

One thing I do love about Scot Squad is that it gets the tone of Scottishness very well. Whether it’s in the dialogue between cast members or with the members of the public, you feel that although it is a caricature of a sort you could know people like this. Even the way they handle small time Scottish celebrities showing up is great, it never feels forced. I don’t know how this translates to people outside of Scotland, but I would say that Scot Squad is currently the best British comedy on TV.

So what did you think of Scot Squad series 4? Are you proud of Ken for finally getting his stripes? Do you wish you could get one of those pirate hats? Or are you just really interested in taking up sign language? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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