Scot Squad Series 3- Leaving Marks On Chairs

There aren’t many original Scottish television shows going about, so when a good one crops up you really must take some notice.  After two good instalments, with the latter improving on the former, could Scot Squad make it a hat trick?

The answer quite simply is yes!  The beauty of Scot Squad is that it is essentially a sketch show, however it isn’t confined by the usual metrics of a sketch show.  There is no need for catchphrases or ridiculously over the top characters, rather they use a strong cast getting into scenarios which very often seem very Scottish as their launching board.

Scot Squad uses different aspects of the police so that two people aren’t doing the same thing, it is simple yet is super effective.  It means the speed police guys have a very distinct role in the show which is naturally different to the country cops, it means each sketch seems unique in its presentation and what the characters encounter.

The true strength of Scot Squad is in its cast, which does a fantastic job.  The chemistry between the duos oozes off the screen and has improved with every series.  Naturally there are stand out performances in the group (Ken Beattie, Bobby and PC McKirdie being my top three) but it works best as an ensemble piece.

There was that one weird moment in this series where a wee guy showed up in one episode as the police’s technology guy who surfed Facebook looking for criminals and then never actually appeared again…

I thought the celebrity appearances worked well and were something a bit different from previous series, although I hope that they don’t get into the trend of overly relying on celebrity appearances at the expense of telling jokes.

It was another great series from Scot Squad, which seems to be getting better with every passing series.  They even managed to make it big this year with a Christmas special episode, when they get the Hogmanay treatment is when you know it will finally be getting the recognition that it deserves.  Until then it still stands as one of the best comedies to come out of the UK in the last few years, it’s a shame it’s only six episodes.

If you’re interested then check out my series two review of Scot Squad.

So what did you think of Scot Squad series 3?  Do you want to go on a drug bust with Ken?  Are you wondering where you get one of those expensive haircuts?  Or did you think that Michael Cameronson sounds like the best detective ever!?!?  Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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