Scot Squad Series 2 Review- Stoppin’ Bams Before They’re Bams

I don’t feel that Scotland produces enough comedies when you consider its comedic roots.  Luckily when a comedy is produced it is often a hidden gem, and Scot Squad is exactly that.  Dealing with the everyday issues of Scotland’s police force, Scot Squad delivers the laughs and some tough justice too.

The strength of Scot Squad is in its characters.  There are some real standout performances again in this series from volunteer officer Ken Beattie (absolutely adorable, who wouldn’t love this guy?), Bobby the wee guy that likes to visit the police station (just brilliant), PC McKirdie (patter till the end of days) and Chief Inspector Cameron Miekelson (totally unaware buffoon).

scot squad ken

To pick out select performances really is a disservice to all the other cast members, because the chemistry between the partnerships is really what makes the show what it is.  Maybe people like PC Singh and Officer Karen aren’t making the jokes themselves, but they’re the straight man, and without them the show just doesn’t work the same.  I don’t think there is really a weak link across the cast (even the voiceover guy is funny in a stupidly serious way), and that really is saying something.

scot squad dwarf

One area which I really think that Scot Squad has improved from this series to the last one, is that they are now hitting more on their sketches.  I’m not sure exactly how much of the show is improvised (I think it’s a fair amount), however the actors have got better at it, and it has helped the show vastly.  Scot Squad was already funny, but series 2 has pushed it further and is one of the best young comedies out there.

scot squad bus

An area which I feel that Scot Squad has really excelled at, is that they reflect the police in a fairly accurate manner, naturally because it is TV things will be slightly exaggerated but it seems fairly realistic.  Another cool thing they do is that they represent the regular police in a really positive light, nice people trying their best to do their jobs, even if at times they are a bit simple.  The only character which this isn’t the case is Cameron Miekelson, who plays an outright dafty, saying that the guy that runs Police Scotland doesn’t seem too dissimilar to him…so I’d say it’s fairly accurate.

scot squad miekelson

If I were to make one complaint, it would be that they have only made six episodes, which isn’t really a complaint.  It says a lot about Scot Squad that after six episodes, you are left wanting more.  If it’s not renewed for a third series then there is something seriously wrong going on at the BBC.

scot squad officer karen

For me Scot Squad is the best thing to come out of the Scottish comedic scene in a long time, and arguably is one of the best British comedies currently running.  The first series was good and showed potential, the second series was excellent as the cast and writers found their feet.  Scot Squad really does have bundles of potential; hopefully it starts to get recognised out with Scotland, because it deserves it.  I’m very much looking forward to a third series.

scot squad dancy

If you’re interested, you can find my series 1 review of Scot Squad by clicking this link.

So what did you think of Scot Squad series 2?  Am I overegging it or are you on the bandwagon with me?  Who’s your favourite character, did you see them out and about and do you too want to rub Cameron Miekelson head?  Leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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