Rick & Morty Season 3- Sciencey Things and Space and Stuff

Everyone has that one grandparent who constantly gets drunk, is a complete jerk and is also a mega genius scientist person, something Rick and Morty brings to us in cartoon form.

Rick and Morty is a fun show and is one of the top comedies out there. It can be incredibly smart, funny and ridiculous and at no point does it seem out of place in the universe which the show is set. The show takes sci-fi to the next level and its cartoon form allows it to do things which live action shows could only dream of.

Rick & Morty isn’t all about big set pieces, sharp dialogue, irreverent humour or cleverly crafted parodies, it is also a great character piece. So often in cartoons the characters never progress forward, they stay the same from episode to episode and there is no real over arching story arc, Rick & Morty takes a different approach, with each episode able to stand on its own but also contribute to the bigger picture.

Morty in particular went through a big character development this season, as he started to become more aware of Rick’s bullshit and began to develop a shorter fuse for it. Rick has always had a vulnerable edge to him and it came out once again in this season, with several episodes digging into how insecure and unhappy he is.

Stand out episodes such as The Rickshank Redemption, the outlandish Pickle Rick and the outstanding The Ricklantis Mixup are the peak of the season, however even an average episode of Rick & Morty is damn good television. The season finished on a sombre note, as is tradition, setting up next season quite nicely, with many different story threads and characters dangling begging to be used, a fantastic position for a show to be in.

There are no real spoilers in this review, it’s more of a nod to one of the best comedies on television at the current moment. Rick & Morty may only be three seasons in, however with a limited release of episodes and no pressure to push new episodes out for the sake of creating new episodes, the future is very bright for what is a top notch show.

So what did you think of Rick & Morty season 3? Are you wondering where you can get a box of them Simple Rick wafers? What was your favourite Morty memory? Or are you just looking for a bit more Mr. Poopybutthole? Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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