Moonfleet- About Smugglers and Stuff.


This (let’s call it review) of Moonfleet will contain spoilers so beware of jaggy things and whatnot.

Pretty much if you put Ray Winstone into things I’ll giggle with glee as I watch my favourite Eastender act his gruff tubby guy act out and Moonfleet was no different.  Who doesn’t think that Ray Winstone is cool?  The guy has a betting advert where he’s a floating head for Christ sake!  Naturally it saddens me to say that Moonfleet overall was pretty shit, not really Winstone’s fault but rather the fault of poor scripts and a rushed storyline.

On the face of things Moonfleet was set up to be great, pretty nice cast with Ben Chaplin (the guy from that show where he didn’t ever leave his apartment until one day he did and came back as another person) as some posh prick and the guy from the Parklife song (no not Damon Albarn).  It was all set up pretty nicely; add in some pretty faces and we have a show all with gorgeous Ray Winstone at the top of the cliff, perfect.  Apparently Moonfleet is some sort of book or whatever and that’s where the adaptation idea came from, but naturally reading is for weanies (unless you’re reading this and obviously you’re cool) so how would I know that?  Exactly I wouldn’t.

Anywho back to the point, the show is set up really well good cast, good source material and an interesting topic (smuggling stuff, sort of like how you used to smuggle light pens in from Spain except with booze and stuff), yet it managed to fall over because the main character (pretty boy with curly hair as I call him) wasn’t really likable and the pacing of the show was too quick.  Are we really meant to believe as viewers that Winstone and pretty boy with curly hair can develop such a strong bond when they’ve barely been on screen together?  It really could have done with being a three parter or had the episodes a half hour longer (sort of like when they did Treasure Island which I seem to recall being much better, although it is also a better source story so maybe it isn’t fair to judge them on that basis).

I have a few problems with the story as well especially the ending, it just so happens that the boat that they’re on which is travelling to the lovely Caribbean (doesn’t sound like a punishment to me) happens to crash exactly where they used to live…first off why were the British Navy allowing a Dutch boat to sail so close to British land and secondly why were all the Dutch people speaking English?  Yes it all didn’t really make sense, nor did the moment that pretty boy with curly hair (who I imagine was very popular in prison) and girly were so excited to see each other (isn’t she of the belief that he had a hand in killing her father?) after weeks of being apart, my dog doesn’t even get excited when I have seen it for weeks (that’s a lie, I don’t have a dog).  I also didn’t really get the bit where he was given a new identity and stuff allowing him to start over, surely the guard that actually shot girly’s dad would find it a bit awkward that he framed him for his murder (I know I would).

Everything wasn’t all doom and gloom with Moonfleet, there were moments of interest such as when Winstone and pretty boy with curly hair infiltrated the prison to find a shiny diamond only for pretty boy with curly hair to kill some poor guy that was only trying to get his hole and happened to stumble across their mischievous deed.  We also got to find out what Ser Barristan Selmy got up to between being dismissed by Joffrey and coming into the service of Dany (who had minister in the sweep?).

Yes Moonfleet was generally pretty shit but it was only two hours long and Ray Winstone was in it playing an East End gangsta…sorry smuggler and acting the shit out of the part like only Ray Winstone can.  If you haven’t watched this you probably shouldn’t be reading this bit, but seeing as it’s already been ruined for you I wouldn’t recommend watching this because it was shit.

So leave a comment about how shit you thought Moonfleet was and how much it happened to differ from the books.  You can also find all the latest bm23tvreviews updates on Facebook and Twitter or you could just follow the good old fashioned way by buying a carrier pigeon and asking for my address.

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