Modern Family Season 7- Same Old Story

It is tough for a show to stay relevant when it moves into its seventh season, it is even tougher when you have had over 150 episodes, that’s the sort of pressure which Modern Family has now found itself under.

I didn’t review season six of Modern Family because I didn’t really see the point, in many ways there is no real reason to review season 7 either because nothing really happens in Modern Family.  The problem with a show which runs so long is that they run out of things to do, so we end up getting episodes which are very familiar or characters doing things out of nowhere, it is a sign of a show which is struggling.

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One of the biggest criticisms I can give Modern Family is that almost every episode follows two identical formulas.  The episode starts with a character trying to hide something from another character, they then get all caught up in innuendos which are set up by other characters, the character they are hiding something from finds out and are pissed and by the end of the episode they have made up!  The alternative is that the episode starts with two characters having a conflict, they get caught up in innuendos set up by other characters, they then meet at the end of the episode where it all comes to a head and they decide that they were both being super sillies and make up!  Essentially every episode of Modern Family.

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It isn’t that I think that Modern Family is a bad show, it is still probably the best network comedy on TV, however it isn’t where it was four or five years ago.  It is sadly the way of American network TV shows, where they beat the show to death and by the time it is finally wrapped up, nobody longer cares and are just glad to see it finally be put out of its misery.


The cast is still fantastic and they have great chemistry with each other.  The writing at times can be very strong even if it is incredibly formulaic.  There are major weak points such as the guy that plays Luke being a truly terrible actor and totally unlikable, and how Alex is meant to be at college yet seems to always be at home.  They are easily the two weakest characters on the show and neither would really be a loss if they received less screen time.

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This was the weakest season of Modern Family so far, it seemed to be lacking any direction whatsoever and struggled to get anything going.  I guess the question for Modern Family is how long will it continue to run?  They have been short of fresh ideas for a couple of season now and based on the viewing figures it probably doesn’t have that long left.  It used to be must see TV, now it’s the sort of thing that you get around to eventually.

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So what did you think of Modern Family season 7?  Is it on its last legs?  Or am I a big meany who needs to lighten up a bit because Modern Family is still great!?!?  Well leave a comment and share those thoughts.

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