Modern Family S5- Have I Seen you Before?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Modern Family was the hot new comedy on the scene and now look at it, it’s one of the most established comedies around and season 5 saw Modern Family hit the landmark of its 100th episode.  Naturally when a show runs this long it is hard to keep the quality high, so has Modern Family managed to buck the trend?

The answer is sort of, but not really.  One of the problems with reviewing a show like this is that despite there being 24 episodes nothing really happens and there is little to no story arcs involved.  The season as a whole tended to build towards Cam and Mitchell’s wedding but who really cares?  They’ve basically been married in all but name since the show started so is it really that big a deal?  For me the answer is no, it’s this sort of forced drama thing that a show which has been on the air for a number of years struggles tends to do.

modern familt australia

Other traits of shows which have went on too long and have ran out of ideas are when the cast all go on a big holiday abroad for no particular reason, you know somewhere like Australia…  I am not against people going on holiday in TV shows; the problem is more that when they go on holiday the scripts are inevitably hammy and often waste time going let’s climb up a fucking bridge…

Or what about when at the start of the show a character starts with a sentence like ‘you know how I have been (insert activity) for the past five years’ despite the fact that you have never seen them associate, do or even talk about said activity throughout the show.  Yeah you’re right Modern Family does this one quite a lot and it is called ‘the writers have ran out of ideas for episodes so have fabricated some activity out of thin air to suit their narrative and then made it out like the character has done this forever despite the fact that they clearly didn’t think it was important enough to tell us about previously thing,’ granted it does need a catchier title…

modern family moustace phil

It isn’t that I think that season 5 of Modern Family was awful, it’s still one of the best comedies on TV and is probably the best network comedy available but it has become way too samey.  I watch an episode of Modern Family and quite often I think to myself ‘I feel like I’ve seen this before’ and if I’m not thinking that then I’m usually thinking ‘I know exactly where this episode is going, I can see this from a mile off,’ that isn’t a good thing.  It isn’t ridiculous of me to expect original content and I do feel sorry for the writers because how many times can you come up with original content for 24 episode seasons.  Modern Family isn’t a bad show, it is just a show which is past its best and seems to have run out of ideas.  Is it likely to get better in the future?  Probably not, trends like this are very hard to reverse and Modern Family is starting to hit a downward trend.

modern family luke

I know this hasn’t been mentioned but I do believe that the case of Modern Family is still very strong and the show is still very well acted, it is a great ensemble piece.  I do think that the guy that plays Luke can’t act for shit and has joined the party of good child actors who develop into awful adult actors.  I also don’t like the character Alex, that horrible I’m better than everyone else because I’m super smart character which seems to show up in so many shows but never develops into a good character because essentially they’re a bitch and dislikeable.

Season 5 of Modern Family wasn’t a bad watch and Modern Family as a whole has been a good show but it is starting to lose its way and although it is highly unlikely to be cancelled anytime soon, it could do with ending in the next season or two if it is to be remembered fondly and to protect its legacy.

So what did you think of Modern Family season 5?  Do you agree that the show is starting to become stale or do you think that I’ve got it all wrong and I am just a cynical asshole?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Plus don’t forget that you can find all the latest bm23 tv reviews updates by checking out the Facebook and Twitter pages, because why the fuck not?

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