Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S2 P1- Dayum!

Dayum Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has developed into a nice little show hasn’t it?  The first ten episodes of this show were pretty atrocious and after the initial mid-season break you would have been forgiven for not watching anymore, however AOS (Agents of SHIELD) has repaid us tenfold and is now a show I look forward to watching.

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I personally am not a comic book nerd; don’t get me wrong I’m clearly a nerd just not in that fashion.  My only real exposure to Marvel comics at a young age was whilst watching the X-Men and Spiderman animated series from the 90’s, so I’m very much looking at this from a TV viewer standpoint.  With that said I did read up on what people more educated on the subject said about the season which gave me the gravity of certain aspects.

There will be spoilers for the first half of season 2 of AOS so do not read if you don’t want to know what happens.  If you want to know if you should watch it then yes you should.  If you haven’t watched the series as a whole I would recommend watching the whole thing but to persevere through the initial ten or so episodes because it does get a lot better.

At the end of season 1 Nick Fury charged Coulson with rebuilding SHIELD and season 2 starts a few months after that with a small amount of SHIELD agents working on a mission.  The greater compactness of SHIELD really helped the show because originally you could never really gather the size of SHIELD because you were never shown the full scope of its resources and man power, however now you knew almost every single person in the organisation now and it made it feel so much more personal, like I too was part of the SHIELD…well if Patton Oswalt can get in they clearly don’t have a fitness requirement…

patton oswalt

The majority of the season centred on the Diviner and its untold super-duper evils and the hidden city, which was in of all places Puerto Rico.  We were introduced to Daniel Whitehall who managed to be a mean Nazi and a stick in the mud lawyer all at once.  Whitehall was never really able to get his feet on the ground and seemed to be dead before he could really do anything.  With his death you now wonder if Hydra will be taking a back seat in AOS going forward or if the Hydra leadership is just a revolving door of cold hearted mother fuckers.


We were also introduced to Calvin Zabo, who doubles up as Skye’s father and a mental doctor man.  Naturally when you introduce someone as cool as Kyle MacLachlan into a TV series you are going to have a performance delivered.  Zabo was only in about four episodes but managed to have a greater impact than Whitehall as an antagonist.  More than likely it’s because his character had a high degree of conflict and a natural connection to one of the shows main characters.  The good doctor runs off in the mid-season finale (how funny is the way he runs by the way) and almost certainly will be showing up again to rekindle daddy-daughter day, which is good because there definitely is more room for the character to develop in to.


I think that the idea of the Diviner as an item which only a select few can touch is quite interesting but Zabo talked about being able to teach people to hold it, was this a lie to get close to Whitehall or is he telling the truth?  At the end of the mid-season finale we see that there is another Diviner which is being held by a guy who doesn’t have any eyes (sort of like scooped out face guy from the Maury freaks episode of South Park [who according to the internet is a real guy…I did not know that]) who is a member of the Inhumans, which leads us into a whole new exciting chapter.  I found it odd that generally when someone touched the Diviner they turned to stone straight away but when Lucy Lawless touched it that didn’t happen.  One can only assume that the Diviner recognised her past as Xena Warrior Princess and struggled to take her down.

Generally when you watch a network TV show you get a large amount of filler episodes but you have to love AOS for not following the standard.  In my mind the sign of a bad TV show is one which has too many throwaway episodes which don’t contribute to the overall narrative of the season or series.  AOS feels like every episode is required for the story arc and very little screen time is wasted.


This far in and I haven’t even talked about the main cast yet, where are my manners?  Coulson fits the leader role really well and it’s good to see him not banging on about Tahiti all the time.  I do think that his sketching story was wrapped up a bit too neatly but it’s a small gripe.  May is actually being used to talk in this season which is good and she also works well as a leader/mentor.  Simmons has had a weird season so far with double duty as Fitz’ imaginary friend and a Hydra employee, I think it would have been nicer if we could have had her double agent thing last longer but needs must.  It has felt like Fitz has been at a bit of a loose end so far and I think it would be fair to question why he was kept around with his physical and mental trauma.  Clearly as the show goes on he will get better and the signs have already been shown that this is happening.  I do like his bro relationship with Mack, who I think is a nice addition to the team.  Speaking of nice additions to the team, my new favourite character Hunter!  Damn I love this guy; he’s sort of what I think Ward should’ve been in the first season.  Naturally you have the weird relationship with his ex-wife Bobbi which works nicely with his character.  He really is the best character in the show in my opinion; he brings a genuine comedy edge which has often been missing.


Poor Triplett took one for the team meaninglessly sacrificing himself in an attempt to save Skye, very noble indeed.  The problem with Triplett however is that his character was never fully developed and although it was sort of sad to see him go, it didn’t have the impact which it should have.  For instance in my opinion Hunter is a more fleshed out character than Triplett despite the fact he’s been in AOS a shorter amount of time.  They kept teasing a relationship between Triplett and Simmons but it never really went anywhere.  Unless they now have Simmons devastated from the loss (who knows maybe they had been banging in Coulson’s office secretly) it will have been a waste of time.  Also why wasn’t he possessed like Mack?  Did the city only need one protector, is it because he never made skin contact or is it just that they think that Mack is more handsome and weren’t fussy for Trips?  Gosh damn I want to know the answer to these questions!

ward beard

I loved the development of Ward as a character.  Yeah he’s a bad guy, and he keeps doing shity stuff whilst also being pretty creepy at the same time, quite the achievement really!  There is nothing worse than a show which is predictable and Ward is pretty unpredictable, so that must be a good thing…?  Probably.  The good thing about the character is that it always feels like he has a hidden agenda (imagine that in a bad guy!), when he butters up Skye saying that he is genuine with her you obviously don’t believe him, the guys too smooth, it’s too under control, planned, he’s too good.  We could have a fun future for Ward as he escaped with Agent 33; you know the one who wore a mask to look like May and then never took it off for some odd reason which I can only imagine is sexual.

ward skye

Skye gets all the best storylines doesn’t she?  So it turns out Skye is really special like they’ve been banging on about for what seems like years (although clearly not seeing as the show has only been on for a year and a bit) and is Quake.  There is so much which can be done with Skye going forward, she has a new power (rumbles), she killed one of her friends, she is still being lusted after by a crazy Ward (who must be pissed that she shot him, I would be) and then on top of that all her daddy issues, yes Skye has a big second half of a season coming up.  I’m curious to see what Raina’s new powers are going to be, other than looking great in a flowery summer dress.  Wonder if her and Skye will high five each other at their new found gifts and be besties forever cause they did it together…

In case you hadn’t already guessed, I enjoyed the first half of season 2 of AOS, they have multiple story threads going on and it seems they have a plan for the future with the Inhumans, Ward and Calvin Zabo.  I really am intrigued as to where AOS is heading next and I hope the ratings pick up in response to the quality of the show improving.

So what did you think of the first half of season 2 of AOS?  Am I being too generous?  Do you think that there is a possibility that I am actually Stan Lee but have then realised that Stan Lee surely would be better at writing so clearly it isn’t Stan Lee?  How do you think the rest of the season will pan out with the introduction of the Inhumans as well as the threads from this season?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts because you might as well seeing as you’ve made it this far without thinking this guy needs to get out more whilst closing the window.  Plus don’t forget that you can find more of this mediocre content by checking out the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter pages.

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