How I met Your Mother and why it just sucks.


  1. The story (yes the show is meant to be a story) begins in the year 2030, where Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother (maybe where they got the name of the show but I couldn’t guarantee this………this is a joke in case you just think I am an idiot).  So his kids are what age?  Maybe 16 and 14?  Probably older, now think about it take 16 off of 2030 and you get 2014 throw in a 9 month pregnancy and you’re looking at 2013 before she was conceived, now look at HIMYM and Ted just met their mother in 2013…….so……..Ted better get to it cause he has already ran out of time.  Who knows maybe they’re actually 12.
  2. Someone should call the Guinness Book of World Records and tell them that In Search of Lost Time is no longer the longest story ever written.
  3. They neutered Barney.
  4. How many important moments before this guy meets his wife can one person have in their life?  So far Ted has had 184 and he is in his early 30’s.
  5. HIMYM should have had a maximum of 4 seasons instead it will finish with a 9th season next year.
  6. Ted sucks I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to spend time with him.  He’s a weanie.
  7. It really isn’t funny.  Barney used to be funny but not anymore.
  8. For a guy who is desperately searching for a wife Ted does seem to have a problem keeping women around.
  9. Why do they keep putting in scenes where Marshall sings?  He can’t sing.
  10. The show repeats jokes so often, we get it sandwiches are weed.
  11. Plus they mess up on continuity all the time.
  12. Why is old Ted always starting off with a condescending “Kids…..” has he not named them yet?  Does he just call them boy kid and girl kid?
  13. Don’t these kids have school or hobbies or friends that they could be doing rather than listen to their demented father witter on?
  14. Why is Bob Odenkirk amazing in Breaking Bad as a sleazy lawyer yet not nearly as good in HIMYM in a very similar role?  Can only blame poor writing.
  15. HIMYM uses too many celebrity guest appearances as a way to make their episodes more exciting.  I mean does Katy Perry really need to be used as a girl for Barney to go out with?  The answer is no.  Katy Perry is used to distract people from another same old HIMYM script.

So what do you think?  Is How I Met Your Mother your favourite show?  I know it is still getting high audience figures for some reason.  Or do you agree with me that it is a show that had 1 strong season (maybe 2) and since then has been another over stretched typical American network comedy?  All comments are appreciated and like BM23reviews on Facebook or follow BM23reviews on Twitter.

73 thoughts on “How I met Your Mother and why it just sucks.”

    1. Yea I don’t really understand your comment and can only assume it is about the lack of comments, which in your mind means that we are proven wrong somehow.

      If that is the case I can guarantee to you that the post I get the most search engine traffic for is this because so many people type in ‘how i met your mother sucks’, so it isn’t a uncommon opinion, quite the opposite.

      1. dude that’s exactly how I found your site was typing in “how I met your mother sucks”. I only get twenty channels on the cable that is free with my apartment and so I have reluctantly watched that show because its better than the infomercials that fill up the majority of the channels.. or so I thought it may be. ted is just way too cheesy and one dimensional to be likeable at all. I am a girl, and I don’t wish to be with some macho frat boy type but even I agree he seems like a big pussy and I can’t imagine what kinda girl would be turned on by that. And also, I haven’t seen enough of this insufferable show to know that bob odenkirk is on it, but I wish I didn’t know that. Saul’s character is my favorite on breaking bad, I love “run Ronnie, run”, Mr. Show, and Wondershowzen, so I am a huge fan. and I have no doubt whatever sucking occurs in his role on “how I met your mother” is due to bad writing and not him. cause it’s very apparent there’s no shortage of bad writing in regards to every other aspect of the show. All of the characters are just completely unlikeable and bland. I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling like they are going for when something “touching” happens in show, I get a murderous feeling instead. it’s just lame cause unlike so many other trite sitcoms, this one seems to be one that a lot of people who otherwise have awesome taste seem to love. it really is mystifying and I am glad to have found someone else who shares this opinion, keep up the good work fellow.

        1. Yea, I have never met or talked to a girl who has said ‘you know what I want a man like Ted from HIMYM’ cause he’s a douche.

          I’m glad they’re finally ending the show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a spin-off with Ted’s son where he tells his kids how he met their mother, and it will last another 10 years and this his son will tell his son and we will be stuck in an endless cycle. That would be terrible, like a bad dream, an episode of the Big Bang Theory and a kick in the nuts (or lady parts for ladies) rolled into one.

      2. many years have passed since you posted this. but it’s exactly what I typed int ogoogle: “how I met your mother sucks”. exactly those words. and boy does it fuckign suck hard, it’s incredibly lame and I don’t even get it how people could find it mediocre. Barney was funny the first episodes… at best! shit is getting old really fast… lame ass, overrated, POS crap show!

  1. it does suck. end of story. i just turned it on and i actually searched “how i met your mother sucks” and changed the channel. it’s not funny. the acting is really not good, it’s overdone. and the plot line is old.

    1. Yeah, it is a really poor show. What makes it worse is that almost every episode is similar in story-line and structure to the one which proceeded it. How this show has made it to 9 seasons is beyond me.

  2. I like the show, but it jumped the shark 4 Seasons ago. So it ins’t that good anymore and it annoys me that so many people are thinking its the best, or at least one of the best show right now. They totally ignore so many great show and that’s really sad…

    1. After the first season How I Met Your Mother had potential, but the premise of the show ended up being nothing to do with the actual show. It should’ve lasted about 4 seasons but instead it’s lasted 9. It shouldn’t even be in the conversation for the best comedy TV shows, but it and the big bang theory always seem to crop up, and you can’t help bu think ‘really?’

  3. 1) Robin is not attractive. They repeatedly call her gorgeous. Her Canadian accent/jokes are terrible.
    2) Barney is short, skinny, and ugly. Not sure how he landed the “ladies man” role.
    3) All Lilly ever says is: “Marrrrrshall”. Then sits there with a disappointed look, till she gets her way.
    4) Marshall could be removed entirely from this series, without consequence.
    5) It’s like the guy who plays Ted, wakes up, rubs his eyes, and says “F’ it. One more and then I’ll quit.”
    6) Bob Saget as the voice of the father? What? Why?
    7) They’re all wealthy and yet, they have a combined total of 6hrs of work. More time is spent in the bar.
    8) The only time I laughed, during the show, was when my friend farted IRL.
    9) Recompiling all their visited addresses, they apparently live in a world all doors lead to the same bar.
    10) The only non-white is Barney’s brother. That’s fine, it’s just… really?
    11) The characters would have to be severely mentally handicapped to engage in half the antics.
    (I submit to you: The episode in which Lilly doesn’t notice her entire house is crooked.)

    In closing: The show is terrible. The actors are terrible. The characters are terrible. The scripts are terrible. The plot is terrible. The 2 foot environment that is their home town is terrible. Katey Perry is terrible (everywhere). Wayne Brady is funny (elsewhere). Martin Short is hilarious (everywhere). This show will absolutely make someone shoot themselves in the face. At the very least, they will change the channel to a documentary about how jesus defeated the dinosaurs, with his smitesaber, and then made humans out of bamboo and bits of string he got from Zeus, 6k years ago…

    There, that should be enough to aggravate just about everyone. Carry on minions.

    1. Even Jason Segal thought this show sucked. All you have to do is watch this is the end to see his actual feelings about it.

  4. First few seasons were great. Show just continually got worse over the years. This new final season is absolutely horrendous. I’m just hanging on for the final season out of loyalty.

    1. I think when you ask a lot of people who still watch HIMYM, why they still watch it, they say that they are only watching it to see how it finishes out of loyalty. The quality of the show has been really poor for a number of seasons now.

    2. That’s the thought I was looking for. The guy who wrote the post was being too hard, giving that for me, at least at the beginning of the show everything was great, even Marshall singing hahaha. I feel bad for what the show became what it is today, ’cause it was a hell of a good show… Like you I’m only waiting for the finale, out of loyalty.

  5. All I gotta say is that I watched one episode and I was shocked I was trying to get to know it (cuz its kinda famous) but I really had to make an effort to not change the channel. The characters are so artificial unrealistical and annoying, the plot was ridiculous, the jokes are so artificial so “reading from a script” kind of jokes not to mention dumb = predictable and as exagerated as a tasteless kind of comedy as to be, bottom line its what I like to call: not funny at all. But well maybe the majority at least in USA (i hope not in my countrie) likes it so I guess there is nothing we can do but pray, pray for humanity!

    1. You know what they say, it’s easy to make TV for stupid people, so why bother making something intelligent?

      Don’t get me wrong, HIMYM isn’t in this alone, many American comedies follow the exact same formula. Comedy is in a funk currently, and that is why shows like this get such high viewing. Even worse is how a show like the Big Bang Theory gets nominated for awards and also wins them. If either of these shows is one of the best currently on TV, then it means that TV is currently shit.

  6. I completely agree. Season 7(i think) was the last reputable attempt at a comedy . Just like in real life, jokes/catch phrases have a life span and if you start to use them outside that life span – you’re the group idiot. HIMYM is the group idiot by about 3 seasons!

    I use to enjoy the characters and writing up until lily and marshal had the baby, then it all went downhill from there.

    Now, Im really curious to see if S9 is going to be completely about the wedding and ****spoiler alert**** barney and robin last minute call of the wedding last minute, Ted meets girl and get married instead of barbin/ronney.

    And yes, Robin, please dont try to make fun of us canadians anymore. You’re horrible!

    1. It is one of those things that a show can only run for so long before it gets stale. The major issue about the show is that the premises is how Ted met his wife, yet it has ran for too long for the premise to make sense. I think that the concept is actually pretty decent but it should have ran for at most 4 seasons, rather than running for 9 because the network is throwing money at you.

      The latter seasons in particular have fallen into the trap of making the same jokes and thinking because they have made them before it is a clever and witty reminder, when it isn’t. It’s a sign that they’ve run out of ideas.

  7. oh my god this show SUCKS… I’ve seen every episode so far, but I’ve had to push myself to finish almost every episode the last two seasons. I think the storyline of this most recent season is ridiculous. making an entire season of the two days leading up to the wedding? really?!?! not only is the plot dumb, but the fake laughter in the background is just overkill. something completely not funny will happen and they’ll put in the laugh track and it’s just annoying… I think I’m just gonna watch the last two episodes when they come on air because I’m sick of the bullshit leading up to it. they should’ve ended three or four seasons ago! I honestly feel embarrassed for the actors because the writing is so terrible but at least they’re getting paid big bucks for it lol

    1. I think the idea of doing the show’s final season in the manner that they are is very odd because it restricts them in what they can actually do in terms of story progression. It also doesn’t match the show’s formula from previous seasons.

      They are very much playing on the fact that people are sticking by the show because they want to see how it ends, and that is hurting the quality of show. They’ve also clearly run out of ideas.

      The actors and writers clearly don’t care anymore and are just picking their pay cheques up. They aren’t the first to do it, and they won’t be the last.

  8. It isn’t that bad of a show lol It isn’t the best, but you guys are being jackasses. If you hate it so much, don’t watch? Calling humanity stupid because you don’t like a show is a little pretentious, dontcha think?,

    1. I don’t think anyone called humanity stupid, but rather that the show is made for stupid people. I don’t think it’s pretentious, but rather a fairly accurate analysis of the easy watching, not wanting to think too much market that watches HIMYM.

    2. I don’t hate the show Pez. It just geniunely is not even average. At first it looks like it has promise, and then it becomes apparent that it’s built on familiarity and cliche. It’s like a sucker punch to the nostalgia center of the brain. This show FUCKING sucks.

  9. Another post by a jobless prick. HIMYM is a beautiful show. I agree the last couple of seasons haven’t been great but it is still far more better than any other shows on TV today. Comments like “I had to push myself to watch the entire episode” makes me pity you guys. Why would you watch a show and force yourself to watch it, when you don’t like it at all? Are you that lifeless? If that’s the thing, then push yourself to do something productive or indulge in shows that you like. No one cares about you hating the show. The show is still going strong and it will. So you guys can suck it.

    1. First off I have a job and I don’t think I’m a prick, but maybe I’m biased. How do you know if you don’t like something if you don’t watch it? On top of that I am writing TV reviews, so…..I am doing something productive….

      The opinion I show on this piece is commonly held because it gets about 50 individual hits a day from people typing in how i met your mother sucks. Also you yourself said that the last couple of seasons haven’t been great, yet you then say it’s still going strong, bit of a contradiction really. Also if you call that going strong I don’t want to see what you think utter shite looks like.

  10. I think HIMYM has been a great show for six seasons and it deserves some respect. I agree that it’ s hard to keep on watching it because they have ruined the whole show with the last two seasons. I typed: “How I met your mother new season sucks” that’ s why I got here. But I don’ t agree with your opinion that the show sucks. The show sucks now.

    1. I think the quality dropped around season 2 but it was still watchable, something it no longer is. When you look at most of the complaints they are aimed at the fact that the show has went on too long. It’s the classic case of squeezing every last bit of money out of a TV show rather than caring about legacy.

  11. Tried to watch it several times and it never made me laugh only the slapping one made me laugh and that was down to the ferocity of the slap. The Characters are for me not likeable and i do not care for them. Every episode has a big portion of Misogyny thanks to the hidious Barney (Patrick Harris) who by the way could do so much better he is a brilliant actor the writing is just well, boring and difficult to follow. I see HIMYM as a poor version of FREINDS. I will laugh at most things but not something where not the writing but simply the reaction of the actor is supposed to amuse me.

    1. Friends is the easiest comparison to make because it is similar in many of its concepts, but obviously the quality of HIMYM isn’t as high (although Friends also ran way too long).

      NPH is better than this show, but he as well as the other actors are clearly still doing it for the pay cheque.

      I agree the characters aren’t particularly likable, and although I don’t particularly mind the misogyny parts of the show, it gets old very quickly when you basically do the same jokes over and over again.

  12. How I Met Your Mother had the potential to be a great series. Season 1- 4 were pretty awesome. Season 5 was like eh, this sucks. Season 6 was even worse. Season 7 was pretty damn great, you’re thinking finally! Season 8 was really bad and should have ended with that season. What even keeps me going in watching this series was all the twists, and considering I’ve invested so much time already, whats another 12 episodes of season 9? But season 9 is the worst thing I’ve personally seen in television history. Season 9 makes all the crappy seasons (5,6, & 8) look great.

    1) Are the writers smoking crack? Why do they think these corny jokes are funny?

    2) That stupid joke where Lily keeps getting a drink when her glass is empty is pathetic and played out from the moment it began. Okay we get it HAHAHAHAHA! Lily keeps getting a drink no matter what! (Laughs Are Sarcastic) FYI In reality 100 bucks won’t get you more than maybe 5 drinks in a place like that. And please don’t tell its just tv. This joke sucks so bad I had to express my frustration.

    3) Marshall is such a tool. Why did the writers think its funny to have him go road trip with a random woman? HAHAHA thats a great idea… NOT! And I am not impressed when Marshall was in an iPad hanging out with the gang.

    4) Barney should be checked in to a mental hospital. He is not funny and him trying to get his parents back together is dumb. This is a wedding, we need more drama.

    5) Speaking of weddings, who has enough time for all this bullshit that the gang gets into?! Again, This is a wedding. You shouldn’t have invested an entire season portraying a 2 day weekend.

    6) Ted: Lily destroy your phone, no questions asked. Lily: Okay Ted, only because you said n questions asked. Umm… This is what Lily should have said. Lily: Ted, Go F*ck Youself.

    I can name more crap that bothers me about this stupid season. Yes I am an idiot that I keep watching, I know. I’ve heard that CBS wants a spin off show, “How I Met Your Dad,” with a new cast…. Yes it will get canceled right away, I won’t watch even one episode. If I was one of the cast members of this show, I’d complain about how appalling the scripts are. The creators shouldn’t have agreed to 9th season. They did it for the money, and yes I can blame them! Jerry Seinfeld was offered 5 million dollars an episode for season 10. He declined. He didn’t want to ruin to what is known to be one of the greatest shows of all time.

    1. The actors don’t care because as long as the cheques keep coming they are happy. The same is true of the writers who are putting out shit scripts because they know that people will still watch it because it is the last season.

      The Seinfeld point is a classic, he clearly noticed the writing quality had dropped in season 9 and decided that for the good of the legacy of the show he wouldn’t make any more, HIMYM clearly don’t give a shit about that.

    1. God, ‘Friends’, yet another boring crappy show but interesting you mentioned it because this show is a hell of a lot like Friends IMO — a big popular show that you can’t figure out who it is that likes it. I was always bamboozled by Friends and almost wondered if there was something wrong with me because it was so popular yest I just hated it.

      1. Friends was a good show but it ran about 4 seasons too long. There are obvious comparisons between the two shows because they are both set in New York and have similar age groups of the characters. They are very comparable but Friends is a much better show than HIMYM ever was.

  13. Yep, I hate this show. The two guys that started it, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays both look kind of smarmy and don’t have much under their belt except for a couple of episodes of American Dad. It’s the cartoon that wants so badly to be another Family Guy except there’s only one problem, it SUUUUCKS! Both of these shows have NEVER made me laugh, not even giggle — what the hells with that? How can a ‘comedy’ stay on there air when it can’t even make me laugh? And i consider myself fairly ‘average’ in what I like: Family Guy, Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Colbert.etc, so it’s not me, it’s HIMYM, it’s just a really crappy, boring show. Period.

        1. It was a tangent based on the fact that you started talking about two totally unconnected shows. Your second point is true, but it is easier to produce a stupid show which people are familiar with than a smart show that requires people to think to fully understand it. That isn’t a new phenomenon, it is what TV has been like for years.

  14. One more thing: Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is super smarmy and unlikeable and could never have had so many women. Also, the whole premise for the show just stupid. A better premise would have been if Neil Patrick Harris had injured some guy and had no insurance so the judge declared him to be the other guys butler. Seriously, even THAT would have been a better premise. It’s just such a useless premise. It’s like they wrote a show about the first thing that popped into their dumb skulls.

    1. Yea the Barney thing doesn’t shock me because a lot of girls date jerks. What I would say is that it would be more likely that he would have one or two girls that kept going back to him than having hundreds of one night stands.

      Nice job shoehorning your Seinfeld reference in there and I disagree I think that the concept for HIMYM was good but it should have ran for 4 seasons at most, that is where the problems arose.

  15. I agree. HIMYM sucks badly. Either the jokes are bad or actors sucked sooooo bad that they made each supposed ‘joke’ not funny. I tried watching a few episodes hoping that it would gradually get funnier like what we have with f.r.i.e.n.d.s. That never happened. HIMYM SUUUUCCCKKKKSSS!

    1. I think it is one of those things where you tell a joke once and it may be funny, but once you have told that exact same joke 10 times to the exact same people it clearly isn’t going to be funny any longer. That’s sort of HIMYM’s problem.

  16. I’ve tried to watch HIMYM several times, mainly to see what all the fuss is about, and I just don’t get it. It’s not funny. The characters are one dimensional and the premise is flawed. I can’t imagine why two kids would want to sit down and hear their father tell them about all the women he tried to bed before meeting their mum. They would get bored. I think you’re right about 4 seasons, if it had only been this long then it’s feasible that Ted was telling his kids about a few of the interesting things that happened in his past. But 9 series?? Too much.
    I get why people still watch it out of loyalty. I was a massive Friends fan and was into it from day one. So I wanted to watch till the end, and although the later series weren’t as good, the finale was still emotional. That was because the characters were likeable. The ones in HIMYM are not. And I repeat, they simply aren’t funny! I’ve never so much as given a half hearted chuckle!

    1. American comedies are really bad for running well past their sell by date and disregarding their legacy. Friends did it, and HIMYM has undoubtedly done it too. The difference being that Friends was once very good, whereas HIMYM was at best ok, and that was a long long time ago.

  17. I don’t think this is a SPOILER anymore, but just in case you’re warned.

    If I was one of Ted’s children I would have told him to go to hell after the third or fourth episode, let alone now that I know what should be their view about this whole thing.
    So these children want (or are forced, it’s the only thing that makes sense after the finale) to hear the story about how their father met their mother, who they will always love, and it’s supposed to be the epitome of a romantic and touching love story… and all he does is keep on telling them about hundreds of women he’s loved or just scored and who, thank goodness for that, weren’t their mother.
    To make things worse he’s always talking about how he has always been in love with Robin, before, probably during, and after their mother died… and they call her, Aunt Robin.
    This sounds sort of perverted to me, to tell you the truth.
    Come on! Just try to put yourself on these kids’ place… your mother has died, you are (supposedly) willing to hear about your parents’ love story and you get this… it’s was too much for anyone with a heart from the very beginning, but after the last show, it’s just terrible. After all that talking about Robin and all the other girls, your mother’s story ends up being just kind of another score.
    Disgusting! For me that’s enough to say that the whole show sucks.

    1. It’s sort of like, ‘let me tell you about how I met your mother’, then he proceeds to tell you that he pretty much always actually loved some other person. I imagine I’d be pretty pissed, but hey I also wouldn’t want to sit and listen to my dad tell me about how many different women he banged, but maybe that’s just me.

      1. That’s it! Your father telling you (boy and girl) all this, after your mother died… and the way your “uncle” treats women, etc, etc… no-one would want to hear that… unless you’re just such a loser as your dad really is.

  18. A loser and quite a pervert… what sort of father talks like that and about that to his children who are at most 16 years old.

  19. I saw snippets, I wasn’t impressed.
    In fact I knew it was a throw away storyline to just keep the audience hooked, and they will drag it out as long as possible.
    I didn’t watch it, I only waited until the final episode aired and read the spoilers.
    And I was right.

    There is no such thing like spoilers in HIMYM, only liberation.

  20. Yes, now we all know we were right and that there was nothing exciting about the whole thing. This is like a bad story teller who keeps on beating around the bushes and you’re like, come on… it can’t be that great if you keep on talking about something else.

  21. This show has been missing something from the beginning. Well a few things. Convincing characters, decent acting, a protaganist that isn’t a self-centered sap, timing, and use of adjectives besides grotesquely overused “awesome”. Oh, and more than 1 or 2 laughs per show. I am most of the way through season 2 and the show can’t hide behind a poor imitation of “Friends” any longer.

    1. bm23reviews is right. If I were on the second season (knowing what I know), I’d just read and spoiler to calm down my curiosity and avoid 7 seasons of boredom. I haven’t seen them all and when I have seen random episodes it wasn’t my fault… hahaha.

    1. It’s my opinion you stepped in shit…?

      I mean if it smells like shit, and looks like shit and goes endlessly on with no end in sight, doing the same sort of stories again and again, where it gets to the stage that even people who liked it were asking for it to end, then yeah…it’s shit.

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