Franklin & Bash S4- The Closing Argument

The final frontier, the final hurrah and the final episode for Franklin and Bash arrived in the season 4 finale, not through choice mind you as our favourite Californian lawyers got canned, never to see the light of day again.

There will be sort of spoilers in this so don’t read if you don’t want to know.

frank bash s4

I’m not going to fuck about; I’m going to get straight to the ending scenes.  I actually think these were an absolutely perfect way to end the show, yes it was totally inadvertent but life doesn’t end with nicely closed off storylines and everyone going home happy.  The ending left us wondering if this was the final moments of Stanton’s life and whether or not it was the end of the oh so awesome partnership of Franklin and Bash as one choked on a biscuit and the latter placed their future together on a roulette spin.  The genius of this ending (however inadvertent it was) is that in my mind the show Franklin and Bash was about Stanton Infeld’s relationship with Franklin and Bash, and with the assumed death of Stanton and the assumed decision for the guys to go their separate ways; the show had come to its natural conclusion.  Don’t get me wrong I’m reading way way too much into this (I doubt the writers could come up with such a clever ending and it is a mere coincidence), I myself have created a situation which I doubt the writers intended, in fact I’m almost certain that this was just done as a teaser for the next season, but isn’t my interpretation of the finale just so much better?  I think so, it’s the ending of the two main relationships in the show means the end of the show, so although the audience doesn’t know where the ball has fallen or if Stanton has actually died we assume both these things have happened and that is the natural end of the story.  This is all great of course until some streaming service decides that they want to make another season and all that I have just written is made to look ridiculously wrong…

franklin and bas s4

Season 4 struggled from the mistakes of season 3 as Rachel King didn’t make a return and left a massive hole in the story thread which took a good few episodes to repair.  The season also lost Pinder which was a blow and replaced him with the odd Dan Mundy who I’m not sure really worked too well.  Damien also went missing for the first half of the season, with the reasoning that he left the firm after the scandal but was convinced to come back (I assume because of other acting commitments), which was a shame because you need the counter balance to all of Franklin and Bash’s nonsense.  He was also put into an odd office relationship with new lady Anita who never really went anywhere, but I guess as is life…

franklin and bash s4 karp

To be honest Franklin and Bash doesn’t really change from year to year, yes they are now partners in Infeld Daniels but you wouldn’t know because they continue on in their wacky ways as usual.  Stanton, Franklin and Bash as all still awesome and instantly likable, their hijinks are still fun and Stanton’s haiku’s and stories are still brilliantly ridiculous; it really is just more of the same.

I don’t feel a need to go further into the series as a whole because if you read my season 3 review I have pretty much the exact same feelings and there is no point in me just repeating myself.

So what did you think of Franklin and Bash season 4?  Are you sad to see the boys go or do you think that my crazy interpretation of the ending is actually absolutely perfect?  Well leave a comment and let everyone know and don’t forget that you can join the bm23reviews Facebook and Twitter pages for more of this mediocre content because why the fuck not?

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