Bored to Death Season 3- Kissing Old Ladies and Stuff

Bored to Death is one of those funny shows which on the face of it looks amazing but when you start to watch you can’t help but think ‘what the hell is happening here?’  This show is the definition of quirky, so lucky for them Zach Galifianakis, Ted Danson and Jason Schwartzman are involved.  There will be some spoilers.

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Maybe it’s because it’s been a number of years since I watched season 2 or maybe I’m just remembering the show incorrectly, however season 3 started off extra silly.  I don’t mind silly, however it was beyond ridiculous at times (Jonathan hanging from a clock for like an hour).  There’s a fine line between good quirky and this is stupid quirky and Bored to Death crossed that line many times in this season.

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I don’t think that Bored to Death has ever been anything other than ok, it has its moments and can be humorous at times, however the fact it got cancelled really doesn’t shock me at all.  Season 3 followed the trend of decent but nothing special.

The one thing which is special about Bored to Death is the excellent cast, with Ted Danson as George being the standout for me.  Danson delivers in every scene, as an old pot head with a strong libido.  Galafianakis is good as Ray, who got a nice chance to kiss old ladies and scratch his beard.  Schwartzman takes the lead as Jonathan the nerdy private detective who couldn’t look any further away from what I imagine a private detective would look like.  There are also some awesome recurring characters like Patton Oswalt as Jonathan’s gadget supplier and Stacy Keach is great in the last couple of episodes as well.  The cast in general is pretty damn awesome and it really helps the show.

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I imagine that they thought they were going to get another season because the way that the season ended with Jonathan basically deciding to not tell his half-sister/girlfriend that they were related was very dark for a television show, especially this one.  Yes it’s quirky, but not in an I’m knowingly fucking my sister and we shall make odd babies sort of way because we have a special bond almost as if we were siblings sort of thing…

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Anyway Bored to Death season 3 was ok and the show in general was ok, I’m not sad to see it go, however I am sad to no longer be seeing the trio of Schwartzman, Danson and Galafianakis on my screen, but as is life.

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So what did you think of Bored to Death season 3 and the show in general?  Were you sad to see it cancelled?  Well why not share your thoughts and leave a comment and tell the world, because holding it into yourself is bad for your health and stuff.

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