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12 Reasons Why Two and a Half Men sucks.


  1. There is only 1 of the 2 and a half left in the show.
  2. Ashton Kutcher can’t act.
  3. The guy that plays Jake can’t act.
  4. The guy that plays Jake is too ugly to get any of the girls he gets in the show.
  5. It isn’t funny…….ever.
  6. Why does Alan still live at the house after he sold it?  Is that realistic in any way?
  7. The way they killed off Charlie was lame.
  8. Two and a Half Men misses Charlie Sheen.
  9. It has gone at least 5 seasons too long (and I’m being generous at 5).
  10. For a guy that is meant to be such a loser, Alan does very well with the ladies.
  11. Why was Jake bright but just really lazy in the first couple of seasons and then since then been a total idiot?  So over one summer he drank a whole drum of Cillit Bang or something?
  12. Are we really supposed to believe that Ashton Kutcher’s character is meant to be a genius?


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