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Girls S4 From a Guys Perspective

I remember one lonesome night I was up at around 5am (not an uncommon thing for me) looking for something to watch and I thought although I’m clearly not their target audience (penis and all that jazz) I’ll give it a go, cracked through four episodes and was like ‘damn that shit was good!’  It was just so different, especially from a show with a female perspective.  In many ways it is hard to believe that we have now reached the end of season 4 and what was once a great step towards difference has well…I’ll get to that eventually.

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Falling Skies Season 4 Review: Read In Case of Alien Invasion.

falling skies s4

Falling Skies has been running for four years now and humanity is still struggling along against the might of the Espheni invaders.  However after the introduction of the Volm and the apparent turnaround of season 3 things were looking up for the 2nd Mass, so how did season 4 go?  Only one way to find out by reading on.  Spoilers are included.

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