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Episodes S3- Starring Matt LeBlanc!!! (and others…)

The basis of Episodes is that it is a show within a show, very much like 30 Rock.  The major difference is that Episodes deals more with the meddling issues of higher ups in producing TV shows and the fish out of water aspects of the British in the USA, season 3 continues on this path.

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The Newsroom S3- Lights, Camera, Cancelled!

The Newsroom is that show that is about people who work in a newsroom, presenting the news and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans whilst they’re at it.  However the Newsroom isn’t really about the presentation of the news itself but rather the process of gathering and developing stories.  Sadly for the handful of fans the show had, season 3 was the final segment in the Newsroom’s very short run.

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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Review- Lawyer Shenanigans

TV and movies like to make being a Californian lawyer seem like it is the greatest job in the world, with twists and turns all over the place and passionate speeches swaying the jury at the final moment.  Yes it is a formula that has been seen so many times before and Franklin and Bash gives you pretty much what you’d expect.

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