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The 20 Best Recurring/Guest Characters of 30 Rock.

30 Rock does many things very well, but the thing which 30 Rock excels at is its ability to introduce and use recurring and guest actors to their full potential.  When recently writing my Best Recurring TV Characters; 30 Rock came out on top with 4/20 of the best recurring characters (2 more than any other show).  To fully understand my point about how good 30 Rock is with recurring and guest characters, consider the fact that initially I intended this list to be a top 10, but ended up with more honourable mentions than those that made the list.  Due to this I extended it to a Top 20 because I felt these people really deserved to be on the list, and still had too many names.  There will be *spoilers* in case you are wondering.

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The Top 10 Starring Characters of 30 Rock.

Recently because of the lack of TV I’ve had to watch I decided to re-watch the whole of 30 Rock (which I ranked as 11 in the greatest comedies of all time).  It took quite a long time (138 episodes!) but I got through in the end and have hence decided to write a number of 30 Rock based articles, and this is the first of those.

The list will only include characters which were listed as being starring characters in the show, so no cool recurring characters I’m afraid.  There are only 14 starring characters, so if you haven’t made the list it means your character must have sucked (I’m looking at you Toofer).  So here we go.

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