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How I met Your Mother and why it just sucks.


  1. The story (yes the show is meant to be a story) begins in the year 2030, where Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother (maybe where they got the name of the show but I couldn’t guarantee this………this is a joke in case you just think I am an idiot).  So his kids are what age?  Maybe 16 and 14?  Probably older, now think about it take 16 off of 2030 and you get 2014 throw in a 9 month pregnancy and you’re looking at 2013 before she was conceived, now look at HIMYM and Ted just met their mother in 2013…….so……..Ted better get to it cause he has already ran out of time.  Who knows maybe they’re actually 12.
  2. Someone should call the Guinness Book of World Records and tell them that In Search of Lost Time is no longer the longest story ever written.
  3. They neutered Barney.
  4. How many important moments before this guy meets his wife can one person have in their life?  So far Ted has had 184 and he is in his early 30’s.
  5. HIMYM should have had a maximum of 4 seasons instead it will finish with a 9th season next year.
  6. Ted sucks I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to spend time with him.  He’s a weanie.
  7. It really isn’t funny.  Barney used to be funny but not anymore.
  8. For a guy who is desperately searching for a wife Ted does seem to have a problem keeping women around.
  9. Why do they keep putting in scenes where Marshall sings?  He can’t sing.
  10. The show repeats jokes so often, we get it sandwiches are weed.
  11. Plus they mess up on continuity all the time.
  12. Why is old Ted always starting off with a condescending “Kids…..” has he not named them yet?  Does he just call them boy kid and girl kid?
  13. Don’t these kids have school or hobbies or friends that they could be doing rather than listen to their demented father witter on?
  14. Why is Bob Odenkirk amazing in Breaking Bad as a sleazy lawyer yet not nearly as good in HIMYM in a very similar role?  Can only blame poor writing.
  15. HIMYM uses too many celebrity guest appearances as a way to make their episodes more exciting.  I mean does Katy Perry really need to be used as a girl for Barney to go out with?  The answer is no.  Katy Perry is used to distract people from another same old HIMYM script.

So what do you think?  Is How I Met Your Mother your favourite show?  I know it is still getting high audience figures for some reason.  Or do you agree with me that it is a show that had 1 strong season (maybe 2) and since then has been another over stretched typical American network comedy?  All comments are appreciated and like BM23reviews on Facebook or follow BM23reviews on Twitter.