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Insane Fight Club 2- Road Trips, Wrasslin nd Irn Bru

To say that wrestling in the UK is considered to be a joke you would be being very generous, and UK indie wrestling is so buried in obscurity that for many years it was considered a myth made up by a couple of jakies on a binge of Frosty Jack’s and some eccies.  That was until the ground-breaking (…) ‘The British Wrestler’ which was followed up by ‘Insane Fight Club’ bringing ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) into the minds and hearts of the Scottish (and to a lesser extent British) public.

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It’s Yersel! TNA British Boot Camp 2 Review

TNA British Boot Camp 2 or as it should be more aptly known ‘The Grado Show’ tries to find he next TNA star (phrase used very loosely) from the lovely isles of Britannia.  Judges Samoa Joe, Al Snow and Gail Kim put on their stoniest faces as the best of the British indie scene attempted to be given the chance to make it in the USA.

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