How I met Your Mother and why it just sucks.


  1. The story (yes the show is meant to be a story) begins in the year 2030, where Ted is telling his kids about how he met their mother (maybe where they got the name of the show but I couldn’t guarantee this………this is a joke in case you just think I am an idiot).  So his kids are what age?  Maybe 16 and 14?  Probably older, now think about it take 16 off of 2030 and you get 2014 throw in a 9 month pregnancy and you’re looking at 2013 before she was conceived, now look at HIMYM and Ted just met their mother in 2013…….so……..Ted better get to it cause he has already ran out of time.  Who knows maybe they’re actually 12.
  2. Someone should call the Guinness Book of World Records and tell them that In Search of Lost Time is no longer the longest story ever written.
  3. They neutered Barney.
  4. How many important moments before this guy meets his wife can one person have in their life?  So far Ted has had 184 and he is in his early 30’s.
  5. HIMYM should have had a maximum of 4 seasons instead it will finish with a 9th season next year.
  6. Ted sucks I find it hard to believe that anyone would want to spend time with him.  He’s a weanie.
  7. It really isn’t funny.  Barney used to be funny but not anymore.
  8. For a guy who is desperately searching for a wife Ted does seem to have a problem keeping women around.
  9. Why do they keep putting in scenes where Marshall sings?  He can’t sing.
  10. The show repeats jokes so often, we get it sandwiches are weed.
  11. Plus they mess up on continuity all the time.
  12. Why is old Ted always starting off with a condescending “Kids…..” has he not named them yet?  Does he just call them boy kid and girl kid?
  13. Don’t these kids have school or hobbies or friends that they could be doing rather than listen to their demented father witter on?
  14. Why is Bob Odenkirk amazing in Breaking Bad as a sleazy lawyer yet not nearly as good in HIMYM in a very similar role?  Can only blame poor writing.
  15. HIMYM uses too many celebrity guest appearances as a way to make their episodes more exciting.  I mean does Katy Perry really need to be used as a girl for Barney to go out with?  The answer is no.  Katy Perry is used to distract people from another same old HIMYM script.

So what do you think?  Is How I Met Your Mother your favourite show?  I know it is still getting high audience figures for some reason.  Or do you agree with me that it is a show that had 1 strong season (maybe 2) and since then has been another over stretched typical American network comedy?  All comments are appreciated and like BM23reviews on Facebook or follow BM23reviews on Twitter.

Has Seth MacFarlane lost it?


It does not seem that long ago that Family Guy was making its well-deserved return to the air after a 3 year hiatus.  MacFarlane followed that up with American Dad and more recently The Cleveland Show.  So what happened?  The guy’s still bringing in the big bucks with 3 shows on Fox, but the quality that once was very high has dropped away drastically since his long awaited and triumphant return.

I sit down and watch an episode of Family Guy and I can’t help thinking that ‘damn this show used to be better than this’.  It is understandable, in many ways your shtick is going to become old if you have made 210 episodes, if you then add in 152 American Dad’s and 88 Cleveland Show’s (really 88? You’re joking right?).  That’s a total of 350 episodes of television, 350 episodes of what is basically the same style of show, written by the same guy.  It is just stale (the ratings agree).

It is harsh to single out Seth MacFarlane for producing an inferior product to what he originally created; you don’t hear many people talking about how the 7th season of Scrubs for instance was so much better than the first few seasons.  Animated shows like the Simpsons and South Park have also fallen into the trap of producing an inferior product in comparison to their initial seasons (although both had a longer life span than MacFarlane shows).

Animated shows always seem to struggle with short term memories, where one season Stan doesn’t have a brother and the next season he has a Native American brother quite simply because they thought of a story idea and decided that they would fabricate one out of thin air, or in Family Guy how Joe’s kid Kevin just disappeared all of a sudden and was explained away about 5 seasons later that he was dead, then a few seasons after this he miraculously comes back.  It is just poor short term writing which has occurred because MacFarlane has spread himself too thin.

You watch a season of a MacFarlane show and about 3 episodes out of the season are of a high quality, but that means around 20 are of an average or below quality.  A good example of this is the episode ‘Be Careful what you Fish for’ which stars the immense Ricky Gervais,  giving hope that the episode is not going to be another let down, but inevitably it falls to being another poorly written same old thing episode that I have seen too many times before.  It is worse when Gervais himself (playing a dolphin for some reason) performance and jokes are just awful, when he should be so much better than that.

If you ask me which one of the MacFarlane shows I currently prefer the most it is sad that I am edging towards the Cleveland Show (88 episodes….really?).  I don’t think overall it is his best show I just think that it feels slightly more fresh than the other two.  On the Cleveland Show, I don’t understand why MacFarlane even made the show other than Fox were throwing money at him, because it isn’t that good.  It feels like he thought “I like Family Guy and I like American Dad…..why don’t I make a black hybrid and call it the Cleveland Show!”

For the legacy of his shows I really hope that Seth MacFarlane decides to finish them, give them a hiatus and bring them back at a later date or cancel two of the shows and concentrate on just the one.  I really hope he does one of the latter options, because I know it may not seem like it but I did once really enjoy Macfarlane’s shows and I’d once again like to enjoy them.  Sadly I can’t see it happening any time soon but you can only hope.


So what do you think?  Is Seth MacFarlane killing his once great cartoons by bleeding them dry for all the money that is going?  Or am I way off the mark?  All comments are appreciated.

What I loved and hated about Game of Thrones Season 3.

This Season Review naturally contains *spoilers* so read at your own caution.  Just in case you are wondering (any why wouldn’t you be) I have read the books.

What I loved.


  • The Red Wedding
    • This is quite simply one of the greatest pieces of television I have ever seen (and I knew what was going to happen).  It was always going to be difficult to replicate such an iconic part of the book series but gee golly gosh (not something I say very often) the writers delivered.
    • I particularly liked how throughout the episode GOT lead you into a false sense of security with Walder Frey sort of showing I’m not a bad guy by giving Edmure a pretty wife, making everything seem like it was ok.
    • This sounds weird but I loved how they killed off Robb’s wife.  Stabbing in her in the stomach when she was pregnant just added to the drama and symbolism of the slaughter (his wife in the book doesn’t actually go to the wedding and is a totally different character, Robb got some explaining to do).  It just made the whole event more traumatic and memorable as a Frey comes and stabs her like he’s shiving some guy in prison.
    • Again although I knew Catelyn was going to die, the way the show was shot made it look as if she was going to live but as a prisoner, and then with the last seconds of the episode Black Walder walks up and slits her throat.
    • The credits.  It just hit home the grandeur of the event by not playing any music over the credits, made the happenings seem so much more important (which they were).
    • The performances.  I thought that Michelle Fairley (Catelyn) had a great performance in this scene, one which was only usurped by the amazing David Bradley (Walder Frey).
    • I could write a whole article about this one scene, it is that great.
  • Jaime’s speech in the bath.
    • Added so many more dimensions and sympathy for the character that was always cool but a bit of a dick.
    • Also hand cutting off was cool or as cool as it can be to see someone pretend to have their hand cut off.
  • The fight at Craster’s house.
    • It was generally well done and a good scene as Joer Morment clocked off.
    • I just wonder where they are going to go with Dolorous Edd and Grenn (guys hanging about with Sam) who make it back to the wall in the books but don’t seem to in the show based on what Stannis says at the end.
  • Lots more Littlefinger and Varys.
    • One thing the show has over the books is its ability to follow non POV characters, and two of the best non POV characters are these two.
  • More Olenna Tyrell
    • Ha sword swallower.
  • Arya
    • She is just one of the best and most consistent characters.
    • Her relationship with the Hound and Gendry.
    • Her going nuts on that Frey guy in the last episode.

Things I liked

  • It was nice to see ser Barristan Selmy back.
  • Tyrion
    • Generally he is the best character in the show (or that was the way of it for the first two seasons anyway) but he felt out of place or maybe over used at times.
    • Why is he in liked?  Well how can you put Tyrion as a negative?
  • Davos
    • It’s tough he is one of my favourite characters in the books and on the show and when he shows up I get a bit giddy, but I feel he is not in it enough.
    • Maybe that is a good thing just look at my Tyrion comments.
  • Joffrey in general
    • What a dick.
  • Bran embracing the warg.
    • Embrace the warg Bran, embrace it!
  • Dany
    • I liked Dany’s general storyline; much like Bran embraced the warg, Dany embraced her new role (embrace the wig).
    • She got crazy ass dragons that burn rude bald men (WATCH OUT LARRY DAVID!!!!)
  • Tully’s
    • The Blackfish is just beast (especially with a bow and the ladies, even if they are yucky Frey’s).
    • Edmure is funny as hell.  I wonder if he will say to Walder Frey “Es tu Walde”.

Things I disliked.

  • Robb
    • I like Robb, why wouldn’t you.  Handsome, nice beard, Scottish what’s not to like?
    • Well cause you asked, his story was just sort of shit.  I don’t blame Robb (I blame someone else which I shall get onto later) but until the Red Wedding I don’t think he added anything.
  • Not enough Bronn.
  • MacKenzie Crook
    • A couple things annoyed me about this.
    • Firstly Orrell never goes over the wall in the book, nor does Tormund Giantsbane.
    • Secondly and more importantly you get a good and highly reputable actor such as MacKenzie Crook and you waste him in a role that is barely beyond an extra.
  • Mance Rayder
    • I felt that Ciaran Hinds looked too old to play the character of Mance.  I like him as an actor and hope I am wrong, but so far I have my doubts.
    • Dominic West apparently turned the role down and in my mind he would’ve been perfect but maybe I’m just missing McNulty.
    • Also he was not in the show enough and when he was in it they didn’t make him seem like that big a deal.
  • Robb’s killing of Rickard Karstark
    • I just felt that the beheading of Karstark is meant to be a major event and instead it didn’t come across as being that.
    • It is difficult for a TV show to delve into the details that a book does, however the show didn’t highlight enough how this was a major deal.
  • Too many characters and not enough screen time
    • Too many characters stories felt rushed or spread thin over a number of weeks.
    • Namely Bran, Sam and Tyrion.

Things I hated


  • No Fat Belwas
    • Say what!
  • Talisa……ugh
    • I really don’t like this character and I was scared she might not die at the Red Wedding; thankfully the writers didn’t fail us.
    • It is hard to fathom why she received such a large role in the show.  It seemed like every scene Robb was in ah shit there is that annoying Talisa cow as well……ugh.
    • She is the Megan Draper of GOT.
  • The first scene of the season
    • If you read the book you were expecting an epic fight between the Night’s Watch and the White Walkers, which concludes with the what is left of the Night’s Watch getting on their horses and jumping over their enemy to escape (I know sounds awesome).
    • Instead we got a random singular attack on Sam and that was it.


There you guy that is what I loved, liked, disliked and hated about this season of Game of Thrones.  If it hasn’t come across I very much liked this year’s GOT.  I’m sure I will have missed stuff that people have loved and hated about this year’s edition.

So leave your comments about the list, the show or whether you are looking forward to next year’s season 4; all are appreciated.

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