Game of Thrones Season 6 Review- Still the Best Show on TV

The best show on TV once again delivered in its sixth season, a truly remarkable feat for a show which is long into its run, yet still hasn’t dropped in quality.

Season 6 was always going to be a very interesting season because it is the first to move totally away from the books.  George RR Martin has taken his sweet time to write the next book and it has left us in this awkward situation where the TV show has overtaken the slow old man.  The TV show has often strayed away from certain elements of the book, generally having less characters and different plot stems, natural for TV due to it being harder to gain as much detail as a book; however this was something totally different, this was the show setting canon.  The funny thing of course being that what happens in the TV show isn’t what will necessarily happen in the books, and you could end up with two fairly different stories for the same event, all very messy.

This review of season 6 of Game of Thrones will contain spoilers.

The Wall

got the wall

So much happened in this season of Game of Thrones, that it is easy to forget that the early part of the season had incredibly impactful things happen at the Wall, despite us not seeing it for the entire second half of the season.

got6 jon alive

So Jon Snow is alive!  Not that anyone thought that anything else would happen, really the worst kept secret in Westeros.  Season 5 had ended on the cliff-hanger of Jon being assassinated by his brothers of the Night’s Watch and we picked up from there as ever lovable Davos Seaworth found the corpse of the now dead Jon Snow.

got6 melisandre old

We then received some really weird shit, which started with Melisandre actually being a frail old woman and ended with Jon being resurrected in the name of R’hllor, quite the couple of days.  After Jon’s resurrection at the hands of the Red Witch, we got the awesome scenes such as Wun Wun smashing that dafty off the wall and Jon hanging the traitors.  I’m sure that everyone stood up in glee as they saw that little shit Olly get hung for being a little dick, in what was a really brutal scene which was played out beautifully.  It isn’t often that a show will hang someone and actually stay on their faces as they are dying and that is what separates Game of Thrones from so many other shows.

got6 olly hung

The good news for the Night’s Watch is that they only have to worry about the Night’s King and his merry band of followers as the Wildlings have all but been demolished.  Luckily for the Night’s Watch, they are now stuck with Dolorous Edd as their leader, some say it’s a curse, some a gift, most people are just pleased that there was one Night’s Watch character left who we actually knew to give the big job to.

The North

got winterfell

Jon story was split into two, half at the Wall and in the other half of the season he kicked about the North for a bit.  Prior to Jon ditching the Night’s Watch, he was met by Sansa, who herself had just got out of an awkward contract with her beloved husband.  One of many cliff-hangers which season 5 ended on was Theon and Sansa finally escaping Ramsay by jumping off the Winterfell walls, we picked up with them running from a bunch of Ramsay’s men and a pack of hounds.  It was nice to see that Brienne finally had something to do as her and Podrick battled bravely to save her, giving Brienne, a perennial loser, her first win of the series.  A little too coincidental that Brienne and Pod just happened to be in the area, but I’m willing to give the show a break, they had written themselves into a bit of a corner and you could argue that she heard the hunting horns and decided to check out what was going on.

got6 brienne

A great moment in this season was when Jon and Sansa finally met up together, the first meeting of two Starks (well a Snow and a Stark technically) since season 3 of the show.  It’s incredible to think that the last time two Starks were together was three seasons ago and it is five seasons if you don’t include Rickon (who was never a central character like the others).  After so many teases of two characters meeting up, only for the rug to be pulled from under us, we finally got the moment of truth, as the two Starks who liked each other the least got together.

got6 jon sansa

Jon’s relationship with Sansa has always been a really odd one, Jon seems like a really lovely guy and I doubt he has bad feelings towards of the legitimate Starks; however the same cannot be said of Sansa, who clearly looked down on Jon and even to a lesser extent Arya.  Sansa has obviously been through a lot over the years and has started to look at life a lot differently, however even in her maturity I don’t feel like her respect for Jon is quite there, which is why Littlefinger’s address to her in the final episode is so poignant, but I’ll get onto that in a moment.

got6 sansa

Nothing much happened between Jon and Sansa deciding to march on Winterfell and the aptly named Battle of the Bastards.  There were little things such as Tormund eye fucking Brienne, which was delightful and possibly the greatest character in the history of television in Lyanna Mormont, who stole every scene she was in.

got6 tormund brienne

In regards to Ramsay prior to the battle, it was interesting how they handled his rise to the Warden of the North, as he made a power grab against his own father, stabbing him in a Ramsayesque manner, before going full blown Ramsay as he fed his newly born brother in law and his plump step mother to his hungry hounds.  Ramsay also killed off Osha (who had been captured alongside Rickon), a character we hadn’t seen since season 3, a thing which Game of Thrones does marvellously, takes a character who you thought you may never see again and then use them as an important plot point.  So Ramsay was a busy boy in the early part of the season, killing people willy nilly.

got6 tormund brienne 2

This season contained a lot of stalling and one of the best examples of this was in the North, where it took Jon and Sansa what seemed like forever to get from Castle Black to Winterfell.  Yes they were going around wooing Northern lords, however when it seems like other characters have a jet engine transporting them at times, it does seem odd that it took Jon and Sansa so long.  I don’t mind it as such because I think it gives it an element of realism, however when you compare it to the time that it took Brienne to get to the Riverlands or Littlefinger to get to Winterfell from Deepwood Motte it does raise questions.

got6 ramsay rickon

Anyway, how great was the Battle of the Bastards?  A truly fantastic piece of television, like nothing I have seen before from a TV show.  The tension, the cinematography, the story, the tension, the symbolism, the odds, the brutality and did I mention the tension?  The battle had so many different aspects to it which from beginning to end kept you on the edge of your seat; it was one of the best moments in Game of Thrones history and arguably television history as well.

got6 lyanna mormont

Before the battle even started, we had the delightful parley between Jon and Ramsay, two characters meeting for the first time, with very similar backgrounds despite their totally different personalities and attitudes towards things.  What I loved about the parley, was how Ramsay continually called Jon ‘bastard’, as if he himself wasn’t actually a bastard.  Even the way he said it with total contempt was fantastic, as if he hated all bastards.

got6 battle of the bastards

The battle itself was a really special piece of art, from the frantic running of Rickon towards Jon, to the brutality of Ramsay deliberately missing him only to strike him down with precision at the last moment for ultimate effect.  The scene of Jon lone charging on horseback towards the Bolton lines, then on foot, only to realise his mistake unsheathe his sword and throw away his sheathe because he would no longer need it, were all beautiful and tense set pieces.  The shot from behind Jon as the cavalry charges towards him is stunning.

got6 cavalry jon

The actual cavalry battle was truly remarkable.  I’m not sure that I’ve really seen something which resembles the panic as brutality of two cavalries colliding together like was shown here, it was crazy.  Horses colliding together, bodies flying everywhere, the volley of arrows ploughing into the pack, beheadings, it had everything.  It’s weird to think that something as brilliant as this wasn’t the best part of the battle, yet incredibly it wasn’t.

got6 bob

The best part was when Jon fell below the crush, something which is totally relatable to everyone.  There is something about an inability to breathe which is incredibly frightening, whether that be from suffocation or drowning, everyone has been in a situation where they have been short of air and began to panic, and this is exactly what this scene gave you.  What made it all the worse is that they shot the scene from a first person perspective, whilst also showing you men having their heads pushed into the mud due to the crush, it was bone chilling, and as much as I felt that Jon wouldn’t die in the battle, the crush gave that element of doubt and that is what great shows should always do.

got6 crush

The knights of the Eyrie then came tumbling in to save the day (Helm’s Deep esque) as things were looking more than bleak, allowing Jon, Tormund and Wun Wun to pursue Ramsay.  Wun Wun made the ultimate sacrifice in tearing down the gate, before Ramsay did the ultimate sin and killed the big man.  To think that Ramsay did so many cruel and evil things, yet it wasn’t until this moment that he truly went too far…I mean Wun Wun!  What an arsehole!  We then got a cool little mini battle between Jon and Ramsay as Jon used a shield to protect him as Ramsay fired arrows to no avail, before Jon beat the shit out of him and thus ended the battle and one of the best fifteen minutes you will be able to find in TV history, it must have cost them an absolute bomb and it was worth it because it was spectacular.

got6 wun wun

As you may have guessed, I enjoyed the Battle of the Bastards quite a lot, however I don’t think that it is the best that Game of Thrones has ever done, and a big reason for that is character stupidity and tendencies towards the unrealistic.  Jon an apparent tactician and experienced warrior charges into a cavalry head on, on his own…  I know he was upset over Rickon’s death but it was a stupid thing to do.  Another issue is that the cavalry numbers are off; Ramsay had many more cavalrymen yet somehow got taken out by the much weaker Stark force, not realistic at all.  The wall of human death although cool in a weird way couldn’t be any further from the truth to what would happen in reality, it is highly unlikely that this would happen and even more so it is even more unlikely that it would happen exactly in the manner which Ramsay had planned.  Why didn’t Wun Wun have a weapon?  Why did Davos, an experienced commander, run his force into a clearly encircling flanking manoeuvre?  How did the Eyrie forces make it to Winterfell so quickly?  How did nobody see a massive army encroaching on Winterfell, did they not have scouts?  When Ramsay retreated into Winterfell, he had barely any men in the castle and worse than that he had no defences against a possible siege, which makes no sense at all.  Yes you could dismiss this as Ramsay being too cocky (fair enough); however there is no way a seasoned campaigner like Roose Bolton wouldn’t have been prepared for that possible eventuality.  Finally why did Ramsay decide to kill Wun Wun instead of Jon, when he could easily have taken Jon out, and then instead of nocking another arrow he decided to make a quip!

got6 jon ramsay

That is the thing about the Battle of the Bastards, a really great piece of TV which will engulf you and take you away to another place (what drama TV should ultimately be about), but not really the most realistic or sensible piece of writing that I have ever seen.  It made for great drama and I’m probably over evaluating it, but it’s one of those things.

got6 rickon

Ramsay has been one of the best characters on the show for a number of years now, he’s brutal and easy to hate, but it is brilliantly acted by Iwan Rheon (great actor) who plays the role to a tee, sadly all great things much eventually come to an end, and Ramsay has been walking a tightrope for quite some time.  I didn’t really like how they killed Ramsay off, it seemed out of character.  It isn’t that I think that it is out of character for Sansa, who has a nasty streak, however I don’t understand why Jon would allow Sansa to feed Ramsay to his hounds, it seems very un-Jon like.  In many ways it was a great moment in the show, seeing such a villain get his comeuppance, however I do wonder why doing something like this doesn’t make Sansa just as bad as Ramsay.  It isn’t really justice, rather it is just cruel, whether he deserved it or not.  Also it was good of the dogs to allow Sansa to make her speech before coming out of the cages to feed on their master.

got6 ramsay dogs

Which leads me back to what I was saying about Sansa earlier, I wonder if she is moving towards being an antagonist on the show.  She seemed fairly disinterested in saving Rickon; after all saving him would knock her down the pecking order when it came to inheritance.  She rejected Littlefinger’s offer of the Knights of the Vale out of self-interest and then didn’t inform Jon that he had this option available when shit was hitting the fan in terms of their chances in the battle, allowing her to ride in as the triumphant saviour of Winterfell.  Yes she rejected Littlefinger’s advances, who finally admitted that his goal was to take the Iron Throne, but after the Lords of the North rallied around their new King in the North, you could see that little glint in her eye.  The question is was it a glint of concern over what Littlefinger may be planning or was it actually a glint of realising that he was right all along and despite being the legitimate heir, they had chosen a bastard over her.

got6 jon sansa 2

Speaking of Littlefinger, I do find it off how little he has been used over the last couple of seasons.  What I find even odder is how he made such a blunder with the Ramsay thing, I know they tried to explain it away by saying that he didn’t know much about him, however it seems totally out of character for such an apparently shrewd politician.  What is also interesting is that Littlefinger is one of the few antagonists left on the show after this season’s cullings, which leads me to believe that he will have a big part to play in the coming years.

got6 littlefinger

Looking forward for Jon, who has firmly become the hero of the piece, he’s now the King in the North, a title I doubt he ever thought he would hold.  On top of that, we now know that he isn’t actually Ned Stark’s son, something which was fairly easy to guess.  The bigger question is whether or not he is Rhaegar’s son and whether or not he is legitimate, because if he is, then we have a total game changer.

Beyond the Wall

got beyond the wall

Speaking of Jon actually being the son of Lyanna Stark, which we finally discovered thanks to the help of pesky little Bran, the boy who just can’t behave himself.  After a season off from Bran, we finally got back to a storyline which had sort of dragged along without much importance, only things had changed since we last saw him.  It is a brave move for the writers to totally drop a major character for a season; however it worked very well with Bran, making his story seem fresh.

got6 bran

Bran’s story this season started to fill in blanks to parts of the story which we didn’t really truly understand, the biggest of these was how Jon Snow came to being, however it also had important sections such as how the first White Walker was created.  Bran also brought us the best sword fight in the shows history, at the battle of Tower of Joy, there is something mystical about a man wielding two swords at once and it was also great to see him take on a group of guys at once, rather than the usual one at a time which you normally see.  We also found out what happened to Uncle Benjen, a character we haven’t seen since the first season, yet one who has been a major plot driver (the reason for the Night’s Watch going north of the wall at the end of season 1), turns out he’s been dead the whole time and is in fact Coldhands, a character which had been left out from the books but has now actually appeared, leading many to wonder I that will be the case for other dropped story threads, one big one in particular.

got6 coldhands

The biggest revelation from Bran’s story however was how Hodor came to be Hodor…  Man…what a great episode that was, truly heart breaking.  The Night’s King has a great mystique to him, mainly because not much is known of him and he rarely appears in the show despite being the main antagonist, he feels like a real threat.  So when Bran makes another mistake by over exploring and the White Walkers and their army attack the Three Eyed Ravens base, there is a genuine panic and struggle.  What followed was the most emotionally filled moment in the shows history.

got6 bran nights king

Who didn’t love Hodor?  He was just a simple big guy, who did no harm to anybody, he was lovely.  I don’t know why, but I had assumed that nothing would ever really happen to him, he was too important to Bran, so for that scene to play out was soul destroying.  Hold the door, genius, imagine making a character’s name up with this exact moment in mind, it’s very intelligent and forward thinking (like many of the characters names in Game of Thrones).  The scene where Hodor is in fact holding the door is very emotional, in both the current day and the past.  In the current day it is a massive kick in the nuts that Hodor makes the sacrifice to save Bran, the guy who destroyed his mind, in the past it is a spectacular moment in the show.  Not everything has to be a big set piece for it to have impact, in fact something simple and small like a young Hodor having a seizure due to Bran warging into him in a flashback to control Hodor in the present can be just as impactful, if not more.  The kid who acted as young Hodor (Sam Coleman) did a phenomenal job, the hold the door to Hodor transformation could have been so corny, however it was anything but and was one of the best moments the show has had and was another landmark moment of this season.  Needless to say, I was pretty upset when that scene played out, sat there with my head in my hands for the last five or so minutes and a good couple afterwards, I didn’t see it coming.

got6 hodor

Looking forward for Bran, he is somehow going to have to get to the wall (odd the Benjen didn’t drop him closer), he is also the new Three Eyed Raven, which means that he should play a massive part next season.  It will be interesting to see if Bran is in fact the catalyst for bringing the White Walkers into the land of the living, seeing as he is marked and that mark allowed the Night’s King to break the spell protecting the Children of the Forest and the Three Eyed Raven, we shall see.  Hopefully we will also be able to see some more shots from the past, opening up more knowledge to how Jon Snow came to be as well as about the White Walkers.  It’s interesting to see how Bran’s has went from being one of the most uninteresting plot lines to one of the most interesting, hopefully it will continue.


got braavos

Arya’s story this season was a tad odd, it never really seemed to go anywhere and then it abruptly ended.  It never made sense story wise that Arya would legitimately become no one, it would have been a waste of a great character, however how she actually got there was quite messy.

got6 arya blind

We picked up from where last season left us, with Arya being blind and begging on the street, what followed was some nice blind training which would come into play later on.  She was then sent back into assassination mode, being sent to kill some actress who put on the most accurate depiction of the series I have ever seen.  She couldn’t go through with it, leading her to ditch the Faceless men and become a member of team Stark once again, super.

got6 arya stabbed

What followed is where the Arya story fell off the tracks a bit.  She was tracked down by the Waif who tried to assassinate her for betraying the Faceless men, which is fine, the problem being that a woman who can change her appearance decided it would be more fun to try and kill Arya with the one face she recognises her by.  The chase scenes were fine, if a bit silly, but it seemed to be very circumstantial, sensible plot and character traits out the window for the drama of the moment.  Eventually she kills the Waif by fighting her in the dark, which is a nice example of how her training helped her develop as a fighter.

got6 waif

The thing about Arya’s story in Braavos is that George RR Martin has written the books into a load of dead ends, something which he himself is obviously struggling with.  At times the book can be overly complicated for complicated sake and that really doesn’t translate to television well at all.  I think that Arya’s story is one of the stories which suffered most from this, ultimately she needed to go back to Westeros but she was stuck in a fairly clunky story which was always going to be difficult to get her out of, yes it was heavy handed but I think her story will improve next season substantially.

got6 arya needle

I also don’t think it should be dismissed that they needed to show Arya’s training because you can’t just take her from being an above average fighter to being a super assassin, it would have been way to big a jump.  So although it felt to some people like the Faceless men story dragged a touch and didn’t seem to matter too much to the story, I would disagree because without it, I don’t think that Arya’s tale is believable.

got6 arya walder frey

The best part of Arya’s story thread this season was her last scene of the season, the one where she finally gets some Stark revenge for the Red Wedding by killing Walder Frey and a couple of his sons (she does make a nice pie).  A really good scene and one which sets Arya up nicely for the coming seasons.  Walder Frey can’t have been in more than a handful of episodes, however has been a massive part of the series, and was one of the last great antagonists of the series; it makes Arya look like a badass by taking him out in such a brutal manner and adds to the legitimacy of her training and her danger.

King’s Landing

got kings landing

Quite the crazy season for King’s Landing, well when I say season what I really mean is episode, because prior to the final episode of the season, not that much had really happened down in the capital.

got6 high sparrow

Up to the final episode everyone in King’s Landing was posturing, positioning themselves for Cersei’s big trial.  The High Sparrow had indoctrinated poor little Tommen into the way of the seven, despite the fact that by doing so it was to the detriment of his wife, brother in law and mother.  We had numerous cock teases throughout the season of a move against the High Sparrow, from Jaime taking him out, to the Tyrell army marching to the Great Sept to free Margaery, yet nothing happened right up until the last episode, where all that pent up frustration finally exploded.

got6 great sept

What an episode the final episode of the season was and the best part of the episode was in King’s Landing.  Cersei blowing up the Great Sept was one of those spectacular moments of the show, a la the wildfire in the Battle of the Blackwater, and it was incredibly important to the show.  Not since the Red Wedding have so many characters been taken out in one fail swoop.  We lost Margaery, Loras, Mace Tyrell, Kevan Lannister, the High Sparrow, Lancel and then Grand Maester Pycelle and Tommen in related incidents, quite the cast cull.

got6 loras

The moments leading up to the explosion were some great TV, the music was spot on for building to the big moment, the way that Loras is treated like shit in the Sept as the smug High Sparrow deliberately fucks the Tyrell’s over in the name of ‘god’, the way that Margaery drops her façade over becoming religious and the moment of realisation on the High Sparrow’s face that he had underestimated how crazy and desperate Cersei indeed was, it was great.  The only real complaint I could have was in regards to the Lancel being led into the crypts and stabbed, which seemed totally unnecessary other than for a building tension and drama angle.

got6 tommen

It was obvious to see that something was going to happen to the High Sparrow at the end of this season; he had pushed too far and had to be dealt with.  It became even clearer when you consider that they constantly hinted throughout the season that Cersei was nuts and would quite happily burn things, however I didn’t see them taking out so many important characters.  They killed the entire Tyrell bloodline, Ser Kevan had barely been in the show before being offed (both Kevan and Margaery were terribly underutilised) and most surprising of all was Tommen taking a step out the window, at least he took his crown off.

got6 cersei

Cersei is one of those sorts of people who like to think that they know what they’re doing, when in fact they don’t really know how to play the game.  Her decision to blow up the Great Sept with Margaery inside when her son had become a religious nut, really wasn’t the best idea, the only thing which was worse was that she didn’t have someone on suicide watch with him.

got6 cersei queen

So Cersei killed her last child, albeit indirectly, however she is definitely to blame.  How would one cheer themselves up in a situation like this?  Well if I was in that situation I’d probably just take the crown of the seven kingdoms too.  The funny thing about how Cersei has handled all of this is that she has clumsily managed to take out everyone who has a legitimate claim to the throne and has hence left nobody to challenge her crowning herself.  I can’t imagine it will last too long, seeing as she only has the support of the Lannister’s because she has managed to piss everyone else off and doesn’t actually have a legitimate claim to the crown.

got6 mountain smash

After all the antagonist getting their comeuppance this season, we are really only left with Littlefinger and Cersei, the latter of whom has went full psycho this season.  Blowing up a sept of people is bad enough, however what is possibly worse sadistic is how Cersei is treating the Septa who enjoyed asking her to confess all of last season.  Raped by the zombified Mountain really doesn’t sound like an enjoyable way to spend your final days on Westeros, I doubt he was gentle.

got6 mountain squish

Something else which should be noted, is that everyone had assumed that Joffrey was a lunatic because he was the product of incest, which may well be true, however it is fair to say that his mother is quite high up on the mentally insane boards also, King’s Landing isn’t really getting lucky with its recent leaders.

got6 jaime

Jaime spent a big chunk of the season in the Riverlands, which seems to be the theme for Jaime recently, getting pushed out to areas where nobody else wants to go.  When Jaime did get back to King’s Landing to see that his sister had kindly crowned herself as the new Queen, he had the look of ‘why does crazy shit always happen when I leave?’ on his face.  It will be interesting to see if he takes kindly to the new situation which they have now found themselves in


got riverrun

Speaking of the Riverlands, it has been a while since we really spent any time here, but there were some story threads which needed finished off as things following the Red Wedding still hadn’t really been cleared up.

got6 edmure tully

Amongst many things, it turns out that Edmure Tully is still alive and that he is a premature ejaculator…poor girl.  It also happens that the Blackfish had retaken Riverrun and the Frey’s were showing that there was a reason for their reputation for being fine warriors…  It’s interesting to see characters that haven’t been on the show for a number of seasons randomly show up and still feel relevant, it is a credit to the writing.

got6 blackfish

Jaime has been unlucky the last couple of seasons because he has been handed some of the weakest stuff which isn’t really overly related to what is actually going on.  Last season he got stuck with the terrible Dorne story and although the Riverlands stuff wasn’t quite up to that level of bad, it just didn’t feel that important to the overall story arc.

got6 jaime bron

What we did learn in the Riverlands is that Jaime will do anything for Cersei, including catapulting babies into cities and that Brienne is just as bad at recruiting people as she is at finding people.  It is sad that in the Riverlands we have some of the most underutilised characters in the entire show; Jaime, Brienne, Pod and Bronn, all of whom deserve better than being on the fringes of the story.

got6 pod

The Riverlands also through up the return of the Hound, as it turns out that he wasn’t actually killed by Brienne and has become something of a pacifist and now enjoys peeing into lakes.  We were also reintroduced to the Brotherhood Without Banners, who haven’t been seen since they sent poor Gendry away to be fucked by Melissandre…poor boy.  Where this is going I really don’t know, they are obviously hinting at a Clegane Bowl fight between the Hound and the Mountain because I can’t see any other point of bringing the Hound back than that.


got water gardens

There were three funny things about Dorne this season; firstly the hilarious scene in the last episode where Olenna Tyrell shat all over the characters, as if she was a fan message board (great character and portrayal), secondly how they only appeared in two episodes and to my recollection only had two scenes the entire season, and thirdly how they killed off Doran because he was dilly dallying too much and then did fuck all the rest of the season but sit about in Dorne.

got6 dorne

Dorne really could have been one of the best aspects of Game of Thrones, but they made a right arse of it, and although I sympathise for the actors, they did the right thing in cutting it down to the bare bones.  One thing I don’t quite understand is why there have been no repercussions for them killing Myrcella, surely they are aware that healthy teenage girls don’t just drop dead, yet the Lannister’s have turned a blind eye to it, a bit odd if you ask me.


got oldtown

Sam was another character who was at a loose end this season, spending the entire time riding down to Oldtown.  I wouldn’t mind the amount of time it took him to get there because he has went from the Wall down to Oldtown in the south, it should be a long journey, however when so many other characters travel at what seems like lightning speed, it is rather unusual that he took so long.

got6 sam books

The Sam story is an odd one because I’m not really sure what the point of it all is.  He has Gilly with him still, which is fine, we learned further that his dad is an arsehole, which is fine, but beyond that it seems totally disconnected to everything else which is going on.  My only assumption would be that Sam is going to find something which is vital to defeating the White Walkers in the many books of the Citadel because beyond that I struggle to see where his story is leading in regards to the main plot.

Iron Islands

got iron islands

The Iron Islands story strand is one of the many that it felt like they had totally dropped from the books, however here it finally was and similarly to the Dorne story, they didn’t really handle it very well.  We were introduced to Euron as he killed his brother and then won the Kingsmoot to become King of the Iron Isles, and then he was never to be seen again.  We know that he is going to try and woo Daenerys, but he doesn’t have the ships available and she now no longer needs his fleet.  My only assumption is that we will get to see a ship battle next season, one of the few types of battle which Game of Thrones hasn’t actually given us yet.  It does however seem odd that as far as I can see, the only reason why Euron was introduced was to give Yara and Theon a reason to go and seek out Dany.

got6 yara theon dany

Yara and Theon didn’t really do much in the season, beyond us learning that Yara was a lesbian (big shock…), but they are now a big part of Dany’s trip to Westeros.  Yara’s wooing of Dany as she tries to be accepted into her service was a nice little exchange, showing what an actor who can actually act can do, Emilia should pay attention.


got meereen

After six seasons of waiting…it’s finally happening!!!  Daenerys is making her way to Westeros, with a big fuck you army!  I do find it funny that as soon as they stop following George RR Martin’s work and decide to go out on their own that she actually does what the story has been telling us she was supposedly meant to be doing for a number of years, such a cock tease.

got6 dany dothrak

Dany’s season started off with her being dragged back to Vaes Dothrak, where she managed to fuck shit up and start fires, by the time that she actually go back to Meereen she fucked shit up and started some fires, I’m starting to see a trend here.  Dany isn’t really my favourite character on the show, I think the biggest problem for me personally is that Emilia Clarke is a terrible actress, along with other lesser things such as the fact that Dany never seems to lose (not since season 1), making it very hard to sympathise with her character.

got6 dany fire

It is interesting that she is finally heading off to Westeros with her merry band of warriors, however unless there is to be some drastic change, I can’t find myself supporting her in getting the crown, and that isn’t how the character is supposed to play out.  Dany should be seen as a protagonist, however all she seems to do is come in, fuck shit up and then bitch about it because people aren’t bending over for her, not likeable traits.

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One thing Dany does have though is a trio of badass dragons.  The scene in the harbour of Meereen where the dragons attack the one ship of the masters was great and it was nice to finally see all three dragons in action, because we have never really seen what the three dragons are capable of in regards to taking on an army.

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At the end of last season we had the setup of Tyrion and Varys ruling Meereen, something which I thought would make for some great dialogue and TV, however the two characters felt very underutilised throughout the season.  Varys has always been criminally underused (and seems to own a speedboat) but Tyrion was the big surprise here.  Tyrion seemed to be treading water throughout the season and his ability to lead and political his way out of things seemed to be deeply diminished.  I would not mind this so much if they had actually set up Tyrion’s emotional loss since the betrayal of Shae; however they haven’t really done that, so Tyrion’s decent into drunken mess feels off the mark.  Hopefully once he gets back to Westeros he will be on top form, because this was his poorest outing of the series.

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This season also saw the likely end for Jorah Mormont, one of an ever diminishing set of characters who appeared in the first episode of the series.  Poor Jorah, all he really wanted was to get in Dany’s pants, yet she was never for it, even worse that he had to spend some of his potentially last days of sanity with his more handsome and charismatic love rival (who I assume we also won’t see again).  I guess you never know if Jorah will show up again, however it feels like his story is finished.

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Looking forward for Dany and her crusade to take the Iron Throne, it should be very interesting.  If I were guessing, I can’t imagine it will take much to depose Cersei, she only has the backing of the Lannisters and throughout the series they have talked about how their riches had been exaggerated.  This leads you to believe that they could potentially be setting up a clash between Jon and Dany for who rules the Seven Kingdoms or the more likely outcome of the two marrying to create an alliance to crush the Lannisters and then to team up and take out the Night’s King and the White Walkers.  It’s all speculation, however with Dany finally coming to Westeros, it is hard to not get excited for the battles and politics which are about to happen in the next season, it should be awesome.

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It was a busy season of Game of Thrones for the undertakers of Westeros, with a number of big to minor characters taking their last breath.  We lost big names like Ramsay, Tommen, the Blackfish, Walder Frey, Roose Bolton, Margaery, Loras, the High Sparrow, Lancel, Grand Maester Pycelle, Osha, Rickon, Alliser Thorne, Olly and worst of all Hodor and Wun Wun.  There was a serious cast thinning this season, which could mean one of a few things; it could mean that they are making room for salary increases, that they are freeing up more money for big budget moments or they may just be making room so that the story is easier to follow due to less names.

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I hadn’t really intended for this review to be this long, but when you break each different area covered by the show down and write about the action which was covered in this season you realise how much shit actually happens in Game of Thrones.  The amount of detail which is contained within each episode, as well as the amount of big set pieces they put together are one of the many reasons which make Game of Thrones the best show on TV.  I imagine that it will go down as an all-time great, with a season or two still to go, it could really cement itself in the pantheon of television history.

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So what did you think of season 6 of Game of Thrones?  Are you hoping that Tormund and Brienne get together and make big babies?  Do you think we may be seeing Hodor again?  And could Bran manage to fuck shit up for someone else?  Leave a comment and share those thoughts!

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