Episodes Season 4- Now With More Matt LeBlanc!

Episodes was back for a season 4 and it is quickly becoming one of the best comedies on television.  To be fair you can’t really go wrong when you stick Matt LeBlanc in a show and make him play Matt LeBlanc, after all who doesn’t want to be friends with Matt LeBlanc?  Exactly nobody, it really is the perfect formula for a TV show.

There are spoilers so if you don’t want to ruin the plot (although being a comedy the plot is secondary in terms of what is happening, but Episodes has actually bothered to put a plot in there, which is nice) don’t read after this paragraph.  If you are wanting to know whether to watch Episodes but haven’t quite decided yet, so for some odd reason, only known to you and your significant other (which may or may not be a blow up sex doll), have decided to check out a season 4 review for the answer, then the answer is yes!  Go watch it and enjoy!

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Anyway Episodes is one of the best comedies currently on TV and in many ways it shouldn’t be a shock when your main cast has three comedy acting veterans.  Matt LeBlanc makes the headlines because he is Matt LeBlanc, but Stephen Mangan (and his delicious hair) and Tamsin Greig (with her not so delicious hair) are just as important to the show.

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The beauty is that Episodes is essentially a British comedy which is being portrayed as if it has been made in America.  However how often do you hear such clever tight wit or snarky comments conducted in such a fluid manner in American comedies?  Veep?  Well yes, but that is another British comedy masquerading as if it was American.  I don’t mean to sit up on my lofty ‘British comedy is smarter than American comedy’ horse because Britain puts out its fair share of shit too, however Episodes is so very British that despite it being set in LA you would swear it was in London.

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Anyway season 4 picked up where season 3 left off as Beverly and Sean trotted back to the good ol’ USofA to begin re-filming Pucks, everyone’s favourite show about an Ice Hockey coach and his pupils.  Bev and Sean finally started the wheels moving on their new show and Matt lost a bunch of his Friends money, got to meet David Schwimmer again and became the host of a new game show from Holland, and if there is something the Dutch know it is a good game show!  The season naturally ended with the shit hitting the fan for all concerned as Bev took the brunt of having a small boys haircut and the two were forced to once again with Andy, Sean’s old writing buddy and the epitome of what your average British person looks like (trust me I’ve been there…or live there…it’s one of the two…or both…).  What can you say; the best part of Episodes is the relationships between the three main characters and the chemistry which the three actors have with each other, that long with some really good writing and you have a great show.

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Sadly it isn’t perfect over in the world of Episodes as they seem to have fallen in to the traps once again of concentrating on the higher ups a bit too much.  It isn’t that Carol is a bad character; it is more that too much time is given to her escapades which from season to season consist solely of smoking pot and fucking her boss.  Now for some people that is great TV (or a great porno) but when you have so much strength with your core three, why would you feel the need to go outside of that?  Yes you want to mix it up now and then but in all honesty I couldn’t give two fucks if Carol is having problems with her boss/fuck buddy.  This is the one area of the show where there is no progression and it feels very Americanized and forced, I get that it is meant to be a running joke but it’s just lazy, in a show which is generally anything but.

Matt LeBlanc as himself in Episodes (Season 4, episode 8) - Photo: Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: episodes_408_1141

It is a small complaint because Episodes is a really good show and it has very much bounced back from a poor (by their standards) season 3.  The viewing figures still aren’t the best but at least it keeps getting renewed, Episodes hasn’t come close to outstaying their welcome yet.  Matt LeBlanc is one of the best characters currently on TV and steals every scene he is in.  Who doesn’t want to be friends with Sean and his lovely hair?  And Bev’s the often underappreciated straight man.  It’s a formula for success and Episodes is running with it with gay abandon, scaring mothers everywhere.

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Episodes is one of the top 3 comedies currently on your television and should be getting your respect.  Yes, go track Matt LeBlanc down and give him a cuddle (because he looks cuddly), find Stephen Mangan and steal a lock of his luxurious hair and then give that hair to Tamsin Greig so she can get a weave going.  If you want further reading then why not check out my review of Episodes season 3.  Leave comments and pictures of Matt LeBlanc looking sexy/cool below.  Everything is welcome…especially the Matt LeBlanc picture…

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