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South Park Season 20- Member…? Clearly Not…

It’s incredible to think that South Park a show about four odd little boys from a wacky little town in Colorado would still be on the air after twenty years. Although South Park isn’t the show it once was it showed in the last couple of seasons that it can still pull out numerous good episodes whilst also having its finger firmly on the pulse. Continue reading

South Park Season 19- You PC Bruh?

South Park went through a renaissance with season 18, gone were the days of episodes being totally disconnected from each other and focusing solely on their solo episode.  Instead we were gifted, much to our surprise, with a season long story arc which gave the season a totally different feeling to the ones which had preceded it.  Although season 18 was fairly clumsily handled at times, it showed potential for where the show intended to go, and season 19 continued with this.  Continue reading

The Top 10 Best South Park Celebrity Parodies

South Park over the years has done many things very well, however the area which the show excels at the most is with its celebrity parodies.  Unlike shows like the Simpsons where a famous person makes an appearance and your eyes roll so hard they change colour, South Park makes their appearances count and certainly in the early days very rarely fucked it up.

Continue reading