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The Top 10 Episodes of Seinfeld

I recently watched every single episode of Seinfeld over a two year spell thanks to my friends at Sky Atlantic (more of a one sided relationship, where they don’t know that we’re friends but I show up in their bushes from time to time) showing the classic comedy from start to finish.  I ranked Seinfeld as 5th when I wrote about the best comedies of all time (check it out by clicking the link), and who could really argue?  It is an absolute classic.  Watching it over ten years after Seinfeld has finished, and it is still more relevant than a lot of the rubbish that is produced now, which is the sign of a truly great piece of television. Continue reading

The 20 Greatest Comedies of All Time- The Update

I wrote what I believed to be the 20 greatest comedies of all time a while back and at the time I was generally satisfied with the list, however as time has passed other comedies have come to the front of my mind which were snubbed and really belong, hence I have updated the list.  So let’s get going!

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The Best Recurring TV Characters of All Time.

I decided to make a list of the best recurring characters of all time.  If you are wondering what my criteria for this is (and why wouldn’t you be) I am referring to characters who are not in a TV show as a main character yet have appeared in a number of episodes but not all of them (less than 50%), I am however excluding guest actors or actors who have only appeared in a grouping of episodes.  Initially I intended this to be a list across all genres but as I wrote down the names that I felt deserved to be on the list they were all from comedy shows.  I think this may stem from the fact that dramas do not lend themselves to strong non starring characters the way comedies do.

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