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Why the Big Bang Theory Sucks


  1. The show doesn’t make sense.  I mean there are four geeks and not one of them is fat.  Where’s the fat guy? I know plenty of geeks and nerds yet whenever you get a group of them together there is always at least 1 fat guy, or at least a podgy guy in there.  Yet you look at BBT and it’s like, skinny, skinny, normal, normal, and then you go slightly out with their direct friends and they’re all skinny again.  Where’s the fat guy?  I mean minimum 50% of geeks/nerds are overweight.
  2. What respectable geeks/nerds would be seen dead playing a Nintendo Wii, but not only that buying all the accessories as well?  Seriously, come on.
  3. There is no way that the hot chick across from them would ever go out with the Leonard guy.  Now before you go out and start with “but John Galecki and Kaley Couco dated in real life”, yea well in real life Galecki isn’t the same person as his character and also is like 13 years older than Couco, who probably has daddy issues.  Also she in real life/the show is too good looking for him, and in the show she is meant to be shallow yet she goes out with a guy that looks disgusting and is a dick.
  4. Why is she always having dinner with these guys and hanging out with them?  Does she not have any of her own friends?  Hot chicks always have friends, but she’d rather hang out with a bunch of losers that she has nothing in common with.
  5. Where are the jokes?
  6. Is it funny when people say big words that you don’t understand the meaning of?  The answer is no, it’s annoying.  Someone should tell the BBT writers.
  7. Why is the main guy Leonard so dislikeable?  The way the show is designed is to make people think that Sheldon is the pain of the group, but actually it’s the Leonard guy.  He’s, mean and sarcastic and overall just not likeable, a terrible person.
  8. Why is the Amy character even in the show?  She is essentially just Sheldon with lady bits, but somehow less funny, especially cause Sheldon isn’t particularly funny in the first place.
  9. The BBT is a stereotype of geeks/nerds by people who are not geeks/nerds.  I mean just cause you’re a geek/nerd doesn’t mean you’re a genius.  It also doesn’t mean that you automatically love comic books, action figures, computer games, are awkward in social situations, don’t know any girls, hate sports, love Star Trek, and so on.
  10. I have never known a group of geeks to be so successful with the ladies.  I’m not saying we should have four virgins, what I am saying is that for four guys that are meant to be huge geeks shouldn’t be so successful with the ladies.
  11. The video for the theme song shows a brief history of time/evolution, which if you watch you would think history barely started before the creation of the USA and the theme song sucks.
  12. Laugh track……ugh.
  13. They colour coordinate too well for geeks.
  14. Why can’t the Raj guy talk to girls?  Cause that happens in real life…..
  15. Does anything ever happen in this show?  It seems you could miss an episode and not realise it cause in the next episode they’re still sitting at the couch eating Chinese food.


So leave a comment if you undoubtedly want to agree with the points that I have made.  If you somehow think the Big Bang Theory is a good show and can also read (unlikely) then feel free to disagree and leave a comment also.  All comments are appreciated and you can like bm23reviews on Facebook and follow bm23reviews on Twitter.