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What I Loved and Hated about Louie Season 2.

First off I’d like to say that I am naturally behind the curve because Louie has just started showing in the UK in the past few months and rather than watching the show on the internet I decided just to watch them as they came out in the UK.  I had read a lot about Louie and had seen that the show had received critical acclaim, with some people calling it the best TV comedy out there.  Naturally I entered into season 1 with high hopes that I was going to be watching something special and instead came out disappointed and dejected that Louie (season 1) had in no way fulfilled those expectations.  I am aware that Season 2 is meant to be the better of the first two seasons, so here we go.



What I loved.

  • Filming.
    • I love how they film Louie, it has a great independent cinematic feeling to it and that is a nice change of pace for TV.
  • Theme song.
    • Brother Louie is the perfect song for the show to open with
  • His kids.
    • Kids are hard to write for on TV, it is really hard to make them not only realistic but also likable and I feel Louie does a really good job of doing both.
  • Episode format.
    • The way that Louie episodes play out is very clever.  Instead of needing a story arc (which I generally think is important) Louie goes out its way to produce every episode as a standalone piece.  It allows for a greater feeling of real life for the viewer and allows us to connect more to Louie’s fractured lifestyle (because of being a comedy).


What I liked.

  • Louie.
    • I like the character Louie, he just seems like he’s a nice guy.  He may be a loser but he is the sort of guy that you look at and go ‘I’d like to be friends with him’.
  • Pamela.
    • She just seems cool and hot, so there isn’t really anything to dislike.
  • Christians against masturbation.
    • What isn’t funny about this?
  • Joan.
    • I thought that this was probably the best episode of the season despite the fact that I am not a huge Joan Rivers fan.
    • It delved into the issue that comedians and writers suffer from all the time, once you get recognition are you selling out or are you just playing the system?
  • Duckling.
    • Duckling was an unusual episode because it is not often a TV show will take you to a country like Afghanistan for a USO show and show it as anything but everything is going well there is nothing to worry about.
    • The one major issue I have about this episode is that everything was a little too friendly at times (like with the group of Afghan’s who are farming) but it’s television after all.
  • Pamela leaves.
    • I liked this for several reasons, firstly because she rejects Louie (because she is way better looking than him) and secondly the waving scene.  It is funny because she is saying something to him and he assumes she is saying what he wants her to even though he knows she isn’t actually saying that but forces himself to believe it anyway.
    • It is funny because I know that people do this in real life and that is good writing.


What I disliked.

  • Louie’s stand up bits.
    • Is Louie’s stand up funny?
    • The answer is no, somebody should tell the audience at his sets.
    • The thing is I don’t know if they are meant to suck because that is part of the character but I get the feeling that they are meant to be funny but just aren’t.
    • I don’t need a laugh track to tell if something is funny either, I’m smart enough to do that on my own.
  • Hit and miss.
    • Too many of the episodes are hit and miss, one week I’ll watch one and go that was good and then the next week I’ll watch one and be like meh.
  • Where are the laughs?
    • Louie quite frankly isn’t that funny.  It isn’t that I dislike the show but I am indifferent to it.  What concerns me about Louie is that it is meant to be a comedy and honestly it just isn’t very funny at all.
    • I don’t understand this either because it is written by a comedian and received critical acclaim for being funny but it isn’t.


What I hated.

  • Louie and ladies.
    • Look and Louie and now look at the ladies he is apparently getting, tell me if you see a problem there.
    • Ah you did see it
      • Louie is a fat, bald, ginger and ugly middle aged gentleman who is also lacking in personality among other things.
      • They are generally attractive yet have a thing for people that look for Louie.
      • Not hard to spot the problem
    • At times Louie tries to be really realistic (which I appreciate) but Louie and the ladies that he gets with is just so unrealistic I instantly know that this is a TV show because in real life this wouldn’t happen.
  • Louie’s movie.
    • This sounded like one of the worst openings to a movie I have ever seen, yet the people in the room are eating it up as if this is an amazing idea.  I don’t get it.  Maybe that is why people keep letting Adam Sandler make movies (he sounds like he would fit into this one).


There you go Louie season 2, did I like it?  Meh, and for me that’s the problem with Louie for me, it is just meh.  At no point do I watch Louie and go ‘wow this is really funny’ instead I think it is just a nice show that I watch but if I never seen it again I wouldn’t be too bothered.  Maybe I was expecting too much from Louie because it had received very high critical acclaim (people even saying it was better than Curb Your Enthusiasm [it isn’t]) and it is always hard for a TV show (or anything) to live up to those expectations and Louie did not.

Another thing that bothered me was the idea that Louie was a ground-breaking comedy, well it isn’t, many other shows (maybe not American but shows are made outside of America) have done the kind of realistic comedy genre that Louie runs in and although I think the filming side is original (for TV) the actual comedy part of the show has been done before.

It is said that season 3 is the best of the seasons Louie has produced so far and I hope it is better than what I have seen from season 1 or 2 because otherwise Louie will fall into the overhyped category.


Anyway let me know what you think about Louie season 2 or Louie as a whole (if you so wish) and feel free to leave a comment whether positive or negative I accept all.  Thanks for reading.


Piper Alpha: Fire in the Night.


I can tell you right now that usually I don’t watch documentaries (unless there are animals and David Attenborough involved) and I also had no intention of watching Piper Alpha: Fire in the Night (on BBC2) but this is one of most engrossing, well-handled and produced documentaries of a tragic event I have ever seen.

For those that don’t know Piper Alpha was a gas/oil platform based in the North Sea off the coast of North East Scotland.  The disaster took place in July 1988 and took the lives of 167 of the crew (around 100 still alive but stuck inside when the rig sunk), with only 61 surviving.

The documentary is split into three different views, firstly from pictures of the time, then from reproduced imagery for the documentary and then from one on one interviews with those involved on the day of the accident.  It is really moving to see a group of survivors (many of whom are from the North of England and Scotland, traditionally hard men areas) deal with the emotions on camera as they recount the traumatic events the unravelled in front of them on the longest night of their lives.  The reproduction of scenes for the documentary were beautifully done and really allowed for you to feel the sort of panic and desperation that the men on the rig would have been going through as they battle with their own mortality.  It is the sad fact that these sorts of events must take place for those in the future to live in a safer world.

I really cannot do the documentary any real justice but it really does handle one of the largest workplace disasters (the largest worldwide offshore oil disaster at the time of events) in the UK’s recent history incredibly well.  Piper Alpha: Fire in the Night really is worth watching and again is an incredibly well produced documentary of the most dreadful event in Scottish offshore oil/gas production history.