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Moone Boy S2 Review

Moone Boy brings together two things which are very popular right now; the Irish and the 90’s.  Everyone and their grannie loves Irish people with their silly accents and joyous outlook on life and the 90’s is the new 80’s for the first time since the 80’s became the 90’s, back when dress sense was a distant memory and every song contained a keyboard.

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Shows you missed and should really be watching.

Moone Boy                                                        Moone Boy; Series 1

Moone Boy is the semi-autobiographical show from Chris O’Dowd (of IT Crowd and Bridesmaids fame) centred around a small boy from Ireland who has an imaginary friend (stay with me).

It sounds shit, let’s be honest it really does but it is not, it is actually really good.  Like many TV shows of this kind it is really quirky.  Lazy evaluations would compare it to Father Ted in terms, but really other than being Irish there is no major comparison.

They so far have only produced one season and have made a second one to be shown later this year.  The problem with Moone Boy is simple, it is shown on Sky One (and not at all in America as far as I can see) and the audience availability just isn’t as good as on network TV.

Moone Boy is definitely worth a watch and with only 6 episodes currently available it makes a nice little taste in case you don’t want the full meal.


Breaking Bad

breaking bad

If you read my previous post about the top 5 current TV shows (which based on views not many people have, thanks mum) you will know that I think that this is not only the best show currently on TV but also potentially the greatest show ever.

So why is this on your TV shows you may have missed? I hear you scream.  Well the simple fact of the matter is that in the UK Breaking Bad is no longer even on a channel and you have to watch it on Netflix.  In the USA the viewing figures have been average despite the fact that Breaking Bad has had huge critical acclaim.

You really are missing a trick if you do not watch this TV show, it really is that damn good.




Epsiodes stars Friends legend Matt Le Blanc as the struggling actor Matt Le Blanc (funny how art imitates life) who gets thrown into a role that he is totally unsuitable for, much to the dismay of the husband and wife writing team (two Britishy people you may know from Britishy things).

Episodes basically is based on the events that many writers suffer from when they create an idea (or in this case have created an idea and have it converted for American TV because for some reason American’s can’t just take the foreign version of the show so have to make a brand new American version of the show which let’s be honest is never ever as good) and the networks basically destroy it and make it into another generic TV show, much to their horror.

It’s shown on Showtime in the USA and yet somehow still has really poor viewing figures despite critical acclaim and the fact Matt Le Blanc is in it (and also really good in it as the past it actor).  The British viewing figures are better but still not great considering it is on BBC2.

This is a gem of a show which has went about its business without much noise and really does give a sort of inside look into the world of TV production from a writers and actors standpoint.


Bob’s Burgers

bobs burgers

Bob’s Burgers is a weird choice for the list for me because it is a show that I haven’t really watched. (What?).

I think I have maybe seen about half the episodes which I hadn’t realised until I seen that they had made like 3 seasons (which is 1 season more than I thought).  Honestly I just don’t really know when it is on in the UK, I know it’s on E4 but somehow I must have missed it by accident.

Nonetheless regardless of my babbling at the lack of my awareness for shows I like, Bob’s Burgers is really good.  It looks a bit shit (graphically), but much like old episodes of South Park it has a charm to it and carries the graphics along with good funny stories and good characters.

Although it is part of the Fox animated comedy line-up, it doesn’t get the same viewing figures as a Family Guy or an American Dad even though the quality of Bob’s Burgers is much higher.  I have already listed my dismay at Bob’s Burgers position on British TV and just feel like people are missing out on what is in my opinion currently the best animated TV show available.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

curb your enthusiasm

Much like Breaking Bad Curb is one of my favourite shows ever.  Yet somehow it does not get the recognition it deserves for just being so damn good.

Curb is a stalwart of HBO and the 8th season seen it’s viewings more than double and yet still not enough people have seen this piece of comedic genius.  It’s buried away on More 4 in the UK and has recently been re-shown on Sky Atlantic.

Larry David is a comedy God and how one man can make such an amazing show after being half of the genius that brought us Seinfeld is beyond me.  If you are a fan of Seinfeld then you will also be a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  It’s almost like a George Costanza spin off show but with no George Costanza (except when Jason Alexander shows up).

Season 7’s Seinfeld reunion theme makes it a must see if for all Seinfeld fans and every other season is a must see for anyone who considers themselves a comedy fan.



So what do you think?  Have I missed a gem myself?  Do you feel some of these shows really don’t belong in here?  All comments are appreciated and welcome.