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Veep Season 3, Still Not The Thick of It.

Veep is a classic example of the mess that is American comedy, where you get a show which is sharp, witty and intelligent, wins lots of awards and is considered highly by critics and fans alike but then doesn’t get the viewing figures it deserves. Of course what else would you expect from a show which was developed by and based on something British? Naturally like pretty much every remake it isn’t as good as the original.

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Silicon Valley Season 1 Review.

I’m of the opinion that TV has never been better than it is just now, however by TV I mean TV drama because TV comedy currently is at an all-time low. I can’t think of many comedies that I’d class as being very good and I have often wondered why cable stations have generally stayed away from making comedies, however my friends (or they are in my head anyway) over at HBO seem to be noticing that gap in the market and have put out Silicon Valley which is easily the best new comedy of the year.

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Review.

Yes, yes, yes this is about six months late but I’ve been busy…ok I’ve not been busy but I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to write for the whole time…ok I haven’t but hey I was preparing for the zombie apocalypse because apparently if it happens all sorts of shit hits the fan and we ain’t got no guns in Scotland so I’m almost guaranteed to be a future zombie…how depressing and onto the review! Watch out for spoilers they’re sneaky like zombies and this review does contain them.

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