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Big School Series 2- Good Cast Shit Show

You only have to look at the cast of Big School to want to watch the show; I mean David Walliams, Catherine Tate, Philip Glenister, Heather off Eastenders and the guy from the BT adverts, could it get any better?  Probably, but it’s still a pretty damn good cast.  That’s what makes it all the worse that Big School is pretty shit.

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Doctor Who Series 8- Get It Up Ye!

Usually when a show changes its main characters frequently everyone calls it out for being a sell out and ruining the franchise, Doctor Who seems to be totally void of these criticisms.  We are in the eighth series of the reboot and we are already on our fourth Doctor (fifth companion) normally this would be a disaster for a series but Doctor Who is a pretty unique show (and seeing as Matt Smith was the last Doctor and was a pretty hopeless David Tennant wannabe clone) seemingly avoiding standard TV idioms.

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