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Insane Fight Club 2- Road Trips, Wrasslin nd Irn Bru

To say that wrestling in the UK is considered to be a joke you would be being very generous, and UK indie wrestling is so buried in obscurity that for many years it was considered a myth made up by a couple of jakies on a binge of Frosty Jack’s and some eccies.  That was until the ground-breaking (…) ‘The British Wrestler’ which was followed up by ‘Insane Fight Club’ bringing ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling) into the minds and hearts of the Scottish (and to a lesser extent British) public.

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The 20 Greatest Comedies of All Time- The Update

I wrote what I believed to be the 20 greatest comedies of all time a while back and at the time I was generally satisfied with the list, however as time has passed other comedies have come to the front of my mind which were snubbed and really belong, hence I have updated the list.  So let’s get going!

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The Newsroom S3- Lights, Camera, Cancelled!

The Newsroom is that show that is about people who work in a newsroom, presenting the news and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans whilst they’re at it.  However the Newsroom isn’t really about the presentation of the news itself but rather the process of gathering and developing stories.  Sadly for the handful of fans the show had, season 3 was the final segment in the Newsroom’s very short run.

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